By Steven Yates

As I write this, we’re in quarantine. Even though my wife and I are perfectly healthy (aside from an ache in my lower back). All of Santiago, Chile, a city of between 6 and 7 million people, is locked down.

To leave our building, we have to go to a website run by the police and jump through a series of hoops to get — what should I call them? — Permission Slips (Permiso Temporales is the Spanish phrase).

We have to state our names, IDs, addresses, destination, and reason for going out.

The Permission Slip is then emailed as a PDF attachment. Print it and we’re good to go.

We get three hours.

My wife’s done this three times since quarantine went into effect last weekend. She had to do it this morning as I write. I did it yesterday. She was otherwise occupied, and we needed groceries.

Being outside was like walking into a dystopian Twilight Zone episode. Although it was mid-afternoon, the number of people I saw made me wonder if it was really 7 am on Sunday morning.

I arrived at the entrance to the building where the grocery store is. More people were milling about.

Outside the main entrance was a line of seven police officers. Seven.

Some bore rifles.

To defend against what? I wondered.The coronavirus?

People got in line, showed their Permission Slips, and were allowed to go inside.

“Your papers, please!” is as ominous-sounding in Spanish as it is in English, trust me.

Everyone had on a face mask. Including myself. Had I not worn one, I’ve no doubt I’d be sent back to get it. And expected to comply without question or hesitation.

There’s been almost no pushback here. Very unlike, say, Michigan in the U.S., where around 20,000 people converged on the state capital in Lansing demanding to be allowed to return to work, because they had bills to pay and because they didn’t want to be wards of the state, dependent on government-printed stimulus money.

Here in Chile?

The protests of late last year are gone. Underground, perhaps. But not visible.

It’s like they happened in another chapter of history.

We’ve had, at last count, 37,040 confirmed positives for the coronavirus. And 368 deaths. (Source.)

For those who can do simple arithmetic, that’s a mortality rate of under 1 percent.

Under 1 percent.

Most deaths were of those in vulnerable populations here, as is the case everywhere. The elderly, and those with chronic conditions, especially respiratory conditions.

These people should be cared about, and cared for. Keeping them indoors makes sense.

The problem is, the healthy are being locked indoors no less than those at risk.

You can protect yourself from any virus including this one through commonsense cleanliness (e.g., frequent handwashing), not touching objects in public that have been touched by others (e.g., handrails), and building up your immune system with sound nutrition, exercise, at least some sunlight, and sufficient sleep.

These are collectively called Primary Prevention— practices designed to help you avoid getting sick.

You’re exposed to airborne viruses all the time. If your immune system is working, you’re fine.

If there was any real health education anywhere, this would all be common knowledge. But there isn’t. A two-year program I went through in the late 1990s emphasized three things: sex ed, sex ed, and sex ed. In no particular order. What I learned that proved useful was confined to two courses, which emphasized systems thinking and Primary Prevention, around which I built my thesis, got my degree, and got out of there.

A healthy population would not need to spend money on doctors, hospitals, expensive insurance policies, or— significantly —Big Pharma’s legal drugs.

Hence there’s no health education or Primary Prevention worth speaking of, and most nations on this side of the Atlantic Ocean don’t have health care systems, they have sick care systems.

Sick care systems make money, but now have us at a decided disadvantage.

At last count in the U.S, there were more than 36 million newly unemployed people, and as of the last jobs report, an official unemployment rate of 14.7%: the highest such number since the Great Depression, with strong hints that this number radically under counts the actual number of unemployed Americans.

Checking the coronavirus stats on the U.S. (same source as above), as of this writing I got the number of positives at 1,398,393 and the number of deaths at 85,813, which suggests a mortality rate of 6 percent!

But not so fast! Hospitals are being incentivized with monetary payouts to list patients as COVID-19 and three times more if they go on ventilators.

If these patients then die from other conditions, this would inflate the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19.

I’m told that millions of people have not been tested for the coronavirus. The virus may remain asymptomatic for two weeks or longer. That suggests that the number of positives could be much higher than the official number.

Which would also lower the mortality rate.

Can anyone honestly claim to know what the real number is?

Or come close enough to something fact-based to justify shutting down all except for government-designated “essential” operations?

What’s really going on here.

A larger agenda, of course. (Here.)

Jim Sinclair, in this packed but illuminating video, goes further. The Everything Bubble was going to burst anyway, probably this year. It began to destabilize last year, leading to the Fed bailout of the repo market. This was a quick fix, and those at the top knew it.

The coronavirus gave the globalist elites an opportunity to orchestrate their controlled demolition of something they knew to be unsustainable in a way that would ensure they are not blamed for it.

Instead — corporate media focus will be on Trump’s presumed mismanagement of this whole thing.

Globalists always honor the adage, never let a good crisis go to waste!

To be sure, Trump is toast. No incumbent president in almost a hundred years,running for reelection, no matter who he was or what he claimed he stood for, has survived an economic cataclysm like the one we’ve seen over the past two months, and survived. Trump isn’t responsible for the coronavirus, of course, or the shutting down of the economy, but that’s what the masses will see.

Especially big-city masses who hated Trump’s guts to begin with.

In January, I’d have told you (had you asked) that a clown like Joe Biden had no more chance of becoming president than I would.

He does now, and then some!

Biden, this election cycle’s DNC insider,will likely be the next U.S. president. What he will oversee is the rest of the ongoing collapse of the America we once knew,as what some call the Great Reset continues apace.

Bill Gates, billionaire class denizen and globalist in good standing, is pouring billions into research for a vaccine for COVID-19. It’s not just the need to worry about what’s really in it, or the fact that vaccines have never worked on viruses which is why the “experts” tell you to get a new flu vaccine every year,

Worth noting is the fact that Gates has no medical or public health degrees, but because of his billions he basically owns the WHO and, through its influence, much of the public health conversation in the West. If anything is officially labeled Global Health, you are guaranteed to find the fingerprints of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation all over it.

Gates and his colleague Dr. Anthony Fauci own vaccine patents and stand to make billions more on a COVID vaccine regardless of its effectiveness or lack of.

This is the same Dr. Fauci whose organization, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is known to have funneled at least $7.4 million to the Wuhan Institute for Virology in China specifically to do coronavirus research.

And those of us who suspect that this thing was genetically engineered and then either escaped from the lab or was released on purpose are supposed to be crazy conspiracy theorists?

Are we crazy conspiracy theorists if we wonder if Gates’s and Fauci’s ownership of patents on vaccines throws their scientific objectivity on how to deal with this coronavirus into question?

What the official strategy will be most effective at doing, if introduced as I think it will be, is increasing the layers of controls over individuals —layers I fear the masses will welcome because they’ll feel “safe.”

Some will refuse the vaccine, of course, and be demonized. I doubt they will be able to stop this juggernaut because of the huge financial resources that will continue to be poured into vaccine research and distribution.

Proof that you’ve had the “COVID-19 vaccine,” stored in your phone, may be required for air travel, entering government buildings, and possibly even working in any setting where you’ll be in close proximity to others.

Are you a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you note that this has a perfect precedent: the REAL ID Act, passed in 2005 by Congress having been tucked into a military appropriations bill and which Homeland Security spent the next ten years shoving down America’s throat?

South Carolina, where I was then living, was a refusenik state. Now, South Carolina has a REAL ID compliant and a non-REAL ID compliant driver’s license. Only the former can be used for federal identification purposes or to fly or enter government buildings.

At the personal level, this will be similar.No one will have a gun to your head. You’ll be able to refuse the vaccine, just as you can legally not have a driver’s license.

But you’ll be immobilized: unable to travel and, little by little, shut out of the economy.

Trump, by the way, now appears to be fully on board with the Gates-Fauci vaccine. He is now owned by Big Pharma. Having once promoted them, he’s shown no further interest in COVID treatments the medical-pharmaceuticals cartel doesn’t have patents for, such as hydroxychloroquine with zinc. Videos promoting such treatments are being censored all across social media. Big Pharma won’t reap financial gains from conducting the kinds of rigorous clinical trials they insist on to find out if something long used to fight malaria and rheumatoid arthritis can be used to ward off a coronavirus as well.

No money in it….

The long and the short of it: things look the grimmest for freedom that I’ve ever seen.

After over 30 years of writing about the subject, trying to wake people up.

I am sometimes criticized on my Facebook page for not accepting official narratives. My computer was hacked some time ago, and I’ve recently received threatening emails.

Those who claim the masses by and large don’t want to think, and don’t really want freedom,would seem to be vindicated.

Freedom calls for responsibility, and it invariably involves risks.

I can see some states opening up in the near future, and I can see (possibly cooked) COVID numbers spiking in those places, this being used as justification to shut them back down until the Gates-Fauci vaccine is ready. For worldwide distribution.

My wife and I have elected to get out of Santiago as soon as possible.

That’s another story, but we’ll be hunkering down where we land.

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