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Pennsylvania is one of a number of states with a governor displaying disgusting arrogance, believes that continuing to keep his state locked down will somehow defeat COVID-19 and keep people safe.

PA Gov. Comrade Tom Wolf, is nothing more than a modern-day dictator using the power of his office just like California Gov. Comrade Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Comrade Witless Whitmer, Oregon Gov. Comrade Kate Brown, Wisconsin Gov.  Comrade Tony Evers, Washington State Gov. Comrade Jay Inslee, NY Gov. Comrade Andrew Cuomo and NJ Gov. Comrade Phil Murphy to continue destroying businesses and the lives and livelihoods of their citizens.  All members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA.

They all claim their states must remain locked down to protect people and “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections.  BULL.  Citizens in those states have done everything under the sun to inform those rotten, corrupt “public servants” the truth about the actual number of deaths and why remaining locked down is absolutely the WRONG choice.

It doesn’t matter to them.  What matters is what happens in November.  It’s all about Donald Trump and a second term.  Presidents seeking reelection during a bad economy are usually shown the door by voters.  Our economy is beyond shattered.  Not that it wasn’t already underway because contrary to popular opinion, it was.  This virus was simply the match that lit the gas pump.

What those political animals are forgetting is the 36 million Americans out of jobs are not all Republican voters.  Owners of the countless number of destroyed businesses are not all Republican voters.  A huge number are registered Democrats who will vote in November.  They will remember what all of those Democrat governors have done to them.

Desperate Americans in all those states watch as other states try to correct the biggest mistake of this virus outbreak – locking down their states instead of allowing herd immunity to take hold while America remained open for business and freedom. They continue being crushed while at least some job sectors are back to work in most states – but theirs.

David Usher’s May 16, 2020 column, Reference Guide to Debunking the Political Flu Pandemic contains an interview with Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., the former head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at The Rockefeller University Hospital in New York City. Knut has a Masters in Biostatistics, Ph.D. in computer science, a Doctor of Science in Medical Biometry.

“Knut does not play politics: “I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science. There are no indications that this flu is fundamentally different from any other flu.”

“The virus could be eliminated in weeks and herd immunity developed quickly if most people were allowed to lead normal lives.”

“Social distancing was employed to prevent hospitals from overflowing, which did not nearly happen. It was not needed then and it is not needed now.  Everything done to date was a useless precaution.” (quote from Rossini’s ‘The Barber of Seville.’)…

“The number of infections does not matter …. The number of asymptomatic cases matters. We have a political pandemic, not a medical one.”  Take the time to read his column for the rest of that interview.  (Fauci is not an epidemiologist.)

Dr. Wittkowski is absolutely correct: This is all about politics.  It’s all about Trump.  Mad Maxine Waters, 81, is a career political whore and black racist who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives for the past 29 years.

Mad Max continues to rant Democrat governors must “hold the line” and continue destroying people’s lives, hopes, dreams and bankrupting businesses telling them that protesters “should be ashamed of themselves”.  That despicable communist witch also said, “I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up.” Her net worth is $3 million and she continues to draw her congressional paycheck of $14,700 a month.

Americans protesting the actions of politicians who have been abusing their power for months.  Americans protesting the destruction of their lives while all those governors live in mansions, three hot meals a day, big salaries and get their hair cuts should be ashamed of themselves?  Those Americans fighting for their existence and their God-given right to freedom and going to work should be ashamed?

PA Realtor: People Pack Lowe’s and Walmart, but I Can’t Show Homes to Pre-Approved Couple?

We can all remember when career criminal and human spittoon,  Hildebeast Clinton, revealed what she really thinks about Americans who didn’t support her plans to destroy America just like her buddy, Hussein Obama:

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?”

A large number of media talking heads and millions of Americans believe that was the end of her disastrous – and thank you God – failed run for president.

PA Gov. Comrade Tom Wolf had a Hillary moment on May 11, 2020, when he said that leaders and business owners who’ve had it with his arrogance and indefensible lockdown were going to reopen violating King Wolf’s “orders” were committing a “cowardly act.”

The gall of that pompous ass.  To say it went over like a lead balloon is putting it mildly.

I want to contrast Comrade Wolf’s disgusting comment to a 6:58 second speech by Italian MP Sara Cunial who unloads what I never thought to hear from any elected official in any country. Whew.  I actually watched it twice since she speaks rapidly.

In this short video she calls out the politicians, the plan for total control of people, lawmakers trying to take away everyone’s freedom over this virus, mandatory IDs and vaccines.  She tells the President of Italy the next time he receives a phone call from Bill Gatesit should be referred to the International Criminal court, big pharma and more.

It is simply astounding to watch.  Towards the last couple of minutes, you can see one of the members of their lower house of Parliament dutifully wearing his mask making gestures to brush her off as some crack pot.

Italian MP Sara Cunial Speaks the Truth About Covid-19–133,952 views since May 14, 2020 and counting.

This is a transcript and video of another one of her speeches.  It’s quite amazing.  She spares no one and hammers them with the truth. The Historic Speech given April 24, 2020 by Sara Cunial, MP for Rome in Session 331 of the Italian Camera, the lower house of Parliament – video

MP Sara Cunial: Italy has been subjected to a Holy Inquisition of False Science – English translation text towards bottom here.

I hope a week from now millions will have viewed both videos by sharing with every social media tool out there.

Comrade Wolf has gone after counties that decided as many have in states like California (all listed in my previous columns) they must re-open.  On May 13, 2020, Dauphin County officials met, backed down and decided they would get on the ground and eat dirt, unlike other counties in the state.  And grovel they will because of threats by Wolf:  Loss of liquor licenses, health department certificates and certificates of occupancy we see on the walls of restaurants and bars.

Wolf also scored big with this threat: No federal stimulus discretionary funds.  So, instead, Dauphin County officials decided the way to continue destroying their county – drum roll, please – is to set up a task force that “will consist of a business advisory team, a public health and safety team and a social services team.”

Oh, joy.  While people in that county go hungry and businesses stay closed, some likely to never reopen, their citizens will get a task force of gas bags jaw jacking.

PA Residents Clash with Local Leaders over Reopening:  ‘We’re Not Sheep, We’re People’ – Same story just a different county with gutless “leaders”.  File a lawsuit and free your citizens.Obviously, the People in Pennsylvania Are Finished with Social Distancing — Watch Amazing Video of Trump Reception on Thursday – I’m surprised Gov.  Comrade Wolf didn’t call out the National Guard.

Pennsylvania District Attorneys Address Governor’s Threats: ‘We Exist to Protect and Serve’

“Two Pennsylvania district attorneys on Monday affirmed that their offices will not prosecute business owners who choose to reopen in defiance of Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) orders but acknowledged that “inherent limitations” to their powers “unfortunately exist” — a reference to the governor’s recent threats.

“Effectively the governor’s orders revoked our personal freedoms and liberties as individuals,” Lebanon County District Attorney Pier Hess Graf originally stated.

“She stood on that position on Monday but admitted that “inherent limitations on my actions unfortunately exist,” referencing Wolf’s threats.

“The state may revoke your license, close your business, and/or impose a civil fine,” Graf said. “The state may also review your insurance coverage. Examples include the Liquor Control Board, the Department of Agriculture, and cosmetology licenses.”

“The state acts at the discretion of your governor and my office cannot control his actions,” Graf continued, reminding citizens that, despite Wolf’s threats, local law enforcement “stands behind this community”. “We exist to protect and serve,” she said. “Our office and Lebanon County’s police departments are a united front. This includes Pennsylvania State Police.”

“Graf, again, reminded residents that her office “retains the authority to withdraw and eliminate prosecution” but ultimately said that the decision to reopen businesses rests with individuals, who must weigh the potential consequences from the state. Our blanket refusal to criminalize a business’ decision leaves the individual’s choice – to open or not to open – solely up to the individual,” she said.”

ID to Eat But Not to Vote: Washington Restaurants Ordered to Keep Log of All Customers, Including Contact Information – That would kill restaurants in his state.  Gov. Comrade Jay Inslee backed down 24 hours later.

WA Gov. Jay Inslee: You can’t leave home for groceries if you refuse COVID-19 test

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court strikes down governor’s ‘safer at home’ order – A victory other states being terrorized by their governor’s should take seriously and file their own lawsuits.  Voters will also remember that successful effort by Republicans in their legislature.

Illinois county defies governor, vows it’s ‘back open for business’ during coronavirus outbreak

If the people of Pennsylvania don’t throw Comrade Wolf out of the governor’s mansion this November then they have nothing to complain about.  The same for all those other governors.  The lock down was the WORST decision that could have been made and we can thank VP Mike Pence for bringing in Fauci an Birx to destroy this country aided and abetted by the CDC and WHO. Trump depended on Pence and his team to advise what to do since they are “experts”.  I know it won’t happen but Pence should resign.

Govt Study: Those Working Thru Lockdown Less Infected with CV19

“Renowned French researcher and physician posted this study from Spain that found those who were essential workers and were out working actually were less infected than those who were cooped up at home in lockdown. The lockdowns didn’t work as intended in Spain.”

And it sure as Hell has NOT worked for America.  As Rand Paul said to Fauci last week during the Senate hearings, “I don’t think you’re the end-all.”

Lubbock, TX, 100 miles north of my city has a population of 255,885.  Was totally locked down by order of our GOP Governor. Texas Tech U, the massive hospital complex except for emergencies and new babies.  To date:  619 cases50 deaths40 of the deceased were in nursing homes.  The other 10 average age 80-89.  Businesses dying.  People going bankrupt.  Their city council has “allowed” partial re-opening which will prolong herd immunity – which has already started as they are reporting 5-8 new cases a day.

May 11, 2020 Michigan Judge Sides with Barber, Rejects Gretchen Whitmer Demand to Close Shop – “A Michigan judge has denied a motion made by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration that an Owosso barber close up shop during the coronavirus outbreak.”

The witch went after him anyway.  May 13, 2020: Gretchen Whitmer Targets 77-Year-Old Barber’s Livelihood, Strips Operating License ‘Without a Hearing’ – Gov. Comrade Whitless Whitmer YOU should be ashamed. Their Attorney General said that sweet man who went without a paycheck for seven weeks and couldn’t hold out any longer is not a hero or a patriot.  The same thing was said about those who went up against the mighty British military to make America a free country.

Michigan Sheriff Won’t Enforce Whitmer’s Stay-at-Home Order – “A Michigan sheriff announced Monday that his office will not enforce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) stay-at-home order implemented due to the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, as residents and lawmakers continue to accuse the governor of infringing on civil liberties.”

Democrat County Exec Blasts Gretchen Whitmer, ‘Unimpressed’ with Continued Michigan Lockdown – Not good when an important figure in your party throws you under the bus.

A sad story which did not have to happen:  Michigan Store Owner Weeps As Life’s Work Swept Away –  His face is the face of millions of my fellow Americans.  It truly breaks my heart.

Updated CDC number of deaths from COVID-19 alone as of May 15, 2020: 60,299.  The media is blasting number of deaths at 89,549

I say bull to that number.  We know (links in my previous columns) the states have been cooking the books and padding the number of deaths.  We know states like California have listed COVID-19 as the cause of death when death was caused by a car accident and had nothing to do with the virus.  We will likely never know the true number as thousands who died were not even tested yet their death certificates say COVID-19.  It would take years to dis-intern all those poor souls to test them for the virus if it could even be done.

100,000+ US deaths from COVID-19? How does that compare to SARS, swine flu and other pandemics?-“ According to the CDC from April 2009 to April 2010 there were about 60.8 million cases of the swine flu with 12,469 deaths in the United States.” Alleged confirmed cases of this virus in the U.S.:  1,480,873– about 58 million casesless than the swine flu.

So, 1.4 million COVID-19 cases, 60,299 deaths.  Swine flu 60.8 million cases, 12,469 deaths.

No lockdown for the swine flu.  Lockdown for COVID-19 destroying the lives of tens and tens of millions of Americans and who knows in the end how many small businesses.

This is a good place to get information:  Evidence Not Fear. “A government cannot stop a virus. What stops a virus is natural immunity. It’s impossible to stop a virus by government decree.”  Professor Yoram Lass, former Israeli Health Ministry chief

In my column last week, I highlighted a video made by Port of Seattle officer Greg Anderson.  As expected,Anderson was suspended and expects to be fired soon.  Reason:  Insubordination.  While his superior officer stated Anderson has every right to express his opinions, he cannot do so wearing his uniform, in the city’s police car making it appear his comments might be taken as the department’s position.

Anderson was fully trained as all officers are regarding their right to express their opinions on social media or a video and understood the rules.  What Anderson said in his six- minute video was the truth and kudos to him.  As for Anderson being fired, he is now set for life financially as the GoFundMe page shows donations at a whopping $419,591.00 as of May 17, 2020.

DEVASTATING! Renowned French Dr. Didier Raoult DESTROYS Liberal Trump-Hating Media on VA Junk Report on Hydroxychloroquine (VIDEO)

Act surprised. NYT Magazine Publishes Hit Piece on Renowned French Doctor Who Identified Inexpensive Cure for Coronavirus – Top Critic Linked to Gilead and Remdesivir

Expert Testimony before Senate Contradicts Media’s COVID-19 Narrative – Very informative if you missed the hearing from several expertsnot on the government payroll.  “Further emphasizing the importance of achieving herd immunity was Dr. Scott Atlas, senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center.

“Total isolation via lockdown policies, he said, “prevents broad population immunity and prolongs the problem.” (Emphasis in original.) This is something our response to COVID-19 has gotten disastrously wrong. An increase in community levels of infection, and thus growing immunity in the community, “has been incorrectly portrayed as an urgent problem requiring mass isolation,” Dr. Atlas said.

“On the contrary, infected people are the immediately available vehicle for establishing widespread immunity. By transmitting the virus to others in lower-risk groups who then generate antibodies, pathways toward the most vulnerable people are blocked, ultimately eradicating the threat.”

Dr. Scott Atlas Destroys Dr. Fauci and Clowns at CDC Who Are Unable and Unwilling to Make Better Decisions Based on New COVID-19 Data (VIDEO)

Dr. Scott Atlas, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, joined Jesse Watters on Watters’ World on Saturday night to share his 5 key points on treating the coronavirus. “By isolating every single person and avoiding human contact you have literally eliminated the best method to accomplish population immunity.”

Americans Must Disregard Fauci’s Covid-19 Pediatric Panic Porn by Dr. Andrew Bostom

(Updated thru 5/7/20) Covid19 Lethality: Unhysterical Data Are Emerging (Bostrom)– “Multi-billionaire software savant, Bill Gates—hardly the infectious (or any other) disease expert he fancies himself—commented with acid hysteria, several weeks ago (3/24/20), on the mere prospect of lifting draconian “covid19”, Wuhan coronavirus-related shutdowns, to reduce the economic havoc they have wrought.

“It’s very tough to say to people, ‘Hey, keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner. We want you to keep spending because there’s maybe a politician who thinks [gross domestic product] GDP growth is what really counts.”

“Mr. Gates’ self-righteous fulmination, notwithstanding, his morbid, grotesque exaggeration, captures a widely prevalent, critical ignorance of the actual SARS-Cov2  (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 of the genus Betacoronavirus, which causes Covid19 disease) virus’ lethality embodied in what is known as the infection, or case-fatality ratio (CFR).”

Santa Ana Police: Robberies Soar 50% as Suspects Exploit Mask Recommendation

Horror! Domestic Violence Up 21% in Cities Across the US Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

California:  Fresno County sheriff refuses to enforce COVID-19 lockdown orders as she struggles to re-arrest freed inmates

Doctors sound alarm as coronavirus sparks drop in cancer diagnoses – Waiting months for a test could mean the difference between life and death.

As Lockdown Grows Political, Resistance Stirs in Rural Maine

Ending on an uplifting note:

Idaho beef company gives $8 million worth of world’s best steak to hard-hit communities, May 10, 2020 – Hats off to Snake River Farms

Anonymous client tips Denver hair stylist $2,500 — then leaves $3,300 more for her coworkers

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