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Jake MacAulay serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), an educational outreach that presents the founders’ “American View” of law and government. IOTC has produced thousands of graduates in all 50 states with a full understanding of the Biblical principles on which America’s founding documents are based. The former co-host of the syndicated talk show, The Sons of Liberty, he is an ordained minister and has spoken to audiences nation-wide, and has established the American Club, a constitutional study group in public and private schools. Jake has been seen on Yahoo News, Fox News, The Blaze, AP, CBS, NBC, The Weekly Standard, and more… Email: Jake@TheAmericanView.com

Chicken Little is Telling Us, “We Need to Eat the Babies”

It was like a Saturday Night Live skit. Chicken Little is telling us we need to “eat the babies,” taking this ridiculous climate change jargon to the next level. It had every earmark of being a spoof, but no one openly condemned her statements, leaving us unsure about whether proponents of climate change think this insane philosophy is agreeable.

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Some Say Impeachment, What Does the Constitution Require?

I must explain that the government of America is not a democracy, but a Republic; “an empire of Laws, and not of men,” as Founding Father John Adams put it.  Despite the fact that the authority of law does not come from the majority of unelected people, I do believe that all Americans should rightly understand that no public servant is above the law.

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Kavanaugh and the Crime of Bearing False Witness

It’s now been over a week since The New York Times correctly retracted its slanderous libel against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It turns out the “new allegation” isn’t supported by the victim, a fact many believed was purposely left omitted from their the story.

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Presidential Candidates Playing Make-Believe

As I watch the unfolding of un-American Political parties where we are actually considering Atheist, anti-Christian, sexually perverted, Muslim, and even Socialist candidates in America, I can’t help but think that this is the result of man’s sinful desire to make up his own rights.

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Who Made the Rules for the Struggle of Liberty?

Are you distressed that many in America are rapidly digressing from the principled, honorable standard of morality we once held? This standard produced an example of biblical morality that constructed one of the greatest civil documents of liberty the world has ever seen: the Declaration of Independence.

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Democratic Socialists Are Absurd

What we are witnessing in the current political arena, mainstream media, and public education has become nonsensical. It is the intentional validation of absurdity, and it is not reality.

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This Leftist Gave Me A Piece Of His Mind

In response to my column, I received a long, exhaustive email in support of The Squad while excoriating my supposed hateful, narrow-mindedness. This week I want to take you into the mind of a leftist as I share his Un-American view.

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This Squad Certainly Doesn’t Play For America

They desire to abolish the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They advocate policies that will eliminate private health insurance and force Americans to pay for healthcare of undocumented immigrants.

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What Was Missing At The World Cup?

My prayer is that before the tremendous opportunity to win next year’s title, our unified belief in this eternal Truth will be made apparent to the world. This would be right. This would be American.

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Understanding Independence

The King of England has persisted in continual wrongdoing against the rights of the people of the American colonies and the dissolution of the previous relationship between Great Britain and the American colonies is the reasonable and sensible remedy for that continual wrongdoing.

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A Thirteen-Year-Old Is Threatened While Standing For Life In The Womb

In reaction to the middle schooler’s oration regarding the protection of the pre-born, shouting progressively became louder until her voice was drowned out altogether. Despite looking understandably frightened, Addison Woosley wrapped up her speech confidently and walked alone back to her seat where the thirteen-year-old girl was berated and jeered at by adults in the crowd.

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Can You Read, Do You Read?

Part of my work here at the Institute on the Constitution involves making presentations across the country about matters of law and government and the Constitution. Sometimes, I’ll ask the members of the audience to raise their hand if they have ever read a Supreme Court opinion.

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Did We Forget About Memorial Day Already?

We are reminded every year during Memorial Day to honor these men and women, and I do. It is a holy act for any individual to lay down his life in sacrifice for his neighbor.  It is what Christ Himself did for you and me.  Our children should be taught to honor and have respect for those individuals who practice this sacrifice as a way of life.

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An Open Letter To Rep. Steve Cohen: Your Denial of God In The Oath Disqualifies You From Office

This feeble display of intellect shows your shallowness, Mr. Cohen. You are an inch deep regarding the constitutional and theological underpinnings of America. Our founding documents declare that our Creator endowed every individual with their rights and it is the government’s duty given by the Creator and His creation to secure those rights.

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The Make-Believe World Of A Transgender Powerlifter

If our country continues on a path of denying the fixed, moral laws of the universe, this is a clear indication that we are no longer acting in accordance with reality. It is not real to think that a person, or a people, can do these things without disastrous consequences.

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Is The Electoral College Worth Keeping?

The Electoral College was to be a wholly separate body for choosing the president. Developed at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, it was a compromise among plans for a national popular vote and to have Congress choose the president. It also acts as a State check on Federal power, thus protecting smaller States.

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Obstruction Of Injustice Is Not A Crime – It’s A Duty

But this presumes that the judicial system is functioning in the public interest and functioning with integrity. What if government agents or even whole agencies are not pursuing justice but are themselves acting in a corrupt manner designed to serve a private or a corrupt purpose?

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Is Christianity The Religion Of American?

I received a message from a reader, who I believe to be sincere, stating, “The Founders NEVER intended to favor Christianity over any other religion… None of the founders were explicitly Christian except the couple who were ministers.

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Can Liberty Survive In American Public Education?

During the years of 1776-1835 in America, various educational choices were established that brought about a 70-100% literacy rate in the colonies, much higher than what existed in Europe, which had many more universities. During the founding era, churches (NOT the government) became involved and established charity schools for the poor in the community who could not afford to pay teachers

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