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If it looks like the flu, and if it walks like the flu, and if it quacks like the flu…

It’s the flu.

COVID-19 is not a medical crisis. It’s a political crisis, and in our everyday lives we are experiencing the economic debacle of the century.

Let’s dig in…

The recent COVID-19 antibody sampling shows that a significant segment of our population has already been infected, thus rendering the COVID-19 death rate even less than standard influenza.

For those under 60, the huge majority of those who have been infected (and therefore now have antibodies) don’t know it. They never got sick.

So, why do our ruling class political opponents (including their media* subculture) continue to insist COVID-19 is equivalent to the 14th century Bubonic Plague?

Here’s why:

♦ Political and media talking-heads crave a compelling story. And tragedy – real or contrived – makes for a compelling story
♦ They’ve painted themselves into a corner and can’t admit their error
♦ It might just topple President Trump
♦ They really do want control over you and me, and causing us to panic is a great way to get that control. Never let a crisis go to waste
♦ It makes 99% of our population – you and me – look like sheep, and they are more than happy to become our shepherds

Call me insensitive for saying this, but people die! Good grief! With all due respect to the dead and the dying, how come passing-on suddenly billed as unique and horrifying? Death comes in many forms and for those over 70 who have underlying complications, getting the flu in the wintertime has always been one of many possible last straws.

EVERYTHING is more threatening for the elderly.

Both my parents – who were for decades directly under my personal care – died a few years ago, within six months of each other. I was at their bedsides when they took their last breaths. Both were 94 and had lived full robust lives. And yes, each had numerous physical complications when they finally passed.

The body wears out and it gets weak and so it gets vulnerable. Internal systems fail and that’s how it goes. It’s always how its been.

I’m 70, so I’m qualified to make these points. Someone 40 years of age couldn’t get away with what I’m saying here.

Have you noticed that the “media” stopped giving the COVID average-age-of-death statistic? The last time we heard this number was eight weeks ago. At the time, before the political agenda had been pounced upon by the Left, it was reported that the average age of death from COVID was 80.

And there’s no longer any mention of the percentage of COVID deceased who had serious pre-existing medical problems. Back at the beginning of all this, that number was 85%. Yes, ignoring that particular statistic is also politically-driven. (More on pre-existing conditions in a minute.)

It’s really true: in the current flu-season common influenza has killed more Americans than COVID-19, even though the COVID statistics are seriously padded.

Padded? Exactly. The CDC has instructed coroners and medical personnel that if there is even a trace of COVID-19 in the victim – no matter any severe pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, cancer, high-blood pressure, diabetes, pulmonary complications, common influenza – then the death is to be attributed to COVID-19. And the dictate also throws auto accident and drug overdose deaths into the already bloated COVID mortality statistics.

Why? Yes, the hysterics must be propagated for political/semi-political reasons as noted in 1-5 above, but also there’s the standard greed factor: there are mammoth financial benefits for hospitals to nail down a COVID diagnosis for Medicare patients. Compared to standard pneumonia treatment, the hospital receives three to eight times the compensation for a COVID patient: for regular in-house treatment it’s $5,000 for the average influenza patient, while a COVID diagnosis provides $13,000…and rockets up to $39,000 if ventilator treatment is included. (NY governor Cuomo: “We NEED 30,000 more ventilators!”)

In any case, outside of hospital billing protocols, there is a difference between dying from COVID-19 and dying with COVID-19.

What about the medical geniuses who recently discovered that COVID-19 begins to disappear as the heat and humidity of summer approaches? Hardly a revelation, late spring has always been called “the end of the flu season.”

And the alleged high contagiousness of COVID-19? OK, but so what? The standard flu is highly contagious too. Is there anyone above the age of 12 who doesn’t know that?

Precisely how stupid does the far-left think we are?

And the experts keep the fear-ball rolling by reminding us that COVID-19 could very well re-emerge in the Fall. Be afraid! Maybe it will show up again, but I’m guessing not much. Why? Because by October a huge percentage of Americans will have been infected – most without knowing it – and with that infection will have developed immunity. This is exactly what happens with the standard flu. It’s herd-immunity.

Experts always paint a dire picture. If the situation turns out better than they predict (and it almost always will) then those good tidings are due to their advice. Remember the projection that over 2 million Americans were going to die?

So, the deep-state far-Left (socialist political progressives and their lapdog media) endlessly accentuate the somewhat odious name of this particular strain of flu (COVID-19!), all the while insisting it’s NOT a flu. Then they remind us over and over that it emerged from scary-China’s creepy wet markets and/or shadowy bio-labs, and then finally they condescendingly berate anyone who dares disagree with their hand-picked “medical community” spokespeople. And with all that, too many obediently cower in their homes, very occasionally venturing out to prowl around the neighborhood like programmed masked robots. Or maybe a better descriptor is “scared rabbits.”

Never mind that 25 million Americans are out of work and that we are facing the real possibility of a great depression. The experts have spoken.

It’s true. The actual nasty, manipulative, uncaring SOBs of America inhabit the dank crawl-spaces of the far-Left.

But, for their sheer audacity one must give perverse kudos to these “progressive” knuckleheads.

Nice try lefties, but like all your previous efforts to take control of our lives, this duck has quacked.

Oh, and there’s this. How is COVID-19 different from the flu? Children are virtually immune to it. Influenza? It targets children specifically.

Again: the primary big reveal? Statistically-significant antibody sampling demonstrates that way, way more of us have had COVID-19** than was first estimated by scientific “models.” (In some testing, by factors of 50 to 75.) . Thus, the real-life COVID-19 mortality rate is no higher than any number of flu strains we’ve dealt with over the decades.

President Trump? He can’t be blamed for immediately diving in deep to make sure this was not going to be a Black Death-type nightmare. He’s a courageous take-action man whose primary role is to protect us, and he went with the numbers he had at the time. But now we can see him begin to push back one small step at a time, patiently treating his dubious medical leadership with semi-deference in order to avoid stirring up an insider-war. Yes, elections are on the horizon.

Our President is an amazing human being and leader. Thank God for Donald Trump. —Sam Carpenter

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