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We are currently at the point of absurdity regarding the reaction to this Corona virus scare and I’m sorry to say, I believe our country may never be the same again.  And if you haven’t figured out that “Something is Rotten in Denmark” then please stop reading, put your face mask back on and go back to watching your Fox News program because there are none so blind as those who will not see.

I cannot speak for those in other parts of the world but for these United States we have stepped off the cliff and a heavy impact is a moment away.  I wish I could put a glass half full spin on this and say we are going to do just fine in the long run but that would not be a true assessment.  If you think this catch phrase “Re-opening America” will suddenly change the economic climate like a magic wand, you can forget it.  I mean the $1,200.00 stimulus checks have just started to arrive in the community.  The extra 600.00 per week for unemployment benefits from the Fed is just now kicking in keeping those who were laid off from pursuing work.  So what makes you think we can turn a switch and in a few days America is back in business and everything is back to normal?   And, how is it that the Stock Market is rebounding as the rest of the country is out of work and locked in their homes?  It is because the Fed is printing Trillions and Trillions of funny money to keep the elite one percenter’s from losing their massive portfolios invested in the markets.  Actually it’s much more complicated than that but you get point.  I don’t mean to scare anyone including myself but what we are dealing with is completely unprecedented.  During the Great Depression, it took three years for unemployment to reach 25% and lasted several years.  In about a month 23 million Americans were suddenly out of work.  Hello out there.  Is anyone listening?

When you look at what business establishments our Government has deemed essential you’ll see an interesting pattern.  They’ve shut down the restaurants but are keeping the grocery stores and supermarkets open.  No socializing and mingling but you must keep the masses fed.  The drug stores are kept open to keep us medicated.  Isn’t it also interesting that the gas prices plummeted to recent record lows around the exact time this thing hit.  It is also curious how the supply chain to these essential establishments go uninterrupted.  I had always heard that in a major crisis the grocery store shelves would be empty in three days but the trucks show up right on time.  Maybe food shortages are the next scenario but for now, where I live, there is nothing you cannot get including toilet paper.  Oh yes, I recently heard there is an effort to elevate those brave grocery store clerks to hero status who are out there risking their lives to keep America fed.  Oh, please.

So, they put the masses out of work but hand out money to keep them quiet and allow them to go to the grocery stores but close all possible establishments and take away all venues that would allow the citizenry to congregate under the guise that they are protecting us.  They create mandates forcing us into our homes where we cannot dialogue with our friends and neighbors.  When you are outside you are actually mandated to stay six feet apart.  You cannot have a group of more than five people together.  Did you ever think such a world was possible just a month ago?  And if you question these measures in any way, you are branded a selfish, uncaring disease spreading, potential mass murderer who should be fined or jailed.

And this is for those in the “Trump can do no wrong camp” who by the way is not my savior or the savior of mankind.  What national leader takes the most powerful country in the world with a booming economy and destroys it in a matter of a few weeks?  No one would do this regardless of any circumstances.  What national leader would turn the control and decision process over to a couple of deep state entrenched alleged medical experts i.e.; the Abbott and Costello show staring Drs. Fauci and Birx?  Amazingly they’re still in charge!  In my humble opinion this is no longer a medical issue and may have never been a medical issue.  Does that sound crazy to you?  Hasn’t it turned into a massive effort by a very small segment of elitist to put America under the boot of the State?  It feels that way to me.  They have even got fellow Americans snitching on their neighbors for standing too close together.

You may call me a pessimist and I don’t care but I don’t believe it will ever be the same again.  You’ve all seen the Plexiglas barriers at the checkout counter and six foot markers on the floor.  You’ve seen the frightened shoppers wearing their non functioning facemasks who give you the stare when you’re standing too close.  You’ve seen the car go by with the single occupant wearing a face mask.  People are spraying their mail with Lysol.  They’re leaving the Fed Ex package on the porch outside for two or three days.  Even after we’ve been told it’s a mild flu.  You can’t change that frightened bunny mind set.

Is shaking hands a thing of the past, or hugging and kissing on the cheek?  Yes it is.  Social distancing, shelter in place, Stay home Save Lives (puke here) these are not going to go away.  Gatherings of groups of people will probably be a thing of the past.  Our churches and pastors are a testament of this.  You’ll need a permit to conduct a neighborhood picnic.  If you think I’m kidding about this, in my little town they’ve already cancelled the July 4th fireworks show for 2020.  All the local summer festivals are cancelled.  The farmers markets will not open this year.  This is real folks.  They’ve done it.  Without firing a shot they’ve locked us in our homes afraid of our own families.  Oh, they may open the economy in dribs and drabs sometime next month and we’ll gladly take whatever they’ll allow us, but don’t think they’re going to throw open the doors.  I mean they’ve closed the schools for the rest of the year, right?

Governor Greg Abbott is touting his plan to reopen the great State of Texas starting this week.  Let me recap this incredible roll out for you.  According to Abbott, the first thing we do is open the State Parks. (lol!)  Day Use only with advanced reservations, Groups no larger than 5 people, must wear face masks and 6 feet apart!  Are you kidding me?  What a fun outing that’s going to be.  Imagine the cash that’s going to generate.  The second thing we do is remove the restriction on elective surgeries because we have plenty of hospital beds available since no one is hospitalized from Corona Virus. (Another lol.) And finally we believe retail stores can reopen offering “To Go” services with minimal contact with others, meaning you can buy your wife that new dress shouting through the store window.  There you have it folks.  We’ll be on our way to full economic recovery in no time.  See?  Dribs and Drabs.

Many people are asking the question, “How long are we going to tolerate this”?  Well, the powers that be are hoping permanently.  In fact their entire plan depends on it.  They’ve been studying “Americanus Imbicillis” for many decades now and they believe now is the appointed time to clamp down for total control using this crazy Virus Escapade.  They believe there are no longer enough “critical thinkers “out there to make a difference, that the average person out here is too scared to do anything and that the U. S. Government is going to save them.  May I point out that the U. S. Government is not America.  You and I are America!  And we’re allowing our freedoms and liberties to be stolen from us by a bunch of unelected bureaucratic deep state operatives.  Again I say Donald Trump is not our savior, at least not mine.

I believe their next move is to implement a mandatory test in order to determine who is safe and who is not.  Those who are determined safe (non contagious) will be given some sort of Identification Pass which would grant them certain liberties making life almost normal again.  They could frequent restaurants, movie theaters, fly on airplanes and so on. Those not determined safe, well not so much.  Before too long people would be getting in line to become safe.  Can anyone say Vaccine?  A county in the State of Montana has used a pink arm band for those “Essential Workers” who have met the 14 day quarantine requirement imposed by the Governor.  With this ID they are free to come and go.  Hmmm. What a novel idea, requiring arm bands to show everyone you’re safe.

Speaking of “Essential Workers” doesn’t it seem that they’ve created a new class of citizens?  There are the essential workers and there are the rest of us who aren’t.  Essential workers go to work every day and the rest of us file for unemployment and stay at home.  Is this another attempt to divide us as a people?  Are any of you seeing these ridiculous signs around your community?  They are all over my community.  I have yet to discover who is posting them.  The other sign posted around town is the “Thank You Health Care Workers”.  Perhaps it’s an attempt to create a new hero status like the grocery store employees.  I don’t get it.  If any of you can understand the strategy behind this please let me know.

So in truth I started this commentary last Friday and it’s now Tuesday.  Every day it seems there is a new revelation that what they are telling us about Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) may very well be completely false.  I viewed numerous videos sent to me by trusted colleagues refuting the validity of this PLAN-DEMIC.  I’m sure many of you have seen these videos being passed around the internet that give common sense explanations to what is happening to our nation as well as around the world.  Many of these videos have been taken down from YouTube and Face book.  Isn’t it odd that they are censoring anyone who doesn’t tow the official narrative.  There are several Doctors and Nurses coming forth and giving firsthand knowledge that the death rates are greatly exaggerated, that by wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing we are actually harming our own immune systems.  For the first time in modern medical history we have quarantined the healthy and NOT the infected.  Anyone ever heard of a Leper Colony?  What we have now is a massive Covid Colony full of healthy people.  Ask yourself if you know anyone who has died from Covid-19, not someone who died from complications due to a secondary illness or disease but was actually struck down by Covid-19.  I don’t know anyone.  We hear about all these deaths but we don’t see any.  Please watch this two minute video from a California RN explaining what she has witnessed.

There is no reasonable explanation to this global reaction to this flu virus named Covid-19 which means there must be another agenda behind what we are witnessing.  Like the nurse in the video I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a massive power play by “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” to usher in their New World Order.  What else could it be?  Do you not see mandatory vaccines/ID around the corner?  I see them trying to implement such measures where in order to travel, shop, bank, enter sporting events, etc. you will have to show that you’ve been inoculated.

Could it be that gone are the days of handshakes and hugs, that social distancing is the order of the day, that no more gatherings of people are allowed, that we should be fearful of those near us?  We are now hearing the phrase that this is the New Normal.  I say it is NOT.  We must RESIST THIS! It is a LIE!

I will leave you with this video sent to me by a friend.  The video was named “momma bear” and may contain a little bit a rough language but the message depicts the sentiments of most of those who are awake out here in the land of the free.

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