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Part 5:  Responses from more baby boomers on how Washington DC works, how it lies, cheats and steals from the American people.

First of all, thank you to the hundreds of baby boomers responding to this series.  With SO many boomers responding, it may very well become a book.  The fact remains: we all care about America. We care about what happens to our kids. We care about our culture, language and quality of life.  We care about our choices, and, we damned well will fight for them.

Please enjoy this response from a fellow American from South Carolina with permission:

Frosty, I just read your latest article, “Ruminations of a Baby Boomer:  Why Our Elected Don’t Represent Us”, and as a Baby Boomer myself (I’m 76 years old),  I have tried for many years to get a handle on the possible reasons why so many Americans would want to destroy America.  Such ruminations as you call them have produced more frustration and hand-wringing than anyone should experience in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, instead of producing good information on the sought-after reasons, I have settled on the same fault/cause as you: ‘Power corrupts’.  Through the years, many have predicted the end of a nation that experiences the events this nation has.  Every democracy is self-destructive, and ends in either a military explosion or a cultural/political implosion.  Had I studied our own history along with world history more, I would have learned this at a much younger age.  I wish I had become an avid American/world history buff during my school years, but, like so many others, I was a lower middle-class kid growing up in the fast-moving days of the post WWII era.  Life was good, what could possibly ever go wrong?  Life would just get better and better and the American utopia would last forever, right?  Americans were led to believe that those we elected to Congress and the White House were ‘on our side’ and were only making decisions that were for our benefit.  I actually fell for it and believed it—for a while, but then I began to see what was happening.  And now, at my advanced age, I see with my own old eyes exactly what could go wrong, and surely has gone WAY wrong.

Over the course of several decades, we allowed a bunch of unprincipled, greedy, lying politicians to pull the wool over our eyes, blinding us to the truth,  and the immense prosperity our nation experienced for many years added to the feeling that ‘all is right with the world’, when the opposite in fact was the reality.

Now that many of us know what is happening and why (greed, the love of money, the desire for power and control), the only remaining unanswered question is: “What can we do about it?”  Many will say, “Vote them out!”, but that is not a viable option.  The only choices we are ever given in major elections is for a candidate of one of the two parties that are chosen by the globalist elites.  As George Wallace famously said back in the 60’s, “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.”

(It was U.S. Senator Huey Long of Louisiana who said, “ They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other wide, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared by the Wall Street Kitchen.”) And as accurate as that assessment was 50+ years ago, it is even more accurate now.  So, I even hate to ask this question, but, is another revolution, such as the one that founded this nation, the only option true American patriots have to get our nation, our freedoms and our liberties back? B.H. South Carolina

You can’t help but notice our country fragmenting and fracturing as our Congress imports millions of the world’s refugees.  You may call them legal or illegal immigrants, but the fact remains, they arrive from failed countries, failed cultures and very low intellectual abilities.  Once they arrive, they simply manifest in the USA what they manifested in their own countries.

There is NO WAY a Somalian refugee can cope with modern America. He or she can only survive with the welfare systems in place that were meant for Americans.  But somebody drives our country toward a conflicted future with clashing ethnic tribes, languages, cultures and religions.

Does it mean we are destined toward Civil War II?  A man named Thomas Chittum whom I interviewed on radio 20 years ago, wrote a book Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America.  Do you realize that what he predicted grows ever closer each year we add the rest of the world into our midst?   Do you see our conflicted cities as to Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago and Miami?

Is it possible that we simply are too lazy, too apathetic and too sleepy to see what’s coming with another 100 million people added in 30 years?  Have you heard of the term “civilizational despair”?  Does it mean we simply are too weary, too weak and to exasperated to take action for a better future?  What do you think?  Can you send me your ideas?

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