by JB Williams

Conservative writers like me, have been telling you this for years now and you were too busy to pay attention. Many of us even launched citizen activist groups to counter the massive global Marxist invasion of the USA that has left every true American citizen an outsider in their own country now.

If you didn’t get the memo before now, you surely get it now, as the COVID19 scam demonstrates every minute of every day in every way possible, that YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS anymore.

Governors have decided it, ordered it and have law enforcement enforcing it… legislatures have confirmed it and the courts are busy setting “precedence” (British case law) across the country as we speak, establishing by fiat, once and for all, that YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! Your Federal and State Constitutions, and your Bill of Rights are totally irrelevant.

All it took was a little ole virus from Wuhan China… and the people handed over every Right and Civil Liberty once protected by their precious Constitution and Bill of Rights, in an instant, for the “greater common good.”

It’s OVER! No war… NO shots heard around the world… NO tea in the harbor… barely even a whimper from the last few remaining “patriots” who still think they have Rights and that politicians are still public servants. It’s all gone… Off to the re-education camps for all the true patriots!

Think not? We clearly live in a “mother may I” country now.

Mother may I leave my home, work, run my business, earn, go to church, shop, eat at a restaurant of my choosing, visit my friends and family, go to the movies, walk around without a mask, on and on and on! Hell, you can’t even VOTE unless you comply with the new “mail-in” voting process forced into existence by Democrats who can’t steal the 2020 elections any other way.

Mother Government at the Federal, State and Local levels run every facet of your life now. You can’t do anything without asking permission from your “public servants.” If you don’t comply with their orders (not to be confused with actual laws), you can be fined, jailed, destroyed and soon, killed. All of it, for the “greater common good” of society, whose Rights now trump any Rights you once held dear as a free people.

Truth is… your Rights and Civil Liberties were never protected by any piece of paper. That paper cannot jump up like a Citizen, lock and load and go defend your Rights. If YOU don’t do it, it can’t be done!

Your Rights were always purchased and protected by “the people” willing to lay everything on the line, to enforce what was in those precious documents. Freedom and Liberty have never been free, nor have they ever been protected by an inanimate piece of paper, that most alive today have never even bothered to read.


In other words, according to your government and their political closed-circuit British Common Law courts, your Rights are mere privileges, governed by your “public servants,” for the “greater communal good” of society, over 50% of which is now openly “socialist.”

Meanwhile, our $20 trillion economy is GONE! Trillions in lost revenue are causing all-time high unemployment and business bankruptcies as far as the eye can see. If and when Mother Government decides to allow you to work again, there will be no place to work. Thousands of small businesses and huge box stores, GONE forever!

If that’s not bad enough, your government has trained and activated millions of “citizen snitches” to take cell photos and videos of you “refusing to comply” – ratting you out to your “public servants,” who will then “order” law enforcement to come treat you as if you had broken laws that don’t even exist.

Our national debt is skyrocketing towards $40 trillion in just 9-weeks of a nationwide (voluntary) quarantine. Yes, voluntary… no one in government has the “constitutional” authority to order or force any American into involuntary house arrest. Americans did all of it, voluntarily… and in the end, they are to blame for the irreversible damage done!

The common court opinion crossing the country today, “The People’s Rights are NOT Absolute…” – begs the following questions…

  • If they’re not absolute, then they’re not Rights, right?
  • Which Rights are absolute and which ones aren’t?
  • Who was given the constitutional authority to dictate which Rights are not absolute?
  • Which “public servant[s]” have constitutional authority to issue and enforce any orders that are not law? Especially orders totally repugnant to the Constitution and Bill of Rights…
  • Under what authority can any “public servant” order Citizens to do anything against their will?

Don’t worry, the courts have been happy to answer these questions. The only public servant in the USA today who doesn’t have any such authority under our British Common Law system, is President Trump. He doesn’t even have the authority to execute the job he was hired and sworn to do. Congress, their courts and even their press, along with Governors and Mayors, have been able to stop President Trump from preventing the final fall of a once great nation.

The Trump economy was the best in history. Unemployment under Trump policies, the lowest in history for all Americans, regardless of race, creed, or color. But it’s all gone now!

Americans need a sanctuary country where their Rights are again absolute, and the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land!

A tiny little virus from Wuhan China ignited the Prairie Fire that burned the United States to the ground in just 9-weeks, as Global Marxist Democrats poured gasoline on the fire 24/7. The USA was not lost to any foreign government war aimed at seizing control of the USA. It was brought down from within… by people who took an oath to protect and defend all of your “Constitutionally Protected Rights.”

Do you get it yet? YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! You only have whatever Mother Government allows you to have, based upon their ever-changing assessment of the “greater communal good” of society at large. The new American Socialist Society has Rights… YOU DON’T!

And what exactly do you think you can do about it at this late date? You had a hundred years to stop it and you chose not to! Alone, there is nothing anyone can do… and since conservatives refuse to work together with others to achieve their common goals intelligently, much less build a war chest to fight with, there’s nothing anyone can do… Get it now?

© 2020 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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