There can be no doubt about it!  America is a nation that is full of witches and idolaters! From the church houses, to the courthouses, to the state houses and also very much in the white house. Witchcraft and idolatry reign supreme in the hearts and minds of most of the inhabitants of America!

You are probably thinking that this is a hard and harsh statement! Yep, it sure is! But that certainly doesn’t make it not a completely truthful statement and fact!

Let’s establish first, what witchcraft is by Biblical standards and Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary definitions.  First Samuel 15:23 says, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”  The 1828 Noah Webster’s dictionary, by the way, the only one to use to study God’s infallible Word, states witchcraft is “the practices of witches; sorcery; enchantments; intercourse with the devil.”  The last statement is not implying sexual intercourse, but rather agreement with, or obedience to, Satan.  To not obey God’s commandments is satanic worship!  If we love Christ our Saviour, we will endeavor to obey Him and keep His laws and commandments! (John 14:15)

As we have just established, rebellion is of the same spirit as witchcraft.  The scriptures refer to the rebellious spirit over one hundred times.  The vast majority of times it is used in the context of mankind rebelling against God’s Word, or other “righteous” authority.  So to make it clear and simple, “rebellion is witchcraft when we rebel against a “righteous” authority!

Any man, as head of the house, or leader in the church, or government, that rebels against God’s righteous laws on how to “govern” and lead a family, church or society is practicing witchcraft!  Take a look around you folks.  Do you see “witches” practicing witchcraft anywhere?  Wives disobeying their husbands who are sincerely striving to serve Christ, or children rebelling against Godly parents? Or criminals rebelling against a righteous leader that governs according to God’s Word! (II Sam. 23:1-3, Rom. 13:1-4)  Unfortunately, neither of the scripture references apply to any political governing body and very few homes or churches in America today!  We, as “righteous” men and women, must obey God and be very weary of man’s dictates and rules! (Acts 5:29)

To close this portion of the article, let me state unequivocally, that I know of very few men or organizations that do not commit witchcraft to one degree or another.  Praise our precious Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus The Christ, that His grace is sufficient in our short comings!  But I speak a warning here to all mankind!  Do not intentionally, continually and knowingly disobey His laws, or payday will be hell! (Heb. 2:1-31, Heb.10:28-29, Mt. 8:12, Mark 3:29, Rev. 14:10-11)  Enough said about rebellion and witchcraft.  It is your call now!  Let’s move on to idolatry.

As with rebellion, you will also read in I Sam. 15:23 that “stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry”.  We have three words that we need to look at to help us better understand this statement.  Let’s start with stubbornness from the Strong’s Concordance.  6484 – to stun or dull: urge, press, stubbornness.  Now the Webster’s 1828 dictionary, which in this case, I believe, makes the definition much clearer.  “Perverse and unreasonable obstinacy”.   The word “stubborn” in the scriptures, is associated with disobedience to righteous authority.  Akin to rebellion.

Let’s look now at iniquity and see how it ties into idolatry.  Concordance number 205.  A very lengthy definition, but mainly it means to be workers of evil, by scheming, lying and acting deceptively.  It also means vanity, wickedness, an “idol”.  In the 1828 Webster’s, it says, “injustice, unrighteousness, a sin or crime, want of holiness or depravity”.  Again implying “rebellion” against righteous authority.

And now let’s look at the final word in this statement to establish the final fact and proof needed to confirm America is a land full of witches and idolaters!  Idolatry, Strong’s number 8655 – “family idol, or idols, spirit or demon, graven image.”  It certainly lines up as disobedience to righteous authority as stated in the first commandment. (Ex. 20:3-5)   The Webster’s 1828 states, “the worship of idols, or anything made by hands, or which is not God”.  Again, disobedience to righteous authority.

Americans “rebel” against God’s authority in so many ways that listing just the ones I could think of would fill several pages.  We can narrow it down to two types of sin that will cover most, if not all, acts of rebellion (sin)!  The sins of commission and the sin of omission.  Simply stated, those that commit the rebellious (sinful) acts, and those that tolerate them.  That pretty much applies to all of us in one way or the other!

America is full of witchcraft and idolatry.  We are all guilty!  Howbeit, mostly through ignorance.  But ignorance will destroy our walk with God and condemn our children to much sorrow and perhaps Hell. (Hos. 4:6)  America, as a nation, has sinned beyond redemption!  But if you are reading this and understand what I am saying, and are sorry, as we all should be, for “tolerating” evil, forgiveness and salvation are wonderfully available to all who will repent and ask in Jesus name. (John 3:16-17)

As John Wesley once said, “that which we tolerate today, we will embrace tomorrow.”  That factual statement applies to individuals and nations.

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