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Tune in to Pastor Butch Paugh's broadcast Monday-Friday at 9:00 PM Est. on your S.W. ATTENTION! 7.520 & 3.215! Also on your computer on www.gcnlive.com. Check out our website www.pastorbutch.net for all other stations we're broadcasted on. Pastor Butch Paugh has been leading the charge for righteousness and truth as a radio talk show host for 17 years on AM and FM stations across the country, WWCR shortwave and the Genesis Communications Network on the internet. Call to Decision is much more than just a radio show, it is a world-wide ministry based on truth and liberty under the guidance of Our Father. Pastor Butch speaks the truth for all to hear. Website: www.pastorbutch.net E-Mail: ctdm@hotmail.com

The Fallacy of Naiveism

Remember the Pharisees, of which Paul was one, thought they were God's people!  They had a strong zeal for God!  Paul, himself, persecuted Christ's true followers and even had some killed!  And he was convinced that he was doing God's will!  Wow!  What marvelous grace saved him!

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An Open Letter To Chic-Fil-A

Several months ago, I wrote you a letter sincerely thanking you for standing with the truth and moral code written in God's Word!  You and your company gave a lot of folks who at times grew weary and saddened at watching our once-great and blessed nation dying before their eyes.

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Law, Plus Grace, Equals Salvation

One more important point in closing.  It is impossible to come to Christ for salvation by and through His amazing grace, unless, and until, an individual brings forth fruits (sorrow, attrition, mourning, and a contrite and broken heart for their sin, i.e. breaking of God's law) meet for repentance!

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