Alright, let’s rid ourselves of this “God Thing”! We will accept the fact that there is no God. No Creator. No divine plan manifest in a divine creation. No real rhyme or reason for world events or our personal lives. Everything is “only” an accident or incident that just happens through men’s action or a evolutionary process that just happens to occur. There are no “absolute” laws that govern every aspect of all life. Just a kind of survival of the fittest that causes changes and evolution in all orders of life. Physical, mental and “spiritual” change caused by “accidental” decisions based on the necessity of the moment.

Let’s just forget the foolish idea that the Bible is the inspired, eternal, immutable word of an all powerful and all knowing God. We’ll ignore Prov. 3:5-7, Romans 1:28, Ps. 2:1-3, Prov. 14:12 and Ps. 14:1.

Good! That’s settled! Just one question please? How do we live then? Who gets to make the rules? Whose rules or laws are the final solution and answer to moral or ethical questions? Gosh, what is morality then anyway? You know the God thing rules like, it’s a sin to murder, steal, commit adultery or to fornicate, to bear false witness, or dishonor your parents. How did we live with such an old-fashioned idea as “sin”? Golly, we were so stupid! I mean, to believe and think that mankind should live by a set of rules or laws that would dare judge them for doing wrong!! How absolutely ignorant! Oops, I forgot, there is no absolutes! I mean how silly of us to judge others by standards that we believe in!

Gee, just think! Fifty years ago we actually thought that we could tell a woman that she couldn’t kill that “blob of tissue” in her womb! How arrogant and self-righteous! And who am I to expect my wife to not have an “extra marital affair”. After all, what set of rules say it’s wrong? Even if she or I want a same sex partner, whose business is that? It’s not a sin! There is no more sin! It’s what I desire! Who dares to judge either of us for fulfilling our “natural born” tendencies!?

Isn’t that a damned foolish way of thinking?!! Psalms 14:1! Romans 1:28! But as a society we have allowed by our silence, God’s word and laws to be ignored to our destruction! You can’t build an individual life or family without the absolute, immutable and “fundamental” laws set by a Holy God, much less a whole society! There is no foundation without an unchanging base to build it on!

Don’t blame Obama, your legislators, your courts or white house for America’s destruction. The blame lies exclusively in the church house! Even more precisely, the pulpits have damned the nation! The pastors have become stupid, insensible and cowardly! They have scattered the flock, caused mass confusion and compromise! They have become dumb dogs! Lazy and apathetic to evil. Jer. 10:21, Is. 56:10

Again, the question, “How shall we live then?” If you are truly a blood bought, spirit-filled child of the only living God of all creation, you will live by His laws and directions as much as you are capable of understanding, or you will be damned. For all eternity! John 14:15, Matt. 10:33. Thank God for His marvelous grace! But don’t misuse or abuse His grace! You will damn yourselves!

Hebrews 10:28-29

2016 Pastor Butch Paugh – All Rights Reserved

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