This question from God Almighty is expressly directed to the people who say they are “Christians”, and who deny Him by their sins of commission and omission.  Why oh why have you forsaken me?  You will say, “Wherewith have we forsaken you?”  You have forsaken me by compromising my Holy Word!  By denying me before men with your inactions, silence, cowardliness and downright disobedience to my Word.  In vain have you professed your love to me. Your action or inactions have proven you to be liars!  (John 14:15).  You now call good evil and evil good.  You say again , “When have we done that?”  With your cowardly silence, in not boldly and loudly speaking against evil!  By tolerating sin against my righteous laws in order to keep “peace” with your family and friends.  Not understanding, that by doing so you are sending them to Hell.  Truly Matt. 15:8 describes the vast majority of “God’s People” today.

God Himself asks the question far better than this writer can through His prophet in II Chr. 24:20 where He asks, “And the Spirit of God came upon Zechariah the son of Jehoiada the priest, which stood above the people, and said unto them, Thus saith God, “Why transgress ye the commandments of the Lord, that ye cannot prosper?”  Because ye have forsaken the Lord, He hath also forsaken you.”  Why oh why can’t those that call themselves His people believe and live according to Matt. 6:33?

How many times have I heard it said, “Well, you know, preacher, the Bible said this would happen.  We can’t do anything to stop it.”  I suppose they want to deny God’s commands and warnings in Matt.10:33 and Eph. 5:11.  Most Christians have used this excuse of “it’s prophesied, we can’t fight it” or  “don’t worry, when things get really bad we will be raptured away”!  Let’s face the fact that no matter how we try to “excuse away” our responsibilities and duties to follow God’s word to demand righteousness in our own lives, the lives of our families, civil government and society, to judge righteously, to desire justice for all, to punish evil doers, and purge the evil from among us, we have sinned ourselves.  Why oh why have we forsaken Him?  Toleration of evil, no matter the excuse or reason we may give, is a gross sin in and of itself!  He is God, He is the Word.  His essence is His righteous law system!

(Is. 59:14-15/ Deut. 1:16/Prov. 31:9/Jer. 5:28/Ps.82:3/Prov. 21 3/Ecc. 5:8/ Lev. 20:14/Ps. 10:15, 45:7/ I Cor. 5:13.)

Why, oh why do we that call ourselves Christians continue to make fools of ourselves by mocking God and His Holy Word!  Generation after generation we continue to put our trust in man, his benefits and his Godless law system by voting for the “lesser” of evils to fix our societies, financial, physical and moral problems.  How have we as a nation, and much worse as the church, became so damnably ignorant, rebellious, arrogant and stiff-necked to not understand that there can be no healing of our land without true and total repentance!!  We seem to have forgotten the fact that God and His righteous laws are not mocked!  We will reap what we have sown! (Gal. 6:7)  Death to our nation for allowing the slaughter of  innocent bloodshed!  Evil, for tolerating evil!  Curses on our children and children’s children! (Hos. 4:6, Is. 13:16 & 18, Jer. 15:7, Rev. 2:23)

 Why, oh why have we tolerated the death of our unborn?  Why have we allowed ourselves to be deceived into unjust and immoral wars where our sons and daughters are sacrificed to the idol called patriotism?  Our children are paying for our ungodly ignorance by being forced into taking mind-numbing drugs because of a man saying they have what is called today A.D.D.  They are being taught, i.e. brainwashed, into believing that immoral sexual acts of all manner, are totally acceptable!  On our watch! Paid for with our dollars!  And with and by our silent consent!  And we wonder why we are seeing so much vile evil in America today!  God asks, “Why are my people destroyed for lack of knowledge?!”  Sin=evil, evil=ignorance and stupidity!  Why, oh why will not the people cry aloud with a contrite and broken heart?  Why, oh why is there no true repentance?!  (II Cor. 7:9-10)

As a mere mortal, but yet I pray at least somewhat of a vessel worthy to be used, to the glory of my Heavenly Father, I will ask in His name, “Why will we not repent and return to the supreme and righteous judge for the salvation of our nation?!”  Why, oh why do we continue to curse ourselves by putting our trust in any man or man’s government?!  (Jer. 17:5)  Our Creator’s hand is not too weak to save us!  His hearing is not too poor to hear us!  Our sins have separated us from Him!  (Is. 59:1-2)   Why, oh why have the preachers and pastors become dumb dogs that cannot warn the people?! (Is. 56:10)  Why, oh why is it that the vast majority of the pastors have become brutish, i.e. stupid, insensible and bestial, and no longer seek the Lord and preach His word?!  (Jer. 10:21)

Praise God, grace is still abundant for the forgiveness of sin, if there is a sincere repentance and turning from sin to Him and His commandments!  (Ezek. 14:6, Joel 2:13,Acts 26:2, Rev. 2:5)

As for me, I cannot and will not ask or sing for God to bless America!  I am and will continue to cry for America to repent before God. or you will be destroyed!  (Ps. 9:17, Jer. 1:10, Dan. 7:14, Rev. 11:18).

Enough said for now!

© 2017 Butch Paugh – All Rights Reserved

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