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I feel the necessity to warn of the danger of embracing anything carte blanche, including our current President.  There are some dangerous trends in current right-leaning patriot circles that should neither be ignored nor dismissed.  President Trump is not our savior.  The idolatry of esteeming him as perfect and all this nation needs is just as deceptive as the laud and worship of Obama.

Groups of people are already calling for a reign of Trump progeny over the next fifty years, calling for Don Jr., Ivanka and eventually Baron to fill the office of President.  You do realize that’s a dynasty, right?  And a prime example of why our national ancestors wanted out from under the rule of the King, and why our government was expressly formed to NOT be run by bloodline?

Each time I see or hear the extreme statements of people (on social media or other) say they only want friends who are Trump supporters, or if you don’t like my beliefs I’ll block you, and every other extreme my-way-of-thinking-is-the-only-thing-I-condone sentiment, I cringe.  There are a surprising number of issues people on the other side of the aisle and we can agree on.

Such an attitude is the exact same stronghold of thinking that these very people abhor and mock in the democrat party or liberal mindset.  You’re no different when you do the same thing but just change the titles.  When you do this, the same blindness and brainwashing you accuse of your adversaries is evident in you.

Donald Trump is not a perfect man, nor is he a perfect President. All of his ideas are not 100% right and all of his actions are not 100% defensible.  Let’s quit pretending they are. He is a man who is prone to exaggeration, arrogance, making grandiose statements and lacking judgment in moral areas.

[But neither is he the devil.]

Let’s try to keep in mind the fickleness of humanity, the shortsightedness of human thinking, and the propensity of human nature to justify what benefits us personally.

“O senseless man, who cannot possibly make a worm and yet will make gods by the dozen!” – Michel de Montaigne

Remember Gideon?  (See Judges 6-8)  The Israelites were oppressed by their enemies.  They were so oppressed they were disguising their harvests.  God raised up a deliverer in Gideon, and God orchestrated the deliverance in such a way that no man could take the credit.  What did the people do?  They insisted Gideon now rule over them.

Gideon refused and insisted the Lord should rule over them, but to appease the people accepted gold offerings which he made an ephod cast of.  The people, (see the Montaigne quote again), idolized the ephod and eventually went back into bondage.  Yes, people are so very shortsighted.

Let’s not make excuses for things we would otherwise condemn.  President Trump said he was bringing the troops home from the Middle East.  That has yet to happen.  The number of troops in Afghanistan is actually up – why are we still there???  It’s my understanding the troops in Syria have just been repositioned, NOT brought home.   Either we need to be in the Middle East (again, why?) or we don’t.  Why do we still have war-monger cabinet appointees?

Why is the fiscal debt still rising?  Why are we giving Israel $38B over the next 10 years, and why was that the first Senate bill of 2019?

Why is President Trump promoting 5G?  Why did POTUS execute an EO ending regulation and oversight of GMOs?

While President Trump campaigned and still campaigns on immigration reform and securing our border (i.e. building the Wall), why after three years and at least some money given for the Wall has NO new portion of the wall been built?  Just take a moment and look at the list of broken promises…  [There’s a reason ALIPAC isn’t endorsing President Trump’s immigration efforts.]

Why did candidate Trump pledge to make Wall Street accountable and then pardon five megabanks involved with the LIBOR scandal over Christmas break in 2017?  He gave CitiGroup, JP Morgan and Barclay banks a five year extension, and UBS and Deutsche Bank (whom he has a hefty debt of hundreds of millions to) a three year exemption.

Don’t send me hate mail for these legitimate questions. I am still a President Trump supporter – just not a blind one.   He has also done tremendous measures in other areas, and I’m not blind to those either.  I appreciate them a great deal.  When I consider the 2020 elections, I still can’t find ONE person running against President Trump that is better.

We have a broken system in America from years of abuse and neglect.  I just want to caution Americans to be real about the issues.  As a Christian and as an American, there are two primary filters I use for forming my opinion and basing my judgments:

  • The Word of God
  • The Constitution of the United States of America

As a believer, my first loyalty is to God.  Everything else is secondary, including patriotism.  We have to stop worshipping the person that seems to be fighting for us, and we have to stop blindly worshipping the product of our adulation.  There’s a dangerous risk of being deceived if we don’t weigh our judgments with discernment and wisdom.

If you’re not a believer but take your American citizenship seriously, the Constitution and the framework of our government established by the Constitution should be the filter used for determining judgments of political nature.

Currently there are so many things wrong in our nation that we cannot possibly right them all in one lifetime.  Justice is perverted; laws are unjust; the government has infringed on our God-given rights that our nation was founded upon.  We have gotten so far away from the original intentions of the Founding Fathers that it will take an enormous amount of effort to right the wrongs on our society today.

We have gotten so far away from the morals of God and the spirit of liberty, with our bureaucratic micro-managing oppressive regulations, that I don’t think present generations actually understand true liberty.

Thomas Paine, considered by historians the “apostle of Independence”, was one of the most sought out voices for establishing a government that encapsulates the delicate balance of human autonomy and governing authorities.   His book , Rights of Man, painstakingly and yet simply lays out the principles the American Constitution was based on, which the French borrowed a few years later in their own revolution.

Paine wrote in a letter in 1809 to the mayor of Philadelphia that his objective in writing his piece was, “to rescue man from tyranny and false systems and false principles of Government, and enable him to be free, and establish government for himself…to bring man to a right reason that God has given him; to impress upon him the great principles of divine morality, justice, mercy, and a benevolent disposition to all men and to all creatures; and to excite in him a spirit of trust, confidence, and consolation in his creator…”

If we were honest, we’d have to admit our government has fallen far from this ideal.  I bring this archaic work to the forefront because I fear there is little understanding of why our Constitution actually holds the liberating power it does, if adhered to.

If we aren’t careful, we’ll trade one evil for another.  If President Trump is the tool God is using to bring correction and (necessary) change to America, we should support the valiant efforts and hold accountable those that are in error.  Let’s not make the mistake of blindly endorsing all actions because some of them are good, any more than we should throw out the baby with the bath water.

We have been fooled for a long time by our “elected” and appointed officials (in all branches of our government).  Some of us are now more able to clearly see the deception that has led our nation astray.  Let’s not make the same mistake and be fooled again.  The American government is out of control.  It has enacted laws that are severe and unconstitutional, placed undue burdens of tax and bureaucracy on its citizens, failed to uphold true justice for its citizens, failed to protect our nation from enemies within and without, maligned the intentions of our heritage… just to name a few.

If we’re going to make our way back to a purer form of a republican (of a Republic, not the party) government, we will have to be vigilant to hold every official accountable to the Constitution and the principles therein, and we as believers, must hold ourselves accountable to our God for our words and deeds.

My suggestion?  Pick an issue you both know something about and are passionate about and be a voice and body for change there.  Also, get involved in your local community and pay attention at the state level.  These are the places that will directly impact you more than others, and the places you’ll have greater impact.

Pray for President Trump, but don’t make excuses for the mistakes, failures and/or bad policies.  Let’s not be fooled twice; it would be to our own shame.

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