By Servando Gonzalez

I have to confess that a few weeks ago I was scared. Very scared. Not of the coronavirus, which most likely will prove to be just as lethal, or even much less lethal than the flu virus that, coming from Asia, hits us almost every year. No. What I was scared of was the people President Trump appointed to protect us from the virus, particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infection disease expert.

Why was I scared of him? Because after just a perfunctory search on the Internet I found out that Dr. Fauci has been invited at least once to talk to the globalist crowd at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, headquarters of the nefarious Council on Foreign Relations. But the CFR is not a simple organization like the National Association for the Protection of Stray Cats. It is actually the visible head of the invisible government of the US, [1] and the globalist conspirators do not invite people at the CFR to hear what they say, but to tactfully suggest to them what they must say if they want their careers to advance.

If you still don’t know it, the Council on Foreign Relations has been, almost from its creation, under the full control of the Rockefellers, known eugenicists fully convinced that the earth is overpopulated and that there is a need to get rid of most of its population asap. The Rockefellers, and some other eugenicists they have recruited, probably the most notorious one is Bill Gates, have invested billions of dollars over the years to push their eugenicist dreams.

On February 18, 2020, Dr. Fauci was invited to the CFR, [2] most likely to get his marching orders about the role he was going to play in the coming health crisis the conspirators were going to create out of the blue. Apparently, he passed his job interview with flying colors, and we have to admit that he is doing an excellent job on behalf of his CFR masters.[3]

So, having in charge of protecting me from the Corona virus a man liked by eugenicists itching to kill most people on this planet gave me the creeps. Frankly, I think that this Fauci guy is much more dangerous than the coronavirus itself.

Why is President Trump keeping this spineless traitor in charge of protecting us from the virus? Beats me, but I still give him the benefit of the doubt by thinking he is playing a fourth-dimensional Rubik’s Cube whose mastering is beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, it is good to remember that even Job’s patience had it limits.

By the way, maintaining social distance is nothing new. The hyper rich always do it. They fly in their private jets without passing by the indignities of having their shoes removed and their body and luggage inspected. They move around in huge limos, dine in upscale restaurants where tables are widely spaced, and live in mansions where you have to walk half a mile to get from the living room to the kitchen.[4] When they have to suffer the indignities of coming near the masses for public relations needs, they do it surrounded by an army of body guards who enforce the required social distancing on their admirers.

On the other hand, the word “conspirator” comes from the old Italian “coinspirare,” meaning people who breathe together while they are talking about their secret plans to their friends. So, I’d bet that nobody, with the exception of the servants, keep social distance at the Council on Foreign Relations. Moreover, just a look at photos where President Trump appears surrounded by conspirators such as Fauci and Birx he has appointed to the coronavirus task force, it shows that none of them is keeping social distance or wearing face masks. Strange, very strange.

Are we missing something here?

But here comes the good news. One day, a few weeks ago, I realized what most Americans have seemingly failed to see, that we are actually under attack from two different enemies who have unleashed two different types of deadly viruses against us.

The first one, the so-called coronavirus, is most likely a biological warfare attack launched either by our foreign enemies, the Chi-Coms, as a counterattack to President Trump’s declaration of economic war on China and subsequent economic attacks on that country or by our domestic enemies under control by the Council on Foreign Relations.

The second one, which I call the “fear of the coronavirus virus”, is a psychological warfare operation (PsyOp) most likely developed at the Stanford Research Institute or any other of the think tanks associated with the CFR, and launched upon us by our domestic enemies.

But this is nothing new. The crisis created by the fear of the coronavirus virus is just the continuation on a larger scale of the 9/11 operation, a typical Hegelian PsyOp based on the principle of thesis-antithesis-synthesis.[5] Its ultimate goal is to change America into a full-fledged totalitarian state.

Cuban doctor Carlos J. Finlay discovered that the mosquito Aedes aegipti was the vector propagating the yellow fever.[6] We still don’t know what’s the vector propagating the coronavirus. But we know for sure what’s the vector propagating the fear of the coronavirus virus.

The vector propagating this dangerous mental disease is the above-mentioned anti-American traitors infiltrated in the Trump administration in cahoots with members of the mainstream press, following orders from their masters at the CFR, the Rockefellers, Bill and Matilda Gates, George Soros and other known eugenicists.

Unfortunately, some of them have managed to take control of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Cardinal among them are Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx as well Vice-president Pence, chair of the Task Force. We need to recognize that they have been doing an excellent job in spreading the lethal fear of the coronavirus virus.

Some globalist anti-American traitors have openly mentioned on several occasions their belief that the Earth is overpopulated and that their ultimate goal is to reduce the Earth’s population levels by no less than 85 percent. The fear of the coronavirus virus is giving them the opportunity to see their more cherished dreams come true.

To make things worse, they have found an ally in Gaia cultists and extreme environmentalists. A poster recently appeared glued to walls in California with the caption “corona is the cure, humans are the disease,” clearly states what they have in mind. Of course, the people they call a plague and have to destroy to save Mother Earth is us, not them.

While the coronavirus mostly affects people’s lungs, the fear of the coronavirus virus affects their brains. While most of the people infected with the coronavirus have recovered, it seems the ones infected by the fear of the coronavirus virus do not ever recover. Even more dangerous, people infected by the highly contagious fear of the coronavirus virus are prone to transmit this dangerous mental disease to other people.

Now, how can you protect yourself from the lethal effects of the fear of the coronavirus virus? The first thing is to recognize the symptoms of the people affected by it and avoid the contagion and maintain social distance and not come near them. Actually, they are very easy to detect.

The most obvious symptom is that people affected by the fear of the coronavirus virus is that they wear face masks at all times. But, once one discovers that a virus is a thousand times smaller than a bacterium, it becomes obvious that it can pass through a face mask’s fabric like water though a colander. So, wearing a fabric face mask to avoid contagion from a virus is tantamount to carrying an umbrella to protect yourself during an earthquake.

Some of the infected with this virus are wearing gloves all the time. A few days ago, I even saw one of them, evidently in the final steps of the disease, cleaning their gloves with hand sanitizer after touching a surface in the supermarket.

Another clear symptom evidenced by people affected by the fear of the coronavirus virus is that they follow to the letter keeping the so-called “social distance” at all times.  Actually, they make an act of it as if to show they are politically correct health conscious citizens. But, having in mind that according to the PC crowd’s ideologue Saul Alinsky,[7] everything is politics, I’d bet that most of the people infected with the fear of the coronavirus virus are furiously anti-Trumpers.

Now, how can we protect ourselves from the dangerous effects of the fear of the coronavirus virus? Well, I have developed my own vaccine. It consists in continuing to live my life as normal as possible, not keeping the quarantine, not using a face mask when it is not strictly required and, more important, not paying much attention to the terrorizing news coming from the fear mongers of the Left and the Right and laughing at them. Until now it has worked for me.

Just a few days ago, after listening to this idiot Fauci telling with a straight face that the quarantine measures due to the fear of the coronavirus virus could extend to the end of the year and probably would become America’s new reality forever, I laughed heartily for several minutes. This was the best proof that, as of today, I am certifiable free from the dangerous fear of the coronavirus virus.

I don’t know if my system would work for you, but I suggest you to give it a try. Just in case. 🙂

© 2020 Servando Gonzales – All Rights Reserved

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[1] For a good introduction to the subject watch.

[2] In 2012 Fauci became one of the five Leadership Council of the Gates Foundation-created Global Vaccine Action Plan.

[3] F. William Engdahl, “The Remarkable Doctor A. Fauci,” New Eastern Outlook, April 15, 2020.

[4] Well, I am exaggerating, but just a little. See Veronica Bondarenko, “Bill and Matilda Gates Buy Oceanfront Mansion For $43M,” Inman, April 22, 2020.

[5] The thesis-anthesis-synthesis technique works this way. First, we have an acceptable situation the globalist conspirators want to change into an unacceptable one, which is the thesis. Then, they create out of the blue an artificial situation a hundred times worse their unacceptable thesis. That’s the antithesis. Then, once the public is terrorized by the possibility of the antithesis, they offer the initial situation the people accept as the lesser of two evils, That’s the antithesis.

[6] Falsely attributed to Dr. Walter Reed. See [Link]

[7] Hillary wrote her PhD dissertation on Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals.

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