By Sidney Secular
As Virginia turns blue, we can view its political transformation as a sort of template for a slow motion French Revolution spreading across the fruited plain. At this point in US history, amidst the daily cacophony of blustering and phony confrontation between the two permanent, nearly identical political gangs and their media hacks, almost all of which is much ado about nothing, there is one overriding issue: that of the survival of the Historic American Nation and those Americans who believe in it and desire to see it thrive again. The vast majority of those that identify with the Historic American Nation are White, but not exclusively so, but identify with its basically White culture and political structure. Thus, White Americans are suddenly and increasingly vilified, marginalized, humiliated, deracinated with a view towards being displaced, replaced, and erased. Hopefully, a significant remnant of the sheeple are not so brainwashed and lost that they can begin to see this extermination campaign for what it is.
Those not hopelessly lost should read the article, “How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue”, from the November 9, 2019 New York Times “newspaper of record”. This article/gloat piece details how the flood of foreign non-whites into the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC and suburban Richmond over the past 30 years has overwhelmed the rest of the state politically speaking, resulting in a freshly elected rabidly leftist legislature that gained its majority by constantly harping and campaigning on gun control and gun confiscation–but now that they are in charge, they are rapidly changing the state in a kind of redux and reprise of the French  Revolution to overthrow all semblance of traditional values and policies. They are attempting to instantly turn the state that gave birth to the Constitution and housed the Confederate capital into an eastern version of California.  

The tsunami of leftist lunacy includes new bills in the legislature that will remove citizenship requirements to obtain a drivers’ license (House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 643). All an illegal alien has to do is show up at the local vehicle registration office. It is a certainty that legal residents of Virginia have to show some form of ID to get a drivers’  license, thus when the new law is passed it will discriminate against legitimate inhabitants of the state.
Meanwhile, 7 new gun control bills have already been passed, less than 2 weeks after nearly 25, 000 people swarmed Capitol Square in Richmond to rally in support of gun rights. These include local gun control ordinances, red flag laws, and the reinstatement of one gun purchase per month policies. An attempt for an assault weapons ban was shot down when several Democrats, knowing where their bread was buttered, joined Republicans to vote “no” on the measure.
The rampage doesn’t stop there. There is a long litany of new measures that will enable VA to do overnight what it took CA to do in about 2 decades. Legislation is being prepared to release thousands of the most violent criminals from prison, including rapists and murderers who use guns to harm or kill people. Most of the political class want to strip honest citizens of the right to defend themselves and they don’t care a flip or give a rip about what the murderers, crooks, and such people do. While the politicians are afraid of us honest folk, they do not hesitate to embrace the criminals. Birds of a feather one presumes; and one presumes the politicians and fat cats feel they can abide the damage they cause and hide in their gated communities.
Another important goodie on the leftist agenda is to undo Republican-backed restrictions on abortion. The VA House of Delegates has voted 52-45 to roll back the requirement that abortion be performed by a physician, allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform them–bloody good practice for them, apparently. The measure will now be taken up by the VA General Assembly which has a newly empowered Democratic majority. Thus, VA may become a safe haven for women in neighboring conservative states to come to VA and get the deed done.
To date, the VA House of Delegates has now passed the following bills, which now await VA Senate votes:
–Except for the Virginia Military Institute, Virginia’s public colleges and universities would no longer be able to ask about applicants’ criminal histories or deny admission based upon criminal history information. (House Bill 1322);
–Illegal immigrants would be eligible for in-state tuition at Virginia’s colleges and universities (House Bill 1547). This is discriminatory against students from other states, and begs the question of how in the world these varmints would have the educational background to qualify for college admission;
–Virginia would henceforth allow registration and voting on the same day (House Bill 187);
–Law enforcement would no longer be required to ascertain the immigration status of inmates placed in jail, people convicted of felonies in circuit court, and people committed to a correctional facility. Additionally, law enforcement would not be required to notify ICE about an illegal alien’s conviction (House Bill 187);
–Taxes would go up. The bill would give counties the same authority cities now have to impose taxes on cigarettes, “transient occupancy rentals”, meals, and travel campgrounds, without any referendum process or cap on increases;
–Driving would become more expensive, with gas taxes allowed to increase annually ad infinitum (House Bill 1414);
–Marijuana possession would be decriminalized (House Bill 972); One could see this coming as a sure thing.
–The State could build up to 5 new casinos (House Bill 4).
Meanwhile, the VA House and Senate have already passed the following additional bills:
–An end to health care requirements/prerequisites for giving women abortions;
–A mandate to shutter all coal-fired plants within 25 years and a requirement for carbon neutrality;
–Adoption of so-called “gender identity” protections;
–Termination of photo identification for voting;
–Drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants;
–Increase of the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025;
–Authorization for localities to remove or destroy “war memorials” (meaning Confederate and Southern monuments);
–Parole for violent felons.
It’s not just in Virginia where this leftist takeover is taking place, and where a subsequent massive remolding of laws could occur given the continued unabated influx of third world immigrants and refugees. Cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia and their close-in suburbs as well as states such as North Carolina and Minnesota are being demographically transformed as the “New Americans” vote overwhelmingly for leftists, and frequently far-leftists at that.
Members and supporters of the Historic American Nation are being pushed into or are leaving for the outer suburbs of metropolitan areas and into the surrounding rural areas. Eventually they will be pushed into or leave for the primarily rural states or “flyover country” where their votes in federal elections will count for naught if the Electoral College is eliminated, which the leftists are beginning to agitate and campaign for.
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