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Ethical practitioners of respiratory viral science are correcting the pandemic of false information spread by entitled government “experts” such as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.  They have been heavily censored by Google, YouTube, Facebook, and the MSM.

This is the medical truth about the Coronavirus from independent scientists not working for the government.  If you are tired of hearing stories that do not add up, please study this article carefully.

We all should know by now that the wild claims about 2.2 million dead in the United States were entirely false.  We did not suspect that the entitled government medical complex would lead us to unnecessary shut the country down.

By the time the first outbreak of the novel coronavirus was winding down in China and Europe, scientists knew that the mortality figures for the new virus were probably about the same as other flu viruses.

They also knew that about 80% of people display no symptoms and recover naturally.  We learned that hospitals do not come close to being overwhelmed if people quickly get antibiotics if their infection turns into pneumonia.

The Elite of the government medical community knew that Covid-19 is just another run-of-the-mill flu bug.  They knew that lockdowns and social distancing do not save lives for communicable respiratory viruses.  They knew that lockdowns of the ill, but not the healthy, are last-resort measures required only for quarantine of untreatable fatal diseases such as Ebola.

The government also knows that lockdowns extend the flu season into the future.

Interviews with ethical doctors and epidemiologists prove there is no medical need to keep the healthy locked-down.  In fact, with what we knew from China, there never was sound reason for America’s lockdown in the first place. China’s death rate per 100,000 was not extraordinarily high, revealing the truth that the virus cannot possibly be a killer virus.  European metrics show that the virus came and went in all countries with similar death metrics for both lockdown and non-lockdown countries (Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia) and countries that opened up early (Denmark, … ).

Below are highlights of accurate and informative interviews with Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., the former head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at The Rockefeller University Hospital in New York City.   The more important statements are in boldface.

An interview with Knut (pronounced “Kah- Noote”):

Knut has a Masters in Biostatistics, Ph.D. in computer science, a Doctor of Science in Medical Biometry. He is CEO of ASDERA, a company developing patented interventions for autism and age-related diseases with a common underlying mechanism (high levels of endocytosis), including cancer, MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons. The same mechanism is used by (corona-) viruses to enter cells.

Below are key quotes from one of Knut’s video interviews and extended telephone interviews with David R. Usher.  The below has been verified and approved by Knut:

  • Knut does not play politics: “I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science.”
  • “There are no indications that this flu is fundamentally different from any other flu.”
  • “The virus could be eliminated in weeks and herd immunity developed quickly if most people were allowed to lead normal lives.”
  • “Social distancing was employed to prevent hospitals from overflowing, which did not nearly happen. It was not needed then and it is not needed now.  Everything done to date was a useless precaution.” (quote from Rossini’s ‘The Barber of Seville.’)
  • Vaccines are not a precondition for opening the economy. “Vaccines would help create herd immunity … but for some reason we do not understand … nature has a way of making sure that we survive”.
  • “There is never a 10-fold increase in cases from one day to the next ….. There is nothing to be scared of, nothing is fundamentally different from the flus that we see in other years”.
  • Knut says that the internet is spreading panic and chaos.    He says that social distancing is causing depression.
  • “The number of infections does not matter …. The number of asymptomatic cases matters.”
  • We have a political pandemic, not a medical one.”
  • “Dr. Fauci is not an epidemiologist. He does not understand the dynamics … Dr. Fauci studied viruses where you cannot develop immunity.  He is looking at respiratory diseases as if they are like HIV or Ebola.”
  • “It is absurd to shut down the country for a flu during the flu season.”
  • “This happened because one person in Britain made a scary prediction of 2.2 million U.S. deaths and nobody in the United States dared to question the methodology.”
  • “As medical professionals, we must first do no harm. Shutting down the economy had no efficacy and everybody knew it would cause harm.”
  • Regarding the shutdown: “Nobody who took the Oath of Hippocrates could have done this. We must show efficacy and safety.”
  • Flattening the curve only extends the pandemic”.  “We should protect the elderly and fragile, because when they get pneumonia, they have a high risk of dying off of pneumonia ….  On the other hand children do very well with these kinds of diseases ….. and so they should keep going to school, which means after about four weeks, at the most, the elderly people could start joining their family.”
  • “With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them will not even recognize that they were infected or had very mild symptoms.  So it is very important to keep schools open … to get herd immunity as fast as possible …. And the elderly people should be separated and nursing homes should be closed … they can come back and meet the children and grandchildren after about 4 weeks when the virus has been exterminated”.
  • “ ‘shelter in place’ is causing more cases and death in the elderly population because herd immunity is delayed. It may also cause a second wave.  If we had herd immunity now, there could not be a second wave in autumn … herd immunity lasts at least a couple of years” ….  “If we are preventing herd immunity from developing, it is almost guaranteed that we will have a second wave as soon as we either stop social distancing or climate changes with winter coming” … “the second wave is a direct consequence of social distancing”.
  • Regarding the “lockdown”, Knut says “it’s not the first coronavirus and it won’t be the last …. for all respiratory diseases we have the same type of an epidemic. If you leave it alone it comes for two weeks, it peaks, and goes for two weeks, and its gone”. This is what happened in China, South-Korea, Iceland, Hungary, Latvia, ….”
  • “If there had been no intervention, the epidemic would have been over like every other respiratory disease epidemic … about 2% of all symptomatic cases may die.’”
  • Shelter in place causes more infections. “Spending more time outdoors … because outdoors the virus cannot be easily spread.  That is a form of containment.   “Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease.”
  • Data shows that the pandemic [in the U.S.] peaked before governmental responses were implemented. Knut reports that social distancing made no difference in infection or death rates in China and other countries (including the U.S.) because it was not implemented until “after the infection rates had peaked …. herd immunity had already been reached … but by installing social distancing, they prevented it to actually getting to the final point … that is why we are still seeing new cases in South Korea several weeks after the peak. That stopped after three weeks and the recent appearance of 101 (‘more than a hundred’) cases in a Seoul amusement district is of no epidemiological relevance. “
  • “You cannot stop the spread of a respiratory disease within a family … and you cannot stop it spreading to neighbors … even in times of social distancing they still have contacts”. The infection “will go on forever unless we let it go”.
  • Knut found that our reporting systems are not following standards established during the AIDS crisis. “every case was reported with the day of diagnosis and the day of reporting ….so we cannot deconvolute this data”.

Knut Wittkowski’s recommendations:

  1. Keep schools open. Children rarely die. (The only child who died in Switzerland was born in 1911, not in 2011, as originally believed.)  They catch the flu easily and quickly spread it through the community so herd immunity develops quickly.
  2. Keep everything else open. There is no reason to run the economy into the wall.
  3. Close the doors on nursing homes as soon as a flu begins and keep it locked until the virus passes in about 4-5 weeks. Pay workers extra to live in the building and not leave.

Another Interview with Knut Wittkowski:

  • There is no fundamental difference between the flu and COVID”
  • “With the flu, vaccines are not that great, it might help a bit, yes, but it does not make much of a difference.”
  • “Every virus that spreads is a new virus. We may have vaccines for similar viruses, that have something called cross-immunity … that might help a bit.”
  • “Regarding Sweden, which is mostly open; what we have seen in Sweden is not disaster that people have expected. …. The collateral damage is more devastating than the disease itself.”
  • “South Korea was very proud not to shut down the country …. It lasted about three weeks, and the epidemic was over”.
  • “We must differentiate between virus testing and antibody testing. Antibody tests are important for the epidemiologist because it tells us how many people are already immune.   If we were to open up everything today, if there should be a rebound, it would be very low.”.
  • “Schools should be opened immediately. We should open everything to move towards herd immunity.”
  • One opportunity and obligation we have as scientists to reach out to politicians even if they don’t like that we have something to say and there are things we can provide to prevent further damage from being dumb”.

Interview with Urgent Care:  with Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Massihi. These doctors own  the largest urgent care facilities in Kern County CA.  The entitled medical Orthodoxy has been very critical of them without stating valid reasons.  This interview brings out the facts and the science. 

  • “There is a 0.03% chance of dying of Covid in California.”
  • “This is our own data”.
  • “Millions of cases – small amount of death … you will see this in all states.”
  • “The initial models were so inaccurate.”
  • “There is a 0.1% chance of dying from Covid in New York …. Similar to flu
  • “We always have between 37,000 and 60,000 deaths in the US every year … no pandemic talk, no shelter-in-place, no shutdown.”
  • “In Spain, 0.05% chance of dying of Covid, and a 90% chance of recovery without visiting a hospital.”
  • “Sweden had no lockdown, an a little bit of social distancing. Norway had lockdown. The difference in death between these two countries is statistically insignificant.”
  • What is the cost of social isolation – secondary effects of Covid – things that last a lifetime?
    • Child molestation is increasing
    • Spousal abuse
    • Alcoholism, anxiety, depression, suicide spiking
    • Economic and education collapse.
    • Homelessness is increasing
    • Oil shutdown
  • “We are following the science.”

How does the immune system work?

  • We do not put children in bubble wrap and say go have a safe life.”
  • Immunity comes from developing immune responses to infection.
  • You need interaction to develop your immune system.
  • Sheltering in place decreases your immune system.
  • “We have never responded to a virus like this before. Why are we doing this now?”
  • “We are not seeing what they have been talking about for the last 6-8 weeks. We are actually seeing the patients.  Fauci is in an ivory tower and has not seen a patient in 20 years …. Academics and reality are two different things.”
  • *Early on, the truth changes every two hours.”
  • We are not wearing masks. Why is that? Because we understand microbiology and immunology, and we want a strong immune system.
  • The flu and Covid are similar in prevalence and in death rate. Now that we know the facts, it is time to get back to work.”
  • “People die of co-morbidities. They do not die from Covid.  25 years of cigarette smoking killed them.”
  • “Why are we being pressured to add Covid on death certificates? To add to the numbers and make them look worse then they are?  I think so.”
  • “There is no reason to quarantine the young and the healthy. During leprosy, they isolated the sick, not the healthy.”
  • “It is not statistically different between lockdown and not locked down.”
  • We all need normal flora. Bacteria that are not virulent are our friends.  They protect us from opportunistic infection.”
  • “90% of those who die have co-morbidities — heart failure, emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, HIV. “


  • “Do we need to shelter in place? Our answer is emphatically NO.“
  • “Do we need business still shut down? Emphatically NO.
  • “Do we need to test them? ”
  • “The secondary impacts we went over are a significantly more detrimental thing to a society than a virus that has proven to be similar to the flu.”
  • “We need to put measures in place so that an economic shutdown does not happen again.”
  • “Quarantining the sick is what we do. Not quarantining the healthy.”
  • “If you are going to dance on somebody’s Constitutional rights you better have a really good scientific reason and not just theory.”
  • We need to open schools.
  • “Big businesses are open, little businesses [such as cafes] are not. There is no science behind that.”
  • “If you have no symptoms, you should be able to return to work.”
  • “We eventually treat this like we treat the flu. If you feel ill, go home, recover, then come back.”
  • “Going outside is healthy. Why can’t you go to the park and walk around when you go to Home Depot without wearing a mask? The inconsistencies and incongruencies make no sense.”
  • “We need to let everyone know that it is OK to go see the doctor.”
  • We think the risks of social isolation are too high.”
  • “An ER doctor from Wisconsin … says it eloquently “I’m walking into this war zone. Our ICU’s are empty.  I’m scared to go to my own place of work. There’s no patients, but we have people in hazmat suits checking my temperature when I walk in the door.  There is something else going on here.  This is not about science.  When the say the word “safe”, it’s all about controlling you.”
  • [Paraphrasing]: We must open the hospitals and make people feel safe. They are afraid to come in for testing.
  • “Who says what’s safe? Are you smart enough to know what’s safe for you?  Or is the government going to tell you what’s safe for you? As soon as they use the word “safe”, that means control.   We know what’s safe for you.  You are too dumb to understand disease.  And so, they are going to use this model for different things.  We get a bomb threat from China and everybody stays home for three months.  They are using this to see how much of your freedom they can take from you.   Will you roll over and stay in your house?  And it’s working!  If you notice how many Americans are responding?  If you go to any gun store they are out of ammo ….  People are mad … posting photos of themselves on Facebook saying “let’s roll”.   What I am saying is … lets avoid all that.  That has one ending …. And that is violence.

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