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December 12, 2019

Dan Cathy, CEO
5200 Buffington Rd.
Atlanta, GA  30349

Mr. Cathy,

Several months ago, I wrote you a letter sincerely thanking you for standing with the truth and moral code written in God’s Word!  You and your company gave a lot of folks who at times grew weary and saddened at watching our once-great and blessed nation dying before their eyes.  Folks who, at times, felt despair and who felt helpless at trying to oppose the darkness that is engulfing our country, and the future of our posterity.  We were very grateful and encouraged that a “business” owner and his organization was willing to oppose wickedness at the risk of being “black listed” by Satan’s minions!  And our gratitude was shown greatly by us by supporting and patronizing your restaurant.  You and your company prospered hugely, as we hoped you would, by our support for your righteous stand!

Now, because of your caving into the sexual deviants you cannot know the harm that you have done to the people who trusted in you and were greatly encouraged and energized by your stand.  Of course, Mr. Cathy, I fully realize that you simply do not care how your hypocrisy has hurt so many.  Me included!

I suppose there is at least one small benefit for folks like me.  We won’t have to drive out of our way to patronize your restaurant.  At least, that will save us some time and gas costs.

In closing, Mr. Cathy, let me remind you and warn you with a bit of God’s Word about your eternal future!  Read Rev. 21:8, Prov. 17:15 and I Cor. 6:9.  You will find a warning and your destiny written there.

You have been warned by His Word, Mr. Cathy.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Butch Paugh

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