The readers that have read the other articles I have written may find the fact that I do not reference any scriptures in this writing a little strange.  However, this “teaching” is absolutely solidly based on God’s Holy Word.  You can search out the scriptures that support this article on your own.  If you truly desire to prove me right or wrong.

In the beginning God formed and created the heaven and the earth.  He created day and night.  The oceans, rivers and dry ground.  Animal life of all kinds.  No “evolution” was used or needed.  All plant life was brought forth from the earth He created.  And then, finally, He created man in His image (resemblance). He created both male and female, and in so doing, completely established that a man and a woman only could be united in a Holy union to populate the earth.

The Holy sovereign God of all, by creating and ordaining the union of Holy matrimony, established the very foundation to build all societies and civilizations on.  He expressly specified that any other type of union and foundation was damned from the beginning.  Any variance from the ordained God established union of marriage would be the sure destruction of any society or civilization

The Almighty had established the beginning of a rare commodity for a lot of people, a God-centered home.  A place of a pure God type love.  A place of righteous instruction.  A place of security and safety for the whole family.  A place of Godly instruction and education.  Never and nowhere in the scriptures were His people to farm out their children to anyone but their immediate family to educate them.  Not a state run, antichrist, “hell” system, called public schools.  Parents alone, were to be responsible to educate their children!  Grandparents, sisters, brothers or other close family members were appointed as the educators.  The first commandment of education was to teach children the fear and reverence of their Holy God and Creator.  From sunrise to sunset. That was THE main duty of the parents!

This is why God set the “rules” of marriage and home life from the beginning and expounded on them all through His Holy Word.  This is precisely why the enemy of God’s people has attacked the home in every conceivable way.  Satan knows that if the foundation is undermined, all Creation will collapse and decay.  The truly sad and amazing part is that God’s people fell for Satan’s deception and, even now, love to have it so!  After all, it’s such a convenience to put them on the yellow bus to take them to the “secure compound” to be under police protection while they are taught that there is no God or Creator!  That we evolved from a single cell piece of slime eons ago.  Men have no eternal souls.  There are no set rules or standards to live by.  As man “evolves” he becomes his own god, and he can change the rules or laws to better suit mankind’s needs and preserve their mother earth!  Oh, how wonderfully foolish and full of witchcraft we all have become.

Men no longer obey the laws of God and have rebelled, i.e. committed witchcraft, against God.  Very few men follow Christ teachings of a Godly husband and dad.  Very few wives are willing to submit to any man, even their own husbands, as the lawful head of the wife.  God forbid you refer to them as “helpmeets”!  Or to suggest they are to be “keepers” of the home.  Children are being taught everyday by their “teachers” and other superiors, plus their peers, that they don’t need to obey their parents.  To be honest though, some parents aren’t fit to be called human, much less parents! But that can usually be a throwback to the way their parents “failed” to teach them God’s Word.

Sexual promiscuousness is rampant!  No guilt of males or females having sex with anyone at anytime they choose.  Even with the same sex!  And if a woman should have an “accident” and become pregnant, that’s no problem at all!  They can have it slaughtered for a few hundred dollars.

The God ordained union of marriage of one man to one woman for a lifetime has been compromised to the point that it’s almost an extinct idea!  Divorce and remarriage, which in almost every case is adultery, had became common place.  Through ignorance and compromise we have become a society seeped in adultery.  There is only one valid reason given for divorce in God’s Holy Word, and you find that the mother and father of the bride would have to show evidence of their daughters purity.  Christ Himself gave the commandment on divorce and remarriage.

Enough said!  America is damned with no hope of redemption because the people, as a whole, have become almost completely ignorant of God’s laws and for the most part we just don’t care!  This is called being reprobate!  From which there is no redemption.

© 2017 Butch Paugh – All Rights Reserved

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