Dr. John Ure, MD

Poisoning of Electromagnetic Radiation

This article is timely and important. Some of the information will be a repeat of what you already know and hopefully it will give you some new information that you should know.

We humans and most animals are essentially electrical, and chemical. Having been a physician, for nearly 40 years, I have witnessed the electrical activity of the human body. If the brain is being studied we do an EEG which stands for electroencephalogram. If we are studying the heart we will be looking at an EKG which stands for electrocardiogram. If we are studying the muscles we will be looking at an EMG which stands for electromyogram. If we want to look at nerve conduction studies we will be looking at the conduction velocity of the nerves, realizing that if it slows it could be an indication of some type of a problem.

All of these impulses that we are looking at are electrical in nature. Electricity in its simplest form can be considered to be a flow of electrons. Electrons are the small particles that move around the nucleus of atoms. One more thing that will help you to keep your mind wrapped around this is that the nucleus of the atoms consist of a number of protons that have a positive charge and also neutrons that have a neutral charge.  Most of the mass of an atom is found in the nucleus. When one moves up the periodic table from hydrogen having an atomic number one, meaning one proton, to helium atomic number two having two protons, each time a proton is added it becomes a different atom. The mass of the atom will also be increasing and neutrons will be added as well. To reiterate, every time an additional proton is added the atomic number increases by one.

Atoms do not gain or lose protons.  If that were the case it would change to a different atom.  What does move are the electrons.  At this point ions need to be defined.  They are charged particles.  Short and simple.  Easy to comprehend.  If an electron (neg) is lost the proton (pos) in nucleus makes it positive.  If electron is gained the overall charge will be negative.

Remember this, all atoms want to reside in the lowest energy state possible and this is what is called a stable duet, or stable octet.

Now on to the movement of electrons.  Typically there are conductors, insulators and semiconductors.  All metals are good conductors. Substances such as mica, glass, rubber, and plastic are classified as insulators.  They will not allow electrons to flow through them like metals.  Semiconductors are a bit different.  It is easiest to say that they are partial conductors and partial insulators.

Something that is very important to understand is induction.  It was figured out by the scientists a long time ago that a current carrying wire will develop a magnetic field around it.  Also if a wire cuts through a magnetic field it will induce a current in the wire.  This is how motors and generators work.  Such marvelous physical properties.  If electricity is put into a generation it will spin like a motor, however if you hook it up to a bicycle or some source of power and spin it, it will generate electricity.

I will be referring to the 5G that is being implemented around the world throughout this article.  With the microwave transmission frequency of 5G every single hair fiber on your skin can act like a tiny antenna.  This means that when they really ramp up the power your skin will react making it feel like you are on fire.  This is what brought the Iraqi soldiers out of hiding with their hands in the air during the Gulf War.

It is this electrical power that allows all creatures and plants for that matter to move grow and flourish.  In all animal cells there are organelles that have special functions.  The one that we need to look at is the mitochondria.  It is referred to as the powerhouse of the cell.  It has the ability to make and break phosphate bonds.  Technically it is the splitting off of a phosphate that produces the energy.  ATP is converted to ADP with the accompanying energy being produced.  Adenosine Triphosphate going to Adenosine diphosphate.  The reaction is reversible and can be recharged from ADP to ATP and the cycle continues.  What is necessary is energy from an outside source and that is where our nutrition comes in.  We have to take in fuel in the form of food to manufacture this energy.  We can also obtain these electrons directly from the earth, and this is known as Earthing or Grounding.  I have been using the concept for a number of years with great success.  An Earthing article will soon follow.

Now where does this bring us to understanding at least part of what is going on in the world regarding this virus and control?  A doctor from New York, City recently posted a YouTube video stating the way they were treating the infected patients is all wrong.  Listening carefully, he really made sense.  You see they have been saying that these infected folks had a pneumonia and that is what they were treating.  In fact the patients that he was seeing were presenting with different symptoms.  It seemed as though they had altitude sickness.  Similar to being up in an airplane at 30,000 feet and having the cabin pressure go down without the little masks falling down to provide oxygen.  You would quickly succumb to oxygen starvation and pass out from not getting enough oxygen to the brain.  Think of it as if you were wanting to climb Mount Everest without the supplemental oxygen that is typically used to prevent altitude sickness.

He went on to say as he talked with the patients they continued to gulp for air in the same way an oxygen starved person would do.  They, for the most part did not needed to be placed on a ventilator.  They needed supplemental oxygen and maybe a C-pap or Bi-pap machine to help them receive adequate amounts of oxygen.  If they were placed on a ventilator they would have to be intubated ( putting an endotracheal tube into the trachea)  and then the machine would breath for them.  The doctor said ventilators are used for patients that are exhausted and unable to breath for themselves.  These patients were not exhausted and could breath for themselves.  They just needed a little help.

Furthermore,  once again follow the money.  The cost of a pneumonia patient was stated at something like $13,000 as compared to a ventilator patient that could be charged about $33,000.  Are the hospitals just wanting to be able to increase their revenue?

An ebook that I had ordered a while back really solidified what the agenda or end game is. It was not until I started reading it that the pieces started falling together.  The book is titled The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg.  I was quite a ways into the book before I realized what the author was relating to by the title. It was stated in the book that a scientist was studying a small larva’s movement under high magnification and polarized light.  When the little critter moved from side to side  and opened and closed its jaws a rainbow of light was displayed, hence the title.  It was stated that there is a veritable light show going on all around us that we do not perceive because our eyes view only the visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum.  I would highly recommend your getting this book.  I have purchased it in paper format as well.  The references are awesome.

OK, let’s try to tie all of this together so you have a better understanding, of the relationship of the virus and 5G.  Going back in the  history of the development of various inventions we can start with the telegraph.   During the Civil War the telegraph was used extensively to pass information back to command as to what was going on in the front lines.  They even had portable telegraph keys that were carried in backpacks, and miles and miles of wire was strewn everywhere.  When it was used many men in the surrounding area became ill with all sorts of maladies. Anxiety, fatigue, heart palpations, inability to sleep.  Combine this with the stresses of war and the men were miserable.  Those in command did not realize that the men were experiencing electromagnetic poisoning.

The next rollout was the discovery of radio and it is reported that Marconi who is credited with the discovery became quite ill and probably hastened his demise unknowingly as well. A pandemic came right along with the radio.

In world war two the next great invention of radar was utilized.  Along with it came again multitudes of death and illness from the electromagnetic poisoning.  Again a pandemic followed.

Next in line was the launching of satellites.  This too, had illness and a pandemic associated with it.  Too many people are viewing the satellites that Elon Musk is putting in space as cool and exciting to watch.  Well, not me.  He has been approved for 42,000 satellites and one million ground based antenna to run his grand scheme.  It will give Big Brother additional ways to monitor us and control us besides bombarding us with the harmful radiation.  I wish there was a way to stop this program.

Now we have HAARP, and if you have not heard about it, it stands for High Altitude Aural Research Project. It is another government run program we could do without. There is a very large concentration of towers in Alaska and I understand there are an additional 200 of these antenna clusters, many hidden from the public around the world.  They are shooting tremendously powerful bursts of radio energy into the stratosphere.  Now you can see an additional reason for our chemtrails, to be able to bounce these waves off of the aluminum particles to achieve their agenda.  Even to the point of modifying the weather.

At this point I would like to look to nature as an indicator of the problem.  Einstein stated, “if the honeybee becomes extinct, mankind will become extinct in three years.”  I was aware that the honeybees are taking a tremendous hit.  Just looking around, it is difficult to even find a bee.  Those working with bees have reported that not only the pesticides and insect resistant crops are decimating the bee population, but electromagnetic poisoning is also taking place.  Radio waves have been identified as causing the bees to be totally disoriented with many dieing.

It seems like the population is down to only one third of normal but from my view it is much worse that this.

Now back to the 5G.  When I first started studying this, I only had a strong suspicion that the 5G was involved.  Now I am positive that it is an integral part of the grand plan.  Remember, as stated in my previous article, and many articles by other writers that the big centers for 5G rollout were China, Italy, Iran, and the U.S..  Particularly in the Northwest and the East coast.  The 5G is poisoning the people in its range and damaging the mitochondria so that there is decreased energy produced and hence inadequate energy for the afflicted.  On top of that, it is said that the oxygen molecule is damaged and not being properly utilized by the red blood cells.  In essence, once again oxygen starvation.  5G is simply messing up the normal flow of electrons across the board.

We will not be able to pull the smart phones from the hands of those that just can’t live without them.  They are the ones that must have faster download and movie streaming then we currently have.  People are enamored over artificial intelligence.  They want 5G and either do not care or just do not want to know what it will do to them.  I do not want to be able to control my lights, heat, air-conditioning, blinds, coffee pot or whatever else you want to throw in.  We are being poisoned by electromagnetic radiation all around us and it is projected to get worse.

From my perspective, I am essentially freaking out.  I enjoy technology and have a smart phone.  I was not educated to the harmful effects of it before I started using it.  I have also used bluetooth earphones and earbuds.  My thoughts are rapidly changing and I would suggest you do the same.  Just today, I ordered some air column earbuds.  They use a column of air and the electrical interaction with the magnetic coils is a distance away from your head.  I know, as a doctor, that cell phones held against the ear have caused brain tumors.   Even though I have not been holding the cell phone to my ear, using speaker mode instead, it will be better to use the air column phones.  I have started turning off the WI-FI when I am not using it and I will be hooking up my laptop with a wire and also use a wired mouse.  You should turn off your cell phone completely at night, not just putting it in the airplane mode.  Think of ways that you can start being unplugged from the system.  I hate to say it, and it seems melodramatic, but we truly are killing ourselves with technology.  Just the other day I asked my friend Roger Cameron in Clinton for his cell phone number, and he told me he didn’t have a cell phone.  I stay good for Roger.  We all need to reevaluate.  Do we really need them ALL of the time?

A web source new to me seems to be pretty well done, and that is The State of the Nation.  Several hours were spent reviewing most of the articles.

Do not feel like you are all alone with the feeling of being overwhelmed regarding this whole plandemic.  Those I talk with are just as frustrated.  I like it when  president Trump calls the news fake, and he is right.  This whole show has been orchestrated from the top to the bottom.  They all lie.  The truth is concealed!  If we do not put a stop to the entire agenda and say enough is enough we will have our entire population destroyed.

Another thought different from what was expressed, is the possibility that these nasal specimens for testing may be inoculating individuals with the virus and or vaccinating them without their knowledge.  It would not be the first time that TPTB pulled a fast one.  The patients stated that the pain was excruciating and that it felt like they were trying to push the swabs into their brain.  I can tell you from taking numerous throat and nasal swabs, that it does not have to be such an unpleasant experience.  I will not even think of beingTESTED.

I was preparing to wrap up this article but there is so much to cover.  When I was in college one of my favorite instructors, Gene Johnson taught freshman zoology.  I enjoyed the lectures so much with the stories and artful colored chalk drawings on the blackboard that I wanted to hear more when the bell to end the class sounded.  I thank him for inspiring me to become a teacher.  I left classroom teaching to begin medical school.  Most do not know that the word doctor actually means teacher.  Back to college.  The following year, I decided to take another class from Mr. Johnson.  He was teaching ornithology.  I did not know at that time in my acquisition of knowledge that it was the study of birds.  The first day of the class he announced  that this was an upper division class and was going to be presented a bit differently.  He went on to say that the text book Life of the Birds by Eudora Welty was so wonderfully written that he could not improve on the way the material was presented.  He told us there would be chapter assignments to read on our own and then we would discuss the readings in the next class session.  What I did not like is that he insisted  in giving a 10-15 point quiz at the beginning of each class and that caused some anxiety.  I have never been very good at test taking anyway.  Now, I believe learning can occur without the formal testing and grading that continues to be commonplace in the school setting.

It is with the above thoughts that I am going to state the last of this article is from the work of Arthur Firstenberg. I cannot improve on his book, The Invisible Rainbow.  The following passages are excerpts, and I recommend looking at the chapter entirely if so inclined.

Chapter 17. In the Land of the Blind

WHAT IF, ON ANOTHER PLANET, in a distant universe, the sun was dark.  God never said,  “Let there be light,” and there was none.  But people invented it anyway and it lit up the world so bright that it burned all it touched.  What if you were the only person that could see it.  What if there were a thousand, a million, ten million others?  How many aware people would it take to make the destruction stop:

How many will it take before people longer feel it is alright to say, “Your cell phone is killing me,” instead of I am electrically sensitive.

A tremendous number of people get headaches from their cell phone. Almost 1/4 of Norwegians who would now be considered moderate cell phone users (more than one hour a day) admitted it to the scientist who asked the question in 1996. Almost 2/3 of the Ukrainian university students who were heavy cell phone users (more than three hours per day) admitted it to the scientists who asked the question in 2010. Perhaps there are some who really don’t get headaches, but few people are asking the question, and publicly admitting to the true answer is not socially acceptable.

Gro Harlem Brundtland got headaches from cell phones. And since she was Director General of the World Health Organization and the former Prime Minister of Norway, she did not feel the need to apologize for it, and simply ordered that no one was to enter her office in Geneva carrying a cell phone on their person. She even gave an interview about it in 2002 to a Norwegian national newspaper. The following year she was no longer Director-General of the World Health Organization. No other public officials have repeated her mistake.

Even for those who really don’t get headaches, their cell phone affect their sleep and their memory. Folk singer Pete Seeger wrote to me 20 years ago.  “at age 81,” he said, “it’s normal for me to start losing my memory. But everybody I tell this too, says, ‘well, I seem to be losing my memory, too.’’’

Those of us whose injuries are so severe, so devastating that we can no longer ignore them, and who are lucky enough to figure out what has happened to us and why, have here and there formed tiny, isolated groups, and for lack of a more acceptable term, we call our injury “electrical sensitivity,” or worse, “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS), a travesty of a name for a disease that affects the whole world and everyone in it, a name as absurd as “cyanide sensitivity” would be if anyone were foolish enough to apply such a name to those poisoned.  The problem is that we are all being electrocuted to a greater or lesser extent, and because society has been in denial about that for more than 200 years, we invent terms that hide the truth instead of speaking in plain language admitting what is happening.

After pulsed microwave radiation came to my home town for the first time, all over the city at once on November 14, 1996, I was so sure it had killed masses of people that I telephone epidemiologist John Goldsmith to ask for advice on how to prove it. Formally with the California Department of Health Services, Goldsmith was then at Ben Gurion University in Israel. He directed me to the weekly mortality statistics published online by the CDC for 122 cities, and advised me to find out exactly when, for each city digital cell phone service had begun. I had been sure, because the sudden and irradiation of my city almost killed me, and because I knew people who  had died from it.

On November 14, I traveled to Killington, Vermont to attend “Unplugged: Health and Policy Implications of the Wireless Revolution,” a conference sponsored by the Vermont Law School. When I returned home on November 16, I became dizzy. I assumed one of my neighbors had sprayed something toxic; perhaps the exterminator had been in the building. This would pass, I thought. But within a few days I became nauseated and I had tremors. I had the first asthma attack of my life. My eyeballs felt like they were bulging out, my throat swelled my lips felt dry, fat, and puffy, I felt pressure in my chest, and the bottoms of my feet hurt. I became so weak I couldn’t lift a book. My skin became so sensitive I couldn’t bear to be touched. My head was roaring like a freight train. After November 20 I did not sleep, and could not eat. During the night of November 22, my larynx went into spasm and I couldn’t draw a breath in or out. In the morning I grabbed my sleeping bag, got on the Long Island Railroad, and left town.

My relief was unbelievable.

I learned that on November 14, while I was in Vermont, Omnipoint Communications, new York’s first digital cell phone company, had begun selling its service to the public. Thousands of roof top antennas at 600 locations were operational: new Yorkers were now living inside a computer.

I compared notes with a few friends. Together we compiled a list of symptoms and placed the following classified ad in a local newspaper: “if you have been ill since 11/15/96 with any of the following: eye pain, insomnia, dry lips, swollen throat, pressure or pain in the chest, headaches, dizziness, nausea, shakiness, other aches and pain’s, or flu that won’t go away, you may be a victim of a new microwave system blanketing the city. We need to hear from you.”

And did we hear from them, by the hundreds-men and women, white, black, Hispanic, and Asians, office workers, computer operators, stockbrokers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers, all of them had woken up in November and Thanksgiving, their hearts racing, their heads pounding, thinking they were having a heart attack, a stroke, or a nervous break down-now relieved to find out they were not alone. The very first person to answer the ad was a 41-year-old airline employee lived in the Bronx. Jose Sanchez’s head suddenly began to hurt on about November 15, so badly that he was afraid he was going to have a stroke. 5 1/2 months later, on May 8, 1997, he died of a hemorrhagic stroke.

For the next two years, without let up, Janet Ostrowski, a nurse who worked in a family practice office in Manhattan, and then on long island, saw a constant stream of patients with “viral syndrome,” typically with excruciating headache, ear pain, swollen gland deep in the neck, nasal congestion they could not  get rid of, facial pain, sore throat, fatigue and sometimes profound dehydration. “no flu lasts an entire year,” Ostrowiski, told us. She also noticed that the majority of her patients were certainly not responding to medication.  “I have done triage in various emergency rooms throughout the tri-state area over the course of 25 years of nursing,” she sad.  “Whatever used to be stabilized on routine medication, be it hypertension diabetes, whatever, now seems to become unstabilized easily and not responding to current meds.”  She also saw a tremendous increase in the number of people complaining of stress and anxiety, many of whom, in their 30s and 40s, were found, on routine EKG, to have have cardiac changes.

Officially, this North American “influenza” epidemic began in October 1996 and lasting through May 1997.

The organization I started in 1996, call the Cellular Phone Task force, is struggling to serve a growing population of injured. The title of the magazine I published for five years, No Place to Hide has come true.  Say To Countryside Goodby, When Even Healthy People Die, wrote Olle Johansson, the guru of electrical sensitivity in Sweden and one of the world’s foremost authorities on electrical illness and injury.  The old wisdom, that if you wish to escape civilization you can do so if you go far enough away, is no longer true, because secondhand radiation no longer comes only from cell phones, Wi Fi, and other personal devices. The invisible tentacles of civilization, in the form of cell towers, radar installations, and two way satellite dishes, radiation, have made radiation ubiquitous, impossible to escape no matter how far away you go and  how much land you buy. And even if you find one of the last hidden sanctuaries, it can be destroyed in an instant, invisibly and without warning. There is no protection. Quite the opposite laws have been passed preventing citizens from protecting themselves, or elected officials from doing anything about the radiation.  But no one is immune.

“Recently I celebrated my 41st birthday,” said Dafna Tachover in 2013, “and I am not sure that the word celebration is appropriate.”  An attractive young attorney with an MBA, Tachover was licensed in New York and Israel, and just a few years previously had been working for an investment company in Manhattan as advisor to the chairman. She has been married to a doctor who was also a research scientist at Princeton University. They had decided to have a baby, and she had decided to open up a private law practice. All of life, seemingly, was hers for the taking.

When I interviewed her in 2013, she was divorced, unemployed, still childless, and struggling just to survive in a remote farmhouse in upstate New York.  “My life is pretty much impossible,” she said,  “as I am a prisoner in my own house. I cannot go anywhere, I cannot even walk on the street and drive into town. I cannot work and be in the presence of other people. I cannot fly, travel, go to a restaurant, or sleep in a hotel. I cannot access a doctor, a hospital, or even go to court to enforce my rights which are being crushed. When I needed to move, I could not look for a house by myself, heydriving on roads saturated with antennas and cars with wireless systems has become impossible.  My father had to come from Israel to help me and after two months of searching, and 500 houses, I found just one house which I could tolerate.  The closest neighbor is 300 yards away, with such a distance being required in order to not be affected via neighbors Wi-Fi, cordless phones, and other gadgets. There is only spotty cell phone reception, and radiation from only one radio station. I live in an isolated cabin in the woods and my only outing to civilization is a once a month trip to buy groceries.  Many times I am not well enough to even do that and I depend on friends to buy me food.  I cannot work and my money is almost  exhausted, and I don’t know how I would survive financially, and with the spread of smart meters, soon there will not be even one house I would be able to live in.  It is very frustrating knowing that without this radiation I can live a normal life, but because of it I am forced into an absurd existence.”

Tachover was a firm cell phone user who had no landline and spent hours on her cell phone and in front of her wireless computer.  “ My laptop was my best friend,” she says.  “I was the first to purchase a cellular wireless Internet connection to my laptop, to ensure that I had Internet access wherever I went.”  Finally, like so many other people, she was injured—injured by a new laptop computer she had bought for the law practice she was starting.  “Every time I used the computer I felt pressure in my chest,  the rapid pounding of my heart, difficulty breathing, dizziness, pressure in my head, my face would become red and hot, and I was nauseous. I had weird cognitive problems—I could not find words and when my husband spoke to me, five minutes later I would not remember that he did.  I suddenly was unable to touch my cell phone and if I put it near my head it felt as if someone were drilling into my brain,”

The first action she took was to go home to Israel to recover her health.  “It was an unfortunate choice,” she said.  “On my first day there my body collapsed.  While I was driving I felt excruciating pain.  I looked up and saw ‘white stripes’ on the roof of the mall, and when I asked my mother what they were she told me that they were cell phone antennas.  Until that moment I did not know I felt antennas.  I had tears in my eyes and all I could say was ‘for God’s sake, there are children growing up here!’  From that moment on my condition quickly went downhill and my life became a nightmare.  I could not sleep any more and the pain was unbearable.”

Back in New York, Tachover spent months living in her car.  “I could not be in my apartment, could not find a house, and I spent days desperately trying to find a place without radiation in which to park my car.   At nights I parked my car in parking lots and would cover the windows with dark cloths and sheets so people would not see me.”

Unfortunately Tachover’s experience is very common and becoming more so.  Although she is now focusing her efforts as a lawyer to try to win “basic human and civil rights” for those who are called electrically sensitive, Tachover knows the real problem is much bigger.  “Humans are electric  beings,” she says, “and there is no mechanism in the human body that protects it from the radiation.  Therefore, to claim that this radiation is not affecting us is ignorant and absurd. EHS is not a disease, it is an environmentally induced condition to which no one is immune.  I want to believe that the day in which the extent of this disaster will be exposed is not far.  Ignoring the facts and reality do not change them and ignoring a problem is guaranteed to worsen its scale.”

Olle Johansson, who for decades was on the faculty of the world famous Karolinska Institute—the institute that awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine every year—first became interested in the effects of microwave radiation in 1977 when he heard a presentation about leakage of the blood brain barrier Finland.  He began to study the problem of skin rashes in computer operators oh in the early 1980s after hearing a radio program by Kajsa Vedin.  Vedin, who later wrote In the Shadow of a Microchip, an analysis of the occupational risks of computer work.  “As a neurologist,” says Johansson, “I thought I was close enough, and strongly believed that the issues she wanted to highlight, using the conventional repertoire of scientific ‘tools,’ ought to be easily investigated.  I did not realize at all that there were other forces not wanting to see such studies initiated, but very soon I understood that these investigations proposed by Kajsa Vedin would be very, very hard to start.

“For me,” he recalls, “It was immediately clear that persons claiming skin reactions after having been exposed to computer screens very well could be reacting in a highly specific way and with a completely correct avoidance reaction, especially if the provocative agent was radiation and/or chemical emissions— just as you would do if you had been exposed to, for example sun rays, x-rays, radioactive, or chemical odors.  Very soon however, from different clinical colleagues a large number of other ‘explanations’ became fashionable—that the persons claiming screen dermatitis were only imagining this, or they were suffering from post menopausal psychological aberrations, or they were old, or had a short school education, or were victims of classical Pavlovian conditioning.  Strangely enough, most of the, often self-made, ‘experts’ who proposed these explanations had themselves never met anyone with screen dermatitis and had never done any investigations of their proposed explanatory models.”

When he first contacted Vedin, Johansson did not personally know anyone with screen dermatitis either, but he quickly learned that they were hidden all around him in plain view. He learned that skin rashes were only the most visible manifestations of a devastating impairment, and that exposure not only to computer screens but other sources of radiation, and even ordinary electricity, could seriously damage the heart, nervous system, and other systems of the body.  “After all these years,” he says, “today I now regularly communicate with many thousands of such people, spread all around the world, and coming from all aspects of life.  Nothing protects you from this functional impairment, not political stance, not your income, not sex, skin color, age, where you live or what you do for a living.  Anyone can be affected.  These people suffer radiation damage from gadgets that have very rapidly been introduced without ever having been formally tested for potential toxic environmental exposures or any other types of health hazards.”

Johansson has not only seen his research funding disappear, and has lost his position at the Karolinska Insitiute, but he has had death threats, and on one occasion an attempt on his life.  He went riding on his motorcycle with his wife one day, and while still going slow, he suddenly lost control of the vehicle.  Twenty-seven spokes of the rear wheel had been cleanly sawed through, so professionally that it had been impossible to see.  I asked Johansson what keeps him going.  He began began telling me about the lives of the people who are called electrically sensitive.

“The lives of EHS persons most often are a living hell,” he said.  “I very soon realized that the very famous Swedish social security net did not catch them in its arms, but allowed them to fall and crash.  That disturbed me a lot.  The EHS had become a model of the democratic world, or rather a model of how democracies fail to protect their citizens.  It was, and is, not hard to imagine yourself in such a situation.  Today the EHS person, but what about tomorrow?  Who will then be an outsider/  Myself even?  You?  Who?  The EHS became a kind of medical outcast, facing difficulties not shared by the rest of society.  A very scary panorama.  Anyone, as a fellow human being, would have been equally affected by what I have witnessed over and over again.

“At the same time, another side also grew on me.  The EHS persons, most of them, actually are very strong.   They have to endure harassments of various sorts from the society, from physicians, scientists, experts, politicians, civil servants, their kin, and so forth, and all this makes their mental ‘skin’ very tough.  I admire them a lot!  I know I never would be able to constantly take such immense beatings.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blyth is an engaging physician born in England, who has dual British and American citizenship, and who has also dedicated her life to this problem, having experienced it firsthand.  After graduating from medical school in1998, she worked at hospitals all over England, becoming an instructor in trauma medicine.  In 2007, she moved to the United States with her husband, who was an F-16 pilot with the British Royal Air-force, working as an exchange officer with NATO.  She became injured while she was pregnant.  Like so many young professionals, Mallelry-Blyth had become dependent on technology.  In fact, she was one of the earliest cell phone users, her father having bought her one when she was 10 years old, in the mid 1980’s.  She had always noticed that she got a headache if she used her cell phone too long, but like most people, she had not paid too much attention.

Now, however, the pain became intense after every phone call, and the right side of her face would become bright red as if she were sunburned.  She had also just acquired her first WiFi-enabled laptop computer, which she used a great deal for medical research, and which she rested on her legs—but not for long, because every time she did that she would get severe, deep aching pain inside her legs.  “It felt like my legs were cooking from the inside,” she recalls.  Soon she could no longer use her computer at all, even at a distance.  “As a doctor,” she says, “I knew that when there’s pain there’s something wrong.  Eventually she had to give up using both the computer and the telephone.  By this time she was not sleeping, and had acquired a heart arrhythmia and severe tremors, in addition to the dizziness and headaches that were tormenting her.  But everything she read on the Internet reassured her that she was not going to get cancer from her cell phone, and she could not put her experience into any medical context that she had ever been taught.  She finally heard the term “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” after her daughter was born, but still did not grasp the seriousness of it. “How could there be a condition that was so profound that I’d never heard of it?” she wondered.  It was not until she underwent a MRI to rule out a brain tumor that she finally realized that her life had been permanently, utterly altered.  For when the high frequency pulse of the MRI was turned on she saw “a million grains of golden sand exploding outwards,” and had “a feeling of impending doom.” The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when she and her husband visited an isolated campground in the edge of Death Valley where there was no Wi-Fi and no cell reception.  “The relief was unbelievable,” she says.  For the first time in a long time she felt completely well and completely normal.

But, like Tachover, and like so many other people throughout the world, life was now impossible.  Mallery-Blyth and her husband moved out of their home and began camping in tents or sleeping in the back of their car.  She describes it as “living like war refugees.”  She could not enter a market or a gas station without becoming crippled.  “You can’t do the basic things you need to live.  You almost feel like you’re going to wake up, like it’s some kind of bizarre dream.” Almost worse that the physical hardship was the fact that they had to hide the truth of what was happening from everybody they knew and met.  They lived like that for more than half a year, until they found a log cabin by a lake in South Carolina, where they were forced to live without electricity so that she could recover her health.

Hitting the high points of the chapter from here o Yuri Grigoriev, known affectionately as the grandfather of EMF research in Russia stated “the brain is a critical organ and children have become the group at greatest peril.”

Childrens cell phone use may increase their risk of ADHD from a headline about a Korean study.   The more time on the phone, with calls and games the greater the risk of ADHD.

Out of Japan came the headline, Computer Screens Can Make You Blind.  Four hours a day on the computer for ten years doubles ones risk for glaucoma.

Also out of Japan, mobiles worsen eczema.

From China, cell phone radiation causes cataracts to form on the eyes of rabbits.

From Kaiser Permanente in California, women exposed to higher magnetic fields while pregnant gave birth to children at greater risk for asthma.

India, England, Turkey and Malaysia found heavy cell phone use damaged hearing.

Swedish scientists proved cell phone use disrupts the blood brain barrier with lab rats within two minutes of exposure to cell phone radiation.

Millennials, between 1981 and 1996 were the first to grow up using cell phones.  Now experiencing unprecedented decline in their health by the time they reach their late twenties.  They are having increased depression, hyperactivity, type II diabetes, hypertension, psychoses, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis and substance use disorder.

Stroke is rising in adults younger than 50.

Women in 20’s and 30’s keeping cell phones in their bras are getting a distinctive type of breast cancer.  Since cell phones began living in the hip pockets, the annual number of hip replacements has skyrocketed.

Not only did the scientists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center find that children who spent more time per day on a wireless device have poorer language and literacy skills, but MRI’s showed structural damage to the white matter of their brains.

I could go on and on and complete books have been written about this awful condition that we have allowed to develop.  We absolutely have to stop this destruction of our planet and ultimately all creatures and living organisms.  Do I have the answer?  NO, but I am trying to help open eyes to see  that we are being poisoned by so many things, but this may be the big game changer that does us in.

It will not take a few arm chair quarterbacks sitting back hoping for the best.  We have to take a committed stand and gather together not in the thousands, but millions and force them all to put a stop to this madness.

I have purchased a meter to measure radiation. I have wired my computer directly to the modem. I am turning off my WiFi when it is not being used.  I am putting a screen around the router to decrease the strength of the radiation.  I am not using bluetooth devices to the extent that I was.  I am placing a lead shield around my cell phone and use it sparingly.  I turned off the wireless phone in the house and have gone back to a wired phone. I have received my air tube earbuds.

The last paragraph in the book The Invisible Rainbow follows.

As awareness spreads, it will become acceptable to turn to your neighbor and ask them to turn off their cell phone, or unplug the Wi-Fi. And that will be the beginning of recognition that we have a problem, one that is more than two centuries old. It is a problem that pits the apparent ease of living, the limitless power at our fingertips brought to us by electrical technology, against the unavoidable, irreversible effects of that same technology on the natural world of which we are a part. The unfolding human rights emergency, already affecting perhaps 100 million people worldwide, and the environmental emergency threatening so many plant and animal species with extinction, must be faced with open eyes.

Perhaps you have some other ideas on how to minimize your exposure.  You better take heed, we are in the fight of our lives and if this earth is going to have anything left for our children and the future of mankind then we must act NOW!!!!!!!!!

With so many clinics closed and people afraid to go to the clinics I decided to try a new approach.  If you believe some basic medical care can be accomplished for you, consider this.  You do not have to go out, drive to the clinic, wait in the office waiting room, wait in the exam room,  have the nurse ask most of the questions, and then see the backside of the physician for a moment or two before he bids you farewell when you did not have time to ask questions, let alone get answers.  Do you recognize the picture I have painted?

I am treating patients for basic medical needs by telemedicine.  If you would like to set up an appointment, or just have a question, call Lakeside Medical Clinic at 417-644-2788.

Please do not forget to pray, and share this message because truly our lives and our world depend on us waking up and taking action.

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