By Frosty Wooldridge

For what it’s worth, I receive Time Magazine to keep up on national and international news.  Often their writers speak out of two sides of their mouths.  They focus on one story but fail to inform the American people.

Last week, they wrote about a “9 Percent Drop in Insect Populations per Decade”  I responded to a letter to the editor.

Dear Time editors: (

Re: “9 percent drop of insects per decade” Time, For the Record, May 11, 2020, page 4

You report the horrific calamities facing humanity such as “bee colony collapse” and this latest report with “9 percent drop of insects every decade.”  At the same time, you need to follow up with what causes it.  Answer: Habitat encroachment by humans as we continue expanding into their wilderness. Habitat poisoning with insecticides, herbicides, Agent Orange, Roundup and more with Monsanto, Bayer and Dow Chemical.

Why do you hide the facts on the culprits?  It’s your job to inform and educate the American people.  Otherwise, we blissfully use Roundup to kill our weeds and poison our ground water.  We spray glyphosates onto our gardens and poison our children with contaminated vegetables out of the poisoned soil. One my dear friends died from Parkinson’s Disease because he sprayed poisons over his tomato plants for years, until one day, he contracted PD.  You could have exposed that before he and tens of thousands became victims.

As a news magazine, I urge you to inform and educate so the American public can make better choices such as: not using Roundup or other herbicides and insecticides.  Choose biodegradable organics instead of poisons.  Utilize biodegradable cleaners like 7th Generation or Melaleuca.  We can change what we are doing to ourselves and the animals with your exposing the facts and educating Americans to make more intelligent choices.

Thank you,
— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO

This past week, they wrote up a piece on Nancy Pelosi that infuriated me with its balderdash. I responded with a letter to the editor.

Dear Time editors: (

Re: “Her Art of the Deal” on Nancy Pelosi, by Molly Ball, Politics, May 11, 2020, Time Magazine

Your portrayal of Nancy Pelosi failed to expose her ‘forever’ congressional career of 40 years as one of encouragement of endless legal and illegal immigration to saturate the United States with tens of millions of people, and border violators. She has never upheld her oath of office as to Article IV Section 4 of the U.S Constitution. Never once has she mandated US Code 8, Section 1324 on deporting illegal aliens out of our country. Those undocumented people cheat our taxpaying citizens out of jobs, depress wages for legal citizens, and degrade the value of citizenship. Americans pay for K-12, medical and free breakfast and lunches for tens of millions of foreign children dragged here by their parents to work illegally in America with immunity. She sponsors ‘sanctuary city’ policies in her state and across the nation with over 500 cities protecting those who violated our borders.

Her actions funded two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for 19 years at a cost of $6 trillion to U.S. taxpayers: that accomplished nothing whatsoever, other than killing our best and brightest. Exactly who does she serve, the American taxpayer or the Military Industrial Complex, and/or insider trading that has made her a multimillionaire?

She dragged Americans through a two-year costly and inane “Mueller Investigation” that she knew was fruitless within six months, at a cost of millions. Additionally, she launched a vacant-knowing-she-would-lose impeachment without enough evidence to convict a cow of flatulating. Now she wants to blame the president for everything that she has created in her 40 years in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi stands as the pre-imminent example and desperate need for ‘term limits’ of 10 years maximum for all U.S. Congressional critters. We need fresh blood, fresher and younger minds and more creative solutions other than old, worn out and hackneyed politicians who don’t know what’s actually happening to the rest of us average Americans. She exemplifies Mark Twain’s comment, “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress…ah, but I repeat myself.”

Thank you,
— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO

Do you write letters to the editors of Time, or your local newspaper, or to your local television stations?  The best things you can do to make this Constitutional Republic work: stay involved. Speak up. Write up. Stand up. Vote, make noise, say something, write something and be a standup American citizen.

Can you make a difference?  Yes!

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