The following is a letter written to a small town newspaper.  The name of the writer and the location has purposely been left out.  We will call him Mr. V.V.

By Mr. V.V.

I challenge any theologian, philosopher or quantum scientist to explain why an almighty, all-knowing, all-loving Creator of the universe would put innumerable creatures (from whales to microbes) of the Pacific ocean through a long, terminal sickness from a nuclear power plant in Japan — Fukushima.  And don’t tell me it’s because God gave man freedom of choice, because He/She/It knew the nature of man before we became materialized in space-time- where there is indeed free choice of an illusory type — until we’re ready to let our Superconscious decide, guide and provide all.

I understand why He/She/It puts mankind through all kinds of sick and violent terminations to provoke thought about the nature of Reality through the process of recycling soul energy (reincarnation) for self-analysis, self-correction and Self-awakening, but what contemplative value can the so-called lower life forms get from man’s contamination and destruction of Nature’s environment?  But why doesn’t God limit Her punishment to mankind through diseases only, so as to spare innocent Nature?  Our rape and murder of Mother Earth will teach us through all kinds of suffering not to do so on our next pristine planet via astral travel.

In Response to Mr. V.V.’s Question:

As requested by Mr. V.V. in the May 8, 2019 issue of a local newspaper in Maine.

Please notice in the title of this article (letter), I never said in “answer” to Mr. V.V.  because I truly don’t believe, no matter how factual or sensible what I say is, he’s not going to understand.

Now please know that the above statement is, by no means, meant to be demeaning or condescending toward Mr. V.V. .  I shall endeavor to explain why.

After you have read Mr. V.V.’s letter, it is quite evident that he does not believe in the only true God of the scriptures, or that HE created all things, including evil! Is. 45:7 And that it is obvious that HE did so for a divine purpose that man cannot understand unless, and until, his mind has been renewed through the new birth and he has become a new creation in Christ (John 3:3, Rom. 12:1, Rom. 8:6-9).

Please know that I didn’t list the scriptures for Mr. V.V.’s sake because he clearly does not believe the scriptures that can easily give him the answer to all of life’s questions if he (we) will just ask and seek God’s answers in HIS (not she/it), Instruction Book.  If he believed the scriptures, he would/could easily find that God gave man dominion over every living creature on earth.  If we would simply have the good sense to study history (HIS-story) and understand how The Hand of God has blessed those that obey HIS laws and cursed those who didn’t, then anyone would very clearly comprehend why what is taking place on earth is happening.  With the “gift” and commandment for man to “subdue” creation, there is the ability given to mankind to preserve or destroy.  The choice is ours!

So here, Mr. V.V., I will address  you directly.  Perhaps this will make sense to you.  I feel certain that you agree that all of nature (creation) is interwoven and connected in some manner.  Man has the ability to use his surroundings for his own good.  All wealth comes from the earth!  Man can use nature (creation) for his benefit in so many, different ways, and has.  Many have done so without too much harm to nature (creation) because of his respect for nature (creation).  Unfortunately, many have used his surroundings to prosper and get wealth with little or no regard to how he affects nature (creation). These people are greedy, selfish, self centered individuals.  They don’t even have a desire, or love enough for future generations, to tend, nurture and protect their environment for posterity.

So obviously, nature (creation) suffers greatly for their greed and apathy.  Mr. V.V., you may not believe this in Biblical terms, but there is a huge cancer in mans’ souls, spirits and minds!  It is called sin!  Which simply is the disobedience to God’s laws.  Mankind was to “keep” nature (creation) and protect it as best as he could.  We obviously have not done too well with that “rule” have we?

Mr. V.V., Sir, it is an undisputable fact that innocents have suffered because of man’s greed, lust and narcissism.  Innocent animals and innocent people!  Well over 60,000,000 unborn, pure, innocent lives have been destroyed because of mankind’s greed, ignorance and apathy!  The word ‘sin’ “spells” it out for us.  Self Indulgent Narcissist!  That’s mankind’s nature simply explained.

In closing, Mr. V.V., if you would take the time and consider a few scriptures to, perhaps make my point a little clearer, please read these few verses.  James 4:1-3  Also Sir, please consider Psalm 102:26, Isaiah 51:6 and Hebrews 1:10-11.  These few verses, and others, clearly state that, although there is no excuse for it, man will use and abuse nature (creation) until God Himself steps in and puts a stop to it.  For those who believe in HIM, repent for breaking HIS laws and commandments, and are born again, and are made a new creation (I Cor. 5:17), we will dwell in due time on HIS new earth!  There will be no more S.I.N. allowed!  Then, Mr. V.V., no one will ever suffer again!

I sincerely pray that this feeble attempt to perhaps not answer your question directly Sir, will at least help you understand the situation a little better.

In Christ’s service.

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