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The title may strike some people as being too hard, harsh, unfair and false.  But if you continue reading this brief, to the point and scripturally sound article, you will learn the truth contained in this title.

Before the facts are laid out before you, it must be said that the author knows and  understands that the people in this nation, especially the so-called “church” has in an act of blatant apathy and cowardliness allowed through “tolerance”, the total desecration of the moral foundation in America!  The unrepentant, unredeemed and ignorant masses are truly not to blame for the utter moral decay and decadence of society!  The blame lies squarely and completely at the doorsteps of the complacent, lukewarm and compromising whore houses that call themselves churches today!  To be even more specific in revealing where the blame lies is to state the fact that the panty-waisted, effeminate wimps behind the pulpits have destroyed our nation! Clear enough?  Let’s move on.

There are at least one hundred scriptures listing and condemning all types of immoral sexual acts.  All types of sexual sin cause severe ramifications way beyond those perpetrating the act itself.  But we are going to concentrate on one in particular.  The one that a “natural” society, Christian or not, would condemn and not tolerate!   The one that a corrupted society now has tolerated to its own destruction, a filthy abomination that is now called “gay”!  The scientific term is homosexuality.  The Biblical term is sodomy and “vileness”.  Yes, vileness is a valid word.  It means loathsomeness, lousiness, repulsiveness, sliminess and wickedness.  Perverted sexual behavior between same sex couples!

Have you ever wondered why certain sins were counted worthy of the death penalty in the scriptures?  And, by the way, Christ did not do away with the penalty to be paid here on earth for sin!  He paid for our redemption for eternity if we repent and follow Him!  But He did not come to change His Father’s laws for paying the penalty for theft, bearing false witness, rape, murder, homosexuality or any other “crime” against God and society! (MT. 5:17,18)  This includes the death penalty for a specific crime!  If Christ was opposed to the death penalty,  then why did He not condemn the crucifixion of the two thieves?!

The sin, crime against nature and society and abomination before God of same sex copulation is worse in its results on a nation than murder!  Now while you recover from the shock of that statement and we will prove the reason for this statement.

A murderer may take the physical life of the victim, and certainly hurt the family and friends of the victim deeply, but there is one factor that he doesn’t pass on to the victims of his crime.  The desire to partake of murder themselves, enjoy it and recruit other murderers!  And he doesn’t directly destroy their eternity!  Their souls!

The same cannot be said of the same sex sexual deviants!  In order to exist, they have to recruit “converts” to their Satanic “religion” of sexual perversion!  A murderer may take the life or lives of his victims, (born or unborn), but he does not influence their eternal destination.  The same cannot be said about homosexuals!

The final and most important point of this article is that same sex deviants not only harm, and often kill, many of the victims they lure into their damnable perversion, they pretty much ensure their victims will spend eternity in a burning hell!  Romans 1:26-28 very clearly states the fact that when people become this warped in their minds, hearts and spirits that they are soon given over to a “reprobate” mind.  When this happens my friends, damnation is certain!  There can be no repentance!  Reprobate;  Strong’s Concordance no. 96, unapproved, rejected, worthless and castaway!  In Matt. 10:26, Christ asks a very important question.  Read it for yourself.

  • Another huge reason this crime against nature and God is so dire, wicked and damning is this: a murderer may have many victims, but this will end at the murderer’s death.  And those that are murdered will not do as the murderer did and murder others.  But the victims of these sick, diseased, corrupt and perverted sexual predators will often fall into the “snare” of Satan and become corrupted enough to actually enjoy for a season this abomination!  ( 11:25) and they in turn will recruit more victims, who in turn will recruit more and who will recruit more……!  Destroying lives, families and damning countless souls to Hell!

Wake up church! Wake up pastors! If you truly are a part of the Christ’s called-out ones or one truly called by God to be a pastor, you must speak out, stand up and oppose this damnable evil!  Unfortunately we see many “pastors” who are neutered in God’s Word, who are serving their god, Satan!  (Jer. 2:8, 10:11, 12:10, 22:22, 23:1. , II Cor. 11:13-15)

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