by Rev. Austin Miles

There have been many plagues throughout history. It is difficult to imagine that this pandemic, like others, simply manifested out of nowhere. It did not, because it could not. This particular one, the Coronavirus, originated in a lab in Wuhan, China and this writer believes the creation and release of this virus was retaliatory against America since our president out negotiated them in a change of the trade deal.

Those who buy into the story that it simply escaped the lab should question why this virus was invented at all. For what reason? Makes no sense when one thinks about it.

Not too long before the China Virus slammed America and the world, President Trump had re-negotiated the China-U.S. trade deal. China’s deals with other presidents, with hats in hand, who all favored China and China took full advantage.

President Trump, who wrote “The Art of the Deal,” and has proved to be a master negotiator, demanded new negotiations. China was hesitant, but President Trump made it clear that they WOULD renegotiate. The new trade deal cost China a lot of expected wealth from the U.S.

They had been outfoxed and it has become clear that this particular plague that was to envelope the world was to teach the U.S. a lesson while bringing sweet revenge.

Again, that virus was not invented to make the lives of the world better, but to destroy lives and countries by showing might and strength plus revenge in order to get their way on the world stage.

China is a Communist country with all the trappings, including concentration camps for citizens who displease the officials in any way. Even the slightest displeasure of an official through the action of another would result in that individual being arrested and thrown into the gulag where that life would be hell as the victim would be beaten and treated inhumanely. And that could have been a very slight accidental infraction that caused this victim to suffer.

This current pandemic has been so politicized that it is difficult to imagine that this was not a deliberate attack of germ warfare to weaken American (especially) and the entire world. All to get back at Trump.

An example of the politics in play took place in the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic. The people immediately lost control of their own lives as the government went into overdrive to put every citizen under their total command. This fueled the ire of the right wing extreme voters in Germany which resulted in the Nazi Party being formed, where a young Adolf Hitler eventually, became the chancellor, or, dictator.

Everyone was under total control of The Nazi Party. Over 50 million people died from that flue. This is what eventually put Hitler in power. He took advantage of a national emergency that he would control with an iron fist. and establish himself as a leader. It worked as the history books show.

The current pandemic, this writer believes, serves as a distraction to keep the public in the dark as the Communist Party, with the help of democrats, is working on taking over the United States. Remember the movie “Wag the Dog” starring Dustin Hoffman? This told of a corrupt president who started a war every time the people were upset with him about an action he had taken. This was an effective maneuver as the war captured the minds of the citizens and distracted them from the nefarious actions being taken by their leadership. As magicians call that tactic, “misdirection.”

That is precisely what is happening with this virus which was created in a laboratory in Wuhan China. If not that, what would be the purpose of the invention and manufacturing of that deadly virus? Ponder that question.

The intrigue begins. Coming into national prominence directly due to this outbreak was Dr. Anthony Fauci. a nose and throat doctor. Nobody really knew much about him. He was a supposed specialist in plagues. He has been on countless major TV programs since the coronavirus began, creating an extremely high profile for himself.

Now get this, Fauci worked closely with Bill Gates who poured millions of dollars into Dr. Fauci’s projects. And what is the goal of Bill Gates? To drastically reduce the world’s population. Get rid of most of the people. He and his wife are also solid abortion proponents. They are obsessed with the death of everyone beginning at birth. That is the goal, to depopulate the world.

Now, take another sip of coffee and sit back comfortably for a moment. Bill Gates has been involved in creating a chip, like the ID of a dog, only this chip is for humans. His ambition is to have it put in every human being on earth.

That chip will detail everything in that person’s life, the health, medical records financial accounts, workplace, indeed every bit of information about that person. Gates has those chips ready to be inserted into all. Doesn’t the Bible talk about this? Read about 666. You can see it in Revelation 13-16-17. It is all there. And this end times prediction has begun!

So what does Bill Gates, a computer MICROCHIP man along with a nose and throat doctor have in common to work so closely together, literally working as business partners? It makes no sense….until one THINKS about it.

See my story regarding Bill Gates and the biblical 666.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This writer joins in sending sincere condolences to the family, friends and all those who knew and loved Roy Horn, of the Las Vegas Act Siegfried and Roy. Roy passed away yesterday, (May 8th) from the Coronavirus. Roy, a classy performer, was loved by everyone he ever came in contact with.

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