by Lee Duigon

I’ve had some random thoughts today. Let me share them with you.

Remember “laws”? You know—those suggestions that were publicly debated, voted on by legislatures, and signed into law by a chief executive. Do we even do that anymore? Or is it all just court rulings and inflexible decrees by governors and mayors? It’s rather alarming, how quickly we’ve passed from regular legislation by our chosen representatives, to pseudo-laws just handed down by rulers. Those are the guys we used to call “public servants.”

The Church ought to lead the culture into better things—not be led by the culture into worse things. Yes, “Clergy for Choice,” I’m talking to you.

Never, never believe anyone who comes to you with a computer model claiming to predict the future. The predictions are always wrong. They can’t help being wrong. What goes into the model is only what the modeler knows—or, worse, only thinks he knows. All sorts of factors should have gone into the model, but didn’t: either because they haven’t been discovered yet, or the modeler didn’t know about them, or he simply didn’t choose to put them in. And don’t forget the roles of ignorance, wishful thinking, and plain dishonesty.

Communism in general, and Chinese communism in particular, must be destroyed. Communism is an evil relic of the worst of the Twentieth Century, responsible for more suffering and wretchedness than any other form of government devised by fallen man—not to mention tens of millions of untimely deaths. Surely the people of China have suffered enough. Civilized countries should put pressure on the Chinese communist regime until it collapses, just as Russian Soviet communism collapsed. Whatever takes its place can hardly help being better.

And while we’re at it, we ought to get to work dismantling the United Nations. How about we try having *no* permanent international organizations? When a problem comes along requiring international cooperation, nations could just—well, cooperate on an ad hoc basis. After seeing the way the World Health Organization aided and abetted Red China in trying to cover up the coronavirus outbreak, what more do we need to know?

Have you thought about what the future of our constitutional republic might be like, if those crooks in the Deep State get away with what they did? Perverting the course of justice, manufacturing fake evidence, lying to a court, sending innocent people to prison—all in a campaign to overturn the 2016 presidential election: is this what’s going to happen from now on, every time a bunch of self-anointed gatekeepers don’t like the way the people voted? Certainly they’ll do it again, if they go unpunished this time.

And why is it so hard to believe that any of these little tinpot tyrants will ever be brought to justice? We keep hearing “Indictments are coming,” but we don’t see them. I won’t believe it until I see some of these bad actors doing the perp walk in their orange jumpsuits.

And as for The Great Quarantine of 2020—and let’s pray it’s *only* 2020—is this what’s going to happen every time there’s a germ on the loose out there? We have yet to see whether our nation’s economy will recover from being radically shut down. Are we now stuck with this—every time there’s a crisis, our civil liberties go out the window? As if they were mere luxuries?

Well, they’re not. In fact, they’re the whole reason for our country’s existence. To preserve those liberties should always be the top priority for any republican government.

And please, those of you who keep on doing it—stop babbling about “our democracy.” We don’t have a “democracy,” and heaven help us if we ever do.

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