by Lee Duigon

What sense does it make, asks Robert Weissberg in The American Thinker, to have America’s “top universities squander millions in guaranteed-to-fail social engineering while China races ahead technologically?

Good question! And easy answer: absolutely none at all.

Have we forgotten how dangerous a place this fallen world is? Even without exotic new diseases running wild through it, there are still a multitude of bad actors out there who mean to do us harm. While our looniversities hand out meaningless silly degrees in gender studies and critical race theory, China is assiduously training young people in the sciences—and also in the arts of hacking other countries’ computer systems, stealing intellectual property, and counterfeiting. We are just jerking around. They are serious.

Someone whose job it is to set up and protect firewalls told me people would be shocked if they ever saw the number of hits which come from China, Russia, North Korea, the Ukraine, and Iran: the number, he says, is “staggering.” It represents “serious professional” hackers seeking to exploit any weakness they can find. Bad guys trying to take us down.

While we worry about white privilege.

China has already launched the most ambitiously intrusive and oppressive program of social control ever seen, the “social credit system.” You have to carry your cell phone everywhere so the government can keep track of everything you say and do, everywhere you go. And they’ll give you a score based on how well you conform to whatever the government thinks you should conform to. If your score isn’t high enough, you can’t ride a bus, buy a plane ticket, eat in a restaurant, buy new shoes, etc.

Name a Democrat Blue State governor in America who wouldn’t like to have that! Name a college professor or an Atlantic Monthly author who wouldn’t like to see that in America.

Remember Sputnik, the first satellite to successfully orbit the earth? The Russians launched it in 1957 and terrified America. Hey, they could drop nuclear weapons on us from outer space—no defense was possible.

It was quite a wake-up call. Overnight, “Science” was pushed to the front of the line. Suddenly smart was cool. We had to catch up to and pass the Soviets before they buried us. And we did. Along came these guys in white shirts with pocket-protectors and slide rules, and crew-cuts, and in 1969 they put a man on the moon. From then on the Russians had to play catch-up, and it broke their bank. No more Soviet Union.

But now we’ve got Nancy Pelosi running the House of Representatives. Never mind landing on the moon. Just howl at it.

While Red China works to take us down, we teach elementary schoolchildren that there are 30 different genders—the number varies, depending on which mental case is doing the teaching—and they can “choose” to be any one of them and everybody else has to “affirm” your “choice” or else!

And what would a “social studies” curriculum be without a full dose of “America is a stinking racist slave-holding hell-hole”? Do you think Chinese teachers teach Chinese kids that communism is a bloodthirsty tyranny imposed on them by psychopaths? Why do we try to teach our kids to hate their country?

Who benefits from any of this stupid stuff we do? Who benefits, but our enemies?

Now our economy is flat on the canvas, we wear these stupid little masks and get threatened by our governors if we dare to try to earn a living—and hello, is this another wake up call? This is the Chinese Communist Death Virus From China: is it this generation’s Sputnik? Can we respond by not frittering away our time and energy on stupid idle nothings anymore?

Or are we just going to keep rolling down that road until the bad guys bury us?

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