By J.W. Bryan

Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

Dear President Trump:

I heartily commend you for your stand on the southern border wall, and I fully support a possible declaration of a national emergency to get the wall built.

What the congressional leadership is doing equates with stopping the Commander in Chief from protecting the people of America by preventing him from repelling an invasion. Regardless of all the lies to the contrary, Article 4, Section 4, Clause 2 requires the United States to protect each state from invasion, and, upon the application of the state legislature (or executive, if the legislature cannot be convened), from domestic violence.

The outrageous amount of deception concerning this issue goes back a long way and is so voluminous that it would be impossible to list. However, there are a few items that must be exposed.

The first deception is that it isn’t about you, Mr. President!  The prevailing mindset regarding all the Democratic obstruction is because of the fact that they lost the 2016 election and they’re still obsessed with destroying you along with your millions of supporters.

Ultimately, the goal of the Democrat Socialists is the destruction of America and the principles upon which it was founded, and that includes the Constitution each and every one of them took an oath to.Since you, Mr. President, are endeavoring to protect America’s citizens, you are the very target of their hatred.

Another deception is that the Democrats, along with their fellow-travelers in the Republican ranks, are not the only forces who are bent on destroying America. The main force behind America’s ruination continues to remain hidden; in fact,it is seldom referred to in connection with what is happening.

The Globalist Enemy

That evil force is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which was organized for the specific purpose of incrementally changing the United States so that our country could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

In his book, “FDR, My Exploited Father-in-Law,” Curtis Dall stated, “I could have had my seat at that table,” and here he gave the address of the Pratt House – the headquarters of the CFR. He then added, “But first I had to consider loyalty to my country, so I had to decline.”

This was in 1939, for he said, “I was here in 1939 when these men with their attaché cases (describing the CFR members) descended upon Washington. He then went on to reveal how he could have been a part of it.

My point is that FDR’s son-in-law, who was no doubt sought-out by high-ranking people in both government and international fiancé and banking and could have had his seat at the CFR table.  He could have been a member along with his 200 or so contemporaries who made up the beginning of the most powerful and most prestigious organization of all time.

Evidently Curtis Dall was not deceived; he was able to see through the deception regarding the CFR’s goals. Others either did not see or were favorable to the CFR’s globalist goals.

Things have not changed Mr. President.  I am very favorable to what you have accomplished and are trying to accomplish.  However, I fear that you are being deceived by the very members of the CFR within your administration.


You have always spoken disparagingly about NAFTA and what a disaster it was for America, and that you would renegotiate it to our benefit, or pull out of it.

It has now been renegotiated, but certainly not to our benefit. What it has been replaced with, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, (USMCA) is even worse than NAFTA, thanks to our trade representative, Mr. Robert Lighthizer who is a longtime member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations.No doubt he is being applauded by the CFR, along with both the left and many on the right for his genius in involving us in an entanglement, which if ratified could mean the end of our sovereignty, i.e., our life, liberty, and property.

Richard Haass, chairman of the CFR, who generally seems to despise Trump, immediately came out in favor of the agreement. The day after the USMCA was revealed, he tweeted that the agreement is “NAFTA plus 10-20%.” A day later he tweeted, “USMCA is NAFTA plus the TPP plus a few tweaks.”

Mr. President, with the Chairman of the CFR having this view, and knowing the goal of the CFR is to incrementally change the United States (which it has been doing for nearly a century) to merge us with communist countries into a world government, it follows that the USMCA perfectly plays into that plan.

The Reece Committee

According to James Perloff, author of “Shadows of Power,”in 1953, a measure known as the Bricker Amendment was introduced in Congress. It stipulated that no treaty signed by the U.S. could override the Constitution or infringe on the rights guaranteed Americans. It was born out of the painful retrospect of Yalta and the UN Charter. Foreign Affairs, the official publication of the CFR, ran a 19-page denunciation of the Bricker Amendment as its lead article in October 1953. President Eisenhower toed the CFR line calling the Amendments backers “nuts and crackpots.” Biographer Ambrose writes, “Eisenhower used all his persuasive powers – in stag dinners, at meetings, in private, in correspondence, even on the golf course – to kill the amendment. And killed it was.”

Mr. Perloff also states, “In 1953, Congress established the Reece Committee to investigate tax-free foundations. For what was the first and last time, the CFR came under official scrutiny.”  Listen to Dr. Stan Monteith’s interview with Norman Dodd, the chief investigator of the Reece Committee.  (Please remember that Bill Gates and his foundation are closely connected with the Carnegie Corporation which was at the center of the Reece Committee Investigation, and certainly one of the leading players in the restructuring of American education!)

In the fall of 1953, Norman Dodd, Director of research for the Reece Committee, was invited to the headquarters of the Ford Foundation by its president, H. Rowan Gaither (CFR). According to Dodd, Gaither told him: “Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience, either in O.S.S. or the European Economic Administration, with directives from the White House. We operate under those directives here. Would you like to know what those directives are?” Dodd replied that he would. Gaither said, “The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

The Reece Committee’s findings stated:

“In the international field, foundations, and an interlock among some of them and certain intermediary organizations, have exercised a strong effect upon our foreign policy and upon public education in things international. This has been accomplished by vast propaganda, by supplying executives and advisors to government and by controlling much research in this area through the power of the purse. The net result of these combined efforts has been to promote “internationalism” in a particular sense – a form directed toward “world government” and a derogation of American “nationalism.”

The source of this segment about Norman Dodd and the president of the Ford Foundation was Richard Rovere, “The American Establishment,” Esquire Magazine, May 1962, p. 107.

Globalist Goals

Mr. President, this is a pattern of how the CFR, along with its interlocking intermediary organizations, manages to manipulate the operations of government in a way which inadvertently results in it being incrementally changed to what is planned.

This is the reason why you and the promises you’ve made to America have been so despicably and relentlessly targeted by the left.But so much is hidden that goes on behind the scenes. What was going on back in 1953 is only a miniscule part of what is being done now.

According to Dan Smoot, in his book, “The Invisible Government,” in 1953 the CFR only had somewhere between a thousand and twelve hundred members, whereas now the membership numbers around six thousand. Based on what has been reported, by legitimate media, up to six hundred of those were active in the government during the previous administration. I doubt any of them have been removed.

That being the case, we can expect all of these enemy agents to continue to further the objectives of the organization of which they are members.

This is the very reason you are having so much trouble accomplishing your goals. To begin with some of these enemy agents are in very high positions, with respect to the making and carrying-out of policy. Just how did they get into these positions? Unfortunately, they were appointed by you upon advisement of your advisors.

One of your biggest mistakes was in keeping Robert Lighthizer as your Trade Representative. Even if you didn’t know anything about the CFR, which is plain that you didn’t, if you had taken a serious look at the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP), other than what was on the surface,it would have given you much better insight into what he is all about. However, I’m sure that your advisors, whomever they might be, advised you to keep him.

Robert Mueller and William Barr

Then there’s your appointed Attorney General, William Barr. I had some questions about him even before I read an article by Kelleigh Nelson, “Mueller’s Goon Squads: Injustice, Destruction and Devastation,” published in News with Views in which she pointed out that Barr said he had confidence in the special council when he was first appointed and added, “I still have that confidence today.”

She went on to say that she wanted to know who advises President Trump regarding important positions? Why? Because, God help us, the nominee for Attorney General has been greeted by applause by both Democrats and Republicans, and that is bloody worrisome!

According to Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich, in his book, “Robert Mueller – Errand Boy for the New World Order,” he chronicles the back-trail of Mueller over the past 30 years. And while it tells us a lot about him that we only suspected, it also tells us much about William Barr.

In Chapter 12 of Milkovich’s book, Mueller’s work of the last 30 years speaks for itself. That work includes cover-ups he led, coverups where he lent a hand, crimes he concealed and criminals he covered for,investigations he obstructed and even victims he abused.Mueller even left his unmistakable imprint on the federal protection of Mafia Kingpin Whitey Bulger and his gang in Boston and incarcerating one or more innocent men in prison to rot.  There’s more to that story and Mueller.

Please Mr. President, learn about America’s real enemy, because that enemy is also your biggest enemy.

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