I John 3:4: “Whoever committeth sin transgresseth (disobeys God’s laws) also the law; for sin is the transgression of the law.”

This article will most likely not impress or influence anyone who is not a “true” believer in the Sovereign Creator of all, who governs in the affairs of men, and who metes out righteous judgment according to man’s obedience or disobedience to HIS LAWS! His laws are immutable, unchangeable and eternal, and His judgment is just and certain! Now that you know where I am coming from, let’s continue!

Gal. 6:7 clearly states that God is not mocked! We will reap what we sow! Life or death! Deut. 30:19 It is our choice. “The soul that sinneth it shall die.” Eze. 18:4 and the nation that “tolerates” sin shall be destroyed! Ps. 9:17 And because of the ignorance, apathy, and cowardliness of the CHURCH, our nation is damned! THE CHURCH does not have the spiritual fortitude, because of the effeminate (womanish) men behind the pulpit who are damned to Hell –( ICor. 6:9) to stand and call evil what it is! SIN! Self-Indulgent Narcissism! Ignorant , apathetic, cowardly “Christians” who whisper about the evil all around us, do you not know that your indifference and fear is damning you to Hell, as well as the worker of lawlessness! (Eze. 33:4-5, Prov. 24:11-12) We have destroyed our children’s futures, and perhaps even sent their souls to Hell because we have forgotten, become ignorant of, the laws of God! (Hos. 4:6)

We have lost the power and authority of have Godly men in our midst that will not cower and squirm in the presence of evil no matter what the source. Godly men who will stand in the face of evil no matter the danger to themselves or others for the glory of God and call sin S I N! Men who will say “to Hell with the political correctness of our society and church! Men who will demand righteous judgment on evildoers, including the death penalty for capital crimes like murder, rape, kidnappers, adulterers, fornicators, sodomites and lesbians, and will not spare nor pity them because of their sins! (Deut. 7:16, 13:8, 19:13, 21, 25:12, Jer.13:14, Eze. 5:11, 7:4,9, 8:18, 9:5,10). God Himself damns unrepentant souls to an eternal damnation without pity!

The worldly effeminate men that fill the pulpits of America today do not have the Holy courage to condemn and pronounce judgment on unrighteousness! They desire the praise and accolades of men more than they desire the righteousness of God or His laws! Therefore they preach a gospel of complacency, compromise and cowardliness! They preach a perverted man-centered love! Not the righteous love that our God ordained that demands righteous justice and judgment on evildoers!

So there you have it! It’s not the real fault of a woman who murders her unborn child! She is worthy of death, but the church is afraid to demand righteous judgment, so 60,000,000 murdered babies blood is crying out to a Holy God for retribution against America, and more specifically the lukewarm church in America! Christ will spew (vomit) it out in judgment! Rev. 3:16 We could name many more instances of compromise and cowardliness from the pulpit today, but enough for this article.

In Christ’s Service,

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