Ps. 33:12 – Prov. 14:34

History has taught us that living a righteous life with a sincere desire and determination to serve Christ and keep His commandments can be much easier with far fewer obstacles and stress, depending on the generation you are born into.  Of course, I’m referring to nations and societies that understood and recognized the truth that there is an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Creator that has established and set forth a law system that every little nuance of His creation must follow if they desire to exist and flourish!  This fact certainly holds true for mankind and their societies!  To deny this truth has, and will always ultimately and inevitably lead to chaos and destruction.

On the contrary though, history has also shown that nations and societies that build their foundations on the eternal, indestructible cornerstone of Jesus Christ and His teaching will flourish, prosper and grow, until they decide to move off the foundation of God’s Word.

For a brief period in the history of a people who determine that they are going to follow after righteousness in all areas of their existence, living a Godly life and demanding that all others in their society live “peaceably” and follow the moral concepts set under God’s laws, and demand justice and righteous punishment for those who violate these eternal laws will prosper!  The evil doer (criminal and “sinner”) were the ones that society ostracized, shunned and punished.  When a society begins to turn from God’s moral principles, it is up to His people to cry aloud and demand a return and compliance to His immutable  moral precepts and laws.  If  His people, (church) also give in to the temptation and desire for “fitting in” in order to get along, then a nation is doomed!  Cancer has set in, and their dying will be a long and agonizing death.  In a society that chooses this path, eventually those who refuse to compromise will become the “enemy” of a corrupt society!  They will become the “prey” of the wicked!  (Is. 59:15But praise God, this is when the true people of God will stand forth as lights in a darkened world!  (Phil. 2:15Prov. 13:9)

There is one recurring fact and truth that history has recorded without fail in all nations that for a brief period in their existence endeavored to follow and govern themselves by God’s righteous laws, judgments and statutes: and that is simply that all of them soon turned back to serve other gods!  (Jer. 2:11)  And also, that the remnant that wouldn’t follow after the pernicious way of the masses, soon found themselves on the “outside” of mainline society.  They soon were evil spoken of, mocked, ridiculed and even persecuted for their unwillingness to compromise!  (II Tim 3:12 – II Peter 2:2)  Such is the type of nation America/Babylon has now become.  The “few” that refuse to bow to the nation’s many idols are now beginning to see the persecution of the righteous begin.

Temporary Trails

Over the last several years some people have misunderstood, and misinterpreted my writings and teachings.  Some feel that I don’t offer enough praise to our Savior, and not enough encouragement and hope to those who read the articles and hear the teachings.  Recently I have been told that I have not conveyed a message of hope.  Obviously, it bothers me that my teachings are received that way, when it is my sincerest desire to uplift and encourage all who read or listen to them.  Some feel that perhaps there isn’t enough “praise” in the teachings.  That perhaps we need to sing and shout and have a revival.  Dear reader, singing and praise is wonderful!  It is a practice we all need to pursue.  The sacrifice of praise is a beautiful attribute, but it can be,  and in many cases can become a shallow and empty endeavor!

All the praise and sacrifice mankind can give without active obedience, and action in the war against evil is totally empty, and not desired by a Holy God! (I Sam 15:22)  All through the scriptures we are instructed to “serve” God, and obey Him, to do His commandments and demand Godly judgment on evildoers.  The apostle Paul continually praised his Savior not by having “sings” and feel-good revivals, but by obeying his Creator even unto death!  He reproved, rebuked and exhorted with much patience, all those who would hear and pay heed!  Our “sacrifices” of tithes, offerings, praise and singing are totally empty without a full and complete commitment to obeying our God in the fullness of His instructions to His people .  Isaiah 1:11-20 clearly explains how much He detests our empty offerings and praise!

In this writing, as usual, I am endeavoring to prepare the few righteous that are striving against the vast number of evildoers in our society today!  To help you to understand that if you dare to live righteously and without compromise in an evil society, you will be persecuted!  But we must rise up and stand against evil doers!  (Ps. 94:16).  We are to endure the trials, persecutions and hardships as good soldiers!  To put on the whole armor of God to fight the good fight of faith without fear of the evil ones!  (II Tim. 2:3, Eph. 6:11, I Tim. 6:12, II Tim. 4:7, Ps. 23:4, IITim 1:7 and Heb. 13:6)

In the eyes of a “modern, enlightened” society, you will be called the evildoers!  (II Pet. 2:12)  Do not be discouraged, dismayed, or overwhelmed!  We will overcome in Christ our Lord!  His power and glory in those who obey Him, will overcome the evil one!  (Rom. 12:21 – I John 2:13 – Rev. 12:11 – I John 4:4)

He that overcometh shall inherit all things!  (Rev. 2:7 , 2:26, 3:5 & 21, 21:7)

I have written this to exhort and encourage you to stand and fight for His Glory!

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