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Let me address the food supply issue first now that Americans have enough toilet paper to cover the entire country.  The MSM and career politicians ginned up COVID-19 as another Spanish flu creating panic, havoc, fear and complete loss of common sense.I addressed this in my recent columns but click bait headlines are multiplying by the hour.

Yes, large numbers of food processing employees at some plants have tested positive and sadly, a few have passed away. We have to remember that the largest number of deaths is due to the individual’s age and existing health issues like being overweight, obesity, Diabetes 2 and other serious problems.

April 12, 2020: World’s largest pork processor shuts down plant, warns of meat shortages during pandemic

CHICAGO — “Smithfield Foods, the world’s biggest pork processor, said Sunday it will shut a US plant indefinitely due to a rash of coronavirus cases among employees and warned the country was moving “perilously close to the edge” in supplies for grocers.

“South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said Saturday that 238 Smithfield employees had active cases of the new coronavirus, accounting for 55% of the state’s total. Noem and the mayor of Sioux Falls had recommended the company shut the plant, which has about 3,700 workers, for at least two weeks.”

That union plant is due to re-open today (May 4th) after being shut down for 32 days. I don’t have hard numbers but we can assume that most of those infected have recovered. The same applies to plants around the country.

The problem is, as I covered as well as many others, not being able to get harvest ready cattle, hogs and chickens to those plants because they’re closed. This has been killing our ranchers as well as dairy farmers.

I purchased milk last week and made myself pancakes and to add to my scrambled eggs and I’ll keep doing it to support our dairy farmers. Coronavirus Impacts Food Production; Lockdowns Reduce Demand for Milk, Produce

(I know. Everyone is on the almond and other flavor milks, but I’ll stick to what I was raised on because regular old Guernsey cow milk works for me.)

I can tell you where I live here in W. Texas, there is no panic buying yet of those products such as we saw at the beginning of this unnecessary nightmare and I hope we don’t see it. The chicken I purchase from the largest grocery store chain in the state is natural vs most poultry, meat and pork pumped full of hormones, preservatives added and the most horrific and cruel growing environments carries a sticker on the package telling the consumer it’s raised and processed here in Texas.

Some stores have now implemented a limit on how many of those food products can be purchased as one time as should have been done when the panic buying started in February.

The Dept of Agriculture is doing everything humanly possible to keep those plants open. No one wants to see any American regardless of occupation die from that virus. But, the damn media has scared people so badly, a large number of plant workers refuse to return to work.

And, with the threat of lawsuits from employees who might become infected FROM WHO KNOWS WHERE, blame the company with deep pockets, file lawsuits and then retire, it’s dicey for plant owners. Plants are being heavily cleaned constantly and everything is being done to keep employees from becoming infected.

And, of course, media hype to continue throwing starvation in people’s faces instead of putting Americans back to work. Here’s a prime example along with all the obligatory pictures of empty meat department sections: America’s meat crisis laid bare: Shelves across the country sit empty

Across the country? Maybe in some spots but hardly across the country and who knows when those photos were taken as that web site is full of nothing but fake news targeting Trump.

Good for them: With Looming Food Shortages, New Wyoming Law Bypasses USDA Regulations to Let Ranchers Sell Meat Directly to Consumers

Please share with family, friends, co-workers:  Don’t panic shop so that your fellow Americans have nothing for their family.  Just shop as you normally do and know that everything is being done to keep food reaching stores.  As I mentioned in my column last week there’s plenty of other healthy food sources to feed you and your family if you have one, just start exploring and be patient.

President Trump’s biggest mistake was to put Pence in charge of the so-called pandemic task force. How could Pence not know about Fauci’s miserable career and the FBI investigating him for “swiping scientific research, covering up tainted vaccines, doling out lucrative federal grants to feckless cronies and much more.”

I am absolutely certain Trump was made aware of that FBI investigation (as well as Hannity’s program director) which is why, my personal opinion, he stopped the daily pressers with Fauci and Birx. I also personally believe Trump has realized for weeks just how wrong Fauci, Birx, the WHO and other “experts” shoved in his face have been. That includes creators of the worthless models based on predictions. Dr. Fauci Took Buffoonish Projections from Garbage Investigator to Crash US Economy — Neil Ferguson Was Internationally Known for His Goofball Predictions

Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic

“While mistaken members of the media like Laurie Garrett and Rachel Maddow have called Anthony Fauci “a great American,” Dr. Fauci will soon take in his place in history as the chief operator of a Ponzi scheme that has plunged the world into a dystopian medical darkness of fraud, deceit, and neglect.”

(We were fleeced $281 MILLION last year to the WHO for this: WHO Guidelines Encourage Children Younger Than 4 be Taught “Masturbation” and “Gender Identity” – “The WHO advises that children aged 0-4 are given “information about enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body… masturbation.Toddlers are also to be encouraged to “gain an awareness of gender identity” and given “the right to explore gender identities.”Perverts.

I’ve read angry attacks on Trump by people who voted for him. The shut downs are all his fault. Well, keep playing into the hands of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and see how that works out.  Here’s a question for those voters: What if you were president in January when Trump brought up the virus and his top dog expert Fauci was, in his grandfatherly fashion, saying:

January 26, 2020? “It’s a very, very low risk to the United States, but it’s something that we as public health officials need to take very seriously.” Mr. Expert continued to stick his foot in his mouth: “Fauci made similar comments in February, saying the threat to the U.S. from the coronavirus was “minuscule.”

Trump didn’t say those words, Fauci did and he’s not alone: ‘Real and present’: Risk from influenza is far greater than coronavirus, health experts warn, January 29, 2020

“But there is another virus that already has made its way into the general population, sickening 15 million people and killing 8,200 others — including 54 children — in the U.S. alone since Oct. 1.It is the flu.

“Influenza is going to cause thousands more hospitalizations and I’m afraid many, many deaths that will make the coronavirus impact on our country very tiny in comparison,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University. “In comparison to influenza, the risk is trivial. The risk from influenza is real and present.” (Now you’ve got flu and coronavirus all mixed into the population at the same time.)

The American people expected Trump to be advised by medical and infectious disease experts, right?  Oh, maybe he should have asked plumbers, roofers and CPAs how to proceed?  People regardless of political party should think about that.

If Americans had known and understood way back in January what herd immunity means regarding an infectious virus like this one, all of this panic and hysteria would not have drowned this country.  A responsible, professional and non-biased media would have given it blanket coverage along with a press conference with Trump and someone like Dr. Wittkowski.  Instead, Pence in all his stupidity (or duplicity as there’s no question he wants the Oval Office like he wants his next breath) brought America Hell in real time.

Epidemiologist: Coronavirus could be ‘exterminated’ if lockdowns lifted

“The virus could be “exterminated” within weeks if people were allowed to lead normal lives and the vulnerable were sheltered until the virus passes, said Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., the former head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at the Rockefeller University in New York City.

“[W]hat people are trying to do is flatten the curve. I don’t really know why,” he said in an interview with The Press and The Public Project that was featured by The College Fix.

“But, what happens is if you flatten the curve, you also prolong, to widen it, and it takes more time,” he explained. “And I don’t see a good reason for a respiratory disease to stay in the population longer than necessary. “Wittkowski said the only thing that stops respiratory diseases is herd immunity. Herd immunity happens when a large percentage of a population becomes immune to an infectious disease, which stops its spread.”

It’s not just Dr. Wittkowski. Over the past several weeks many other doctors have been bringing this to the American people via You Tube which has gone into over drive in an attempt to censor anyone not in step with the desired narrative as well as Facebook.

We now know the number of deaths – and each is sad for the victims and their families – has been wildly overblown. It is because of the inflated GUESSES AND ESTIMATED number of deaths this country has been brought to her knees.

Pa. removes 200 deaths from state coronavirus count as questions mount about reporting process, accuracy, April 24, 2020: “A “probable death” is one that a doctor believes is caused by COVID-19, even though the patient is never tested for the virus.”

States Caught Adding Drug Overdoses and Accidents to Coronavirus Death Toll, April 28, 2020 – This is sickening. But, the more COVID-19 deaths, the more $$ the states get from the federal teat. It’s been going on all across the country. Doctors have spoken out about how death certificates are being manipulated driving the number of deaths way higher than accurate causes of death. This is so obscene I’m almost at a loss for words.

He’s also a doctor:  Senator ADMITS Doctors Are FORCED TO FAKE COVID-19 DEATH CERTIFICATES To Inflate Numbers! (Minnesota)

This from one of our fellow Americans trying to get accurate numbers. First refer you to this: Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19)

Comments from the email to me and right on point:

“NVSS is the cdc’s national vital statistics system; (report #3 4/20/20)

“It’s called “The guidance for certified gold deaths due to corona virus”.

“It instructs the doctors the sequences of illnesses that eventually lead to corona (that may not even exist). It lets the doctors make a PRESUMPTION with NO confirmation and NO testing that corona exists!

“Double talk to make an excuse to pitch probability that corona exists is the goal.

“And for example it could have been that this diseased patient had contact with someone who could have had corona; the cause of death again, corona.It’s a shame that evil is using the deaths and false reason of deaths of innocent Americans to promote their bring-it-all-down agenda.

“It is the responsibility of the authorities to be honest and responsible with the information so that we have honest data that would cause the caution level to at a much lower point which would have us a much less disruption.This in turn would have us freedom, over fear.”

There It Is: CDC Equates Coronavirus Hospitalizations to Seasonal Flu and Finally Admits It’s MUCH LESS Dangerous for Children, May 2, 2020

BREAKING: Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic (I always look to see how many people are watching these videos.  Many hundreds of thousands to millions which is why independent media is so important. We help people find the truth and get it out on social media tools instead of more propaganda.)

I brought this up in my last column directing people to their site and those charts plus a video explaining the numbers. Coronavirus Death Counts Reported by Media Outpace Actual Deaths Reported Per CDC By Nearly 29,000, May 2, 2020

“The Worldometer website shows 54,269 corononvirus deaths as of April 25th.  And 62,262 US deaths on May 2nd. This amount is 62% greater than the amount reported by the CDC:”

I’ve written four letters to my governor here in Texas. Today I have another one going out to him with the figures proving the American people, Trump, governors and mayors have all been played.Texas has 30 million people with 446 deaths from the virus according to the CDC.  Media lists 867 deaths. I hope you will take the time to put this information in a short letter to your governor (print out the article if you want) and get it in the mail today. Some use email but 100,000 paper letters can’t be ignored.

Important: Get that information to your LOCAL media. Call the TV stations and radio shows. Tell them lockdowns prolong the infection rate and that the CDC and MSM have been lying to the American people.  Local TV reporters and radio hosts all have family, many who might be severely impacted by the lockdowns. It is always worth the effort. HE WHO SHOUTS THE LOUDEST GETS HEARD.

Slap the King expect to die.  This from my April 13th column:

“Dr. Annie Bukacek, a practicing physician of over 30 years in Montana – “So even before we heard of COVID-19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned.  When it comes to COVID-19 there is the additional data skewer, that is –get this– there is no universal definition of COVID-19 death. The Centers for Disease Control, updated from yesterday, April 4th, still states that mortality, quote unquote, data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19.  That’s from their website.

“Translation? The CDC counts both true COVID-19 cases and speculative guesses of COVID-19 the same. They call it death by COVID-19. They automatically overestimate the real death numbers, by their own admission.”

Now she’s under attack: Keep Dr. Annie Bukacek on the Flathead City-County Health Board (A petition)

“There is a concerted effort in the Flathead Valley by a group of people to unseat Dr. Annie Bukacek from the Flathead City-County Health Board because she has dared to stand up for the truth regarding COVID-19.  This group has created a petition demanding her removal from the Board.”

Like the 2008 financial collapse (which people like me had been warning about since early 2006), this COVID-19 hit America like a Hurricane Katrina. 30 million people now unemployed. The damage done is so heavy, it truly breaks my heart. It didn’t have to be this way.

We know nine states did not tear up the U.S. Constitution or their state’s constitutions and they are doing fine. Yes, they all have cases, some more than others. Yes, people have died.  What Americans don’t see are the big number of deaths from nursing homes.

In my column last week, I urged people to get to their state capitols last Friday. These petty dictators from mayors to governors have to stop their draconian “orders” and re-open their states with no restrictions. Yes, every precaution should apply to nursing homes. People with serious health issues are encouraged to stay home as much as possible. If you have family to do your shopping, great. I will not wear a mask because it deprives me of the necessary amount of oxygen a human needs.

My ninny governor here in Texas, Greg Abbott, shut down the state then almost four weeks later is “allowing” some businesses to re-open while forcing others to stay shut while their families go hungry. Abbott is worried about more infections. Well, here’s a clue, governor: They will happen because herd immunity, the proven path, was NOT taken and so here we are – Americans on their knees begging to be “allowed” back to work.

Health care professionals protesting against Americans protesting the destruction of their lives and businesses. Health care professionals who I don’t doubt care about their patients but are badly misinformed. For all the protests, governors and mayors have simply given their citizens the finger.

Chicago mayor threatens to issue citations, arrest those who ignore stay-at-home order: ‘We will shut you down’

Another Democrat female who is the poster child for IMBICILE. From illegals to firearms, she stands out for all the wrong reasons. New Mexico CUTS OFF city ravaged by COVID-19: Roads into Gallup are shut and governor uses riot act to keep its 22,000 residents inside in the remote community with a third of the state’s cases

I’ve been through Gallup more times than I can count. Tourism is a major chunk of their economy.  Remote? You have to pass through it to get to major cities on Hwy 40.

Tragically, the Native American population has been hard hit but we don’t know how many have weak immune systems and/or serious health issues. (Nearly all NY coronavirus patients suffered underlying health issue, study finds) But, you don’t shut down an entire town like Gallup because it will only prolong infections.

California’s governor, Comrade Gavin Newsom out in California has brought Hell and suffering to the citizens of my home state. One of my family members lost her income from one day to the next just like millions in that state.

Well, thousands of people said up yours and took to the beaches. The best place for people to be as we know viruses don’t like heat number one and number two – Vitamin D and all that (sort of) fresh air down in LA are highly beneficial for your immune system. Sunlight Kills Coronavirus Quickly

Newport Beach Mayor: Gavin Newsom’s Beach Closure ‘Exceeds Constitutional Authority

“Los Angeles County, which has implemented the most draconian beach closures in the country, has in excess of 1,000 coronavirus deaths. Orange County, which has consistently taken a less restrictive approach, has had 45 deaths going into this weekend. Orange County’s population of 3.3 million is larger than 22 states. If it were a state, Orange County’s death rate of 0.0014% would be the 49th lowest in the country.Against this backdrop of public health – and in favor of placing data and reality over politics and hysteria – the Newport Beach City Council voted this week to keep its beaches open.”

Oregon’s Democrat governor, Kate Brown, is nothing but a modern day dictator. I doubt she’s missing any meals in the governor’s mansion or a paycheck while people in her state are going bankrupt, their businesses shutting down and being treated akin to poor souls in communist countries.

TYRANNY: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Extends Lockdown to JULY 6 Despite Ranking 40th on State Coronavirus List with 104 Deaths in State of 4 Million!

Michigan’s Gov. Witless Whitmer did not like protesters invading her space on Mt. Olympus. Despite no FACTS to support her dictatorial actions in locking down that state tighter than Scrooge’s wallet, that vindictive Democrat has EXTENDED strangling the citizens of her state until May 28th!  People in her state are in dire straits while she has three meals a day and a steady paycheck just like the rest of the jackals mentioned in this column.

Gov. Whitmer: Michigan Lockdown Protesters ‘Depicted Some of the Worst Racism’ in U.S. History – I sincerely hope she is thrown out of office in November.

Ohio’s GOP Governor, Mike DeWine has also declared himself Lord God of his peasants.

You need to read their press release here.  I want as many Americans as possible to see numbers.  To see this isn’t about your health it’s about controlling YOU and your every move while starving you out and destroying your future. They are asking for signatures for their petitionto AG Bill Barr: Stop DeWine and his unjustifiable lockdown.

The American people have allowed the prostitute media and self-serving politicians destroy their lives by hammering them with fear. Gov. Ron DeSantis Shames Media, Outbreak Models’ Doomsday Predictions: Off by Nearly 500k in Florida

May 1st: Gov. Ricketts: The data doesn’t support waiting to reopen Nebraska

April 30th: Navy hospital ships, once thought critical, see few patients – more factual proof the hype and doomsday predictions were nothing but scare tactics.

May 1st – A heavy dose of common sense and facts: Any COVID Response Excluding Herd Immunity Doomed For Failure

“If this is a “war against an invisible enemy,” as President Trump declares, then young, healthy people need to “serve” in this national crusade by contracting and recovering from COVID-19 to build “herd immunity,” for their own future safety and to weaken COVID-19’s deadly impact when it assuredly returns some day. “Herd immunity” simply describes strengthening one’s own, personal immune system, which naturally fights diseases such as COVID-19, while also benefiting society as a whole.

“President Trump needs to fire germophobes Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx and get a “second opinion” by hiring new health care advisers who recognize this reality.”

“The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.”  Samuel Adams, known as the Father of the American Revolution

Governors aren’t listening to protesters. Despite flooding governor offices with calls as is happening in most states. As far as these governors and mayors are concerned, it’s water off a duck’s back.Some have “relaxed” restrictions but that will NOT put food on the table for “non-essential” workers.

Lawsuits are being filed to stop these out-of-control governors and mayors trampling their rights using emergency powers. Like this by the Democrat mayor of Kansas City, MO: City demands churches turn over names, addresses, phone numbers: “Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver noted Kansas City is requiring that churches “submit list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for tracking and surveillance purposes.” One can only hope he’s shown the door in November.

These lawsuits are asking intervention by the courts to stop enforcement of these draconian orders because the actual numbers being used to keep Americans in bondage are junk.

Their livelihoods all but destroyed, we’re seeing more and more business owners telling the state to go to Hell.

Maine Restaurant Owner to Defy Liberal Governor and Re-Open Tomorrow — Then Drops Governor’s Phone Number on Live TV (VIDEO)

Northern California County Defies Governor Newsom, Reopens Churches, Hair Salons, Schools and RestaurantsPlus two more

VIDEO: California Cafe Defies Shelter-in-Place Orders, Opens for Dine-In Service

Operation America Strong: Thousands head outside across the northeast from Baltimore to Atlanta and ignore social distancing guidelines to watch Blue Angels flyover as parks become packed with a weekend of spring sunshine

May 3rd: Salons And Barbershops Across America Are About To Show How Unnecessary This Lockdown Was

Texas restaurant owner: We need to reopen at 100 percent or not at all

“…said that hiring with a 25 percent open is specifically hard when the staff makes more money after filing for unemployment.

“Well, I’m just talking from a practical business sense,” he stated. “The first thing we’re concerned about is the health and safety of our employees and our customers. And so, [we’re] taking that into account first. But, if you’re going to crawl to 25 percent being the largest employer in the state of Texas is the restaurant business, and we just can’t go at something at just 25 percent.”

Yes, federal unemployment “benefits” are paying people more than they make at their former job, therefore, no incentive for four months to find another job.

You can go to big box stores but not JC Penny’s or Macy’s.  You can (and people are more than you know) fly on a commercial air liner without a mask but you can’t get a haircut, visit a beauty salon or go to the park.

I have never asked people to break a law or incite violence or anything else. The examples I’ve given are just a short list as it’s starting to spread across the country.  If civil disobedience is the only course left to Americans whose lives are being destroyed based on nothing but lies and toxic dictates of puny career politicians, then so be it.

If I owned a business here in Texas, I would do the same as already being done by business owners.  Take me to jail because in another week I won’t have a business and my employees will be reduced to begging.

Don’t want to patronize my restaurant, that’s okay.  Don’t want a haircut? Fine, I still have plenty of people who do.  Don’t want to visit my clothing store, fine.  It’s all about freedom and choice by a free people now being stomped into the ground.

It is the choice of each individual and business owner.

Sheriffs in several counties in a half dozen states have come out publicly and said they will NOT enforce stay-at-home orders from their governor and other unconstitutional orders.  If you or better yet, a group of business owners, can get a sit down with your county sheriff, do it.  Present the information in this column and tell your sheriff to stand with The People.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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