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This article is a bit different from the ones I usually write, but I have to write it nonetheless, even though it’s outside of my “comfort zone”.  It is meant to both admonish and to encourage all those who read it.  And please know this, I too am just a regular “people” just like you, so it’s written for my benefit also.

Let’s examine a well-known fact and truth that has been used from the beginning of time by wicked men to ensnare and make “willing” slaves out of any people who lack a real faith is the only one that can protect and save us!  Namely the God of all creation!  The only truly divine and sovereign ruler of all!  The one whose ultimate will has, is and will be completely and totally fulfilled according to His word and will.  Jehovah God!  There is no higher authority, power or magistrate to whom we must all give account!  This powerful force used by wicked men doing the will of their god, namely Satan, is none other than FEAR!

Through the fear of losing a job, the fear of losing their material belongings, the fear of alienation of friends and family, and the fear of death to name a few.  This fact is easily seen all throughout history and is surely present with us today.  This factor can be understandable for those who have not had a personal life-changing experience of the “new birth” offered to all who will receive it through the grace and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  But for  those who confess Christ as their Saviour, Lord, provider and protector,  this evil “phantom” should hold very little sway in their lives. Of course, it’s a given that no one “wants” to lose their “stuff” or family or friends.  But the unfortunate truth is that at times standing on a conviction from the Word of God will “cost” you!  (Luke 14:28)  Please review the following scriptures to back up what I have stated thus far:  Proverbs 1:33, 3:25, 29:25, Matt. 8:26, II Tim. 1:7, Heb. 2:15, Matt. 10:34-39, Psalms 23:4, Rev. 2:18.

Now folks, we are not talking about the instinctive fears that we all have in us by our Creator for the preservation of life.  Like the fear of falling, dangerous or poisonous animals, etc.  But rather “man” instilled fears that are used to control and enslave. Even mentally and spiritually if we allow it!

The current “scare” that is being used to control the mass of people, not only in America but all over the world is of course the corona virus or covid-19.

Now please allow me to make myself clear on one point.  The corona virus/covid-19 is a for real type of “flu”.  And it can and has killed people!  But we as a world population have bought into a hyped-up lie!  American’s did not used to be ignorant enough to buy into this man made fiasco and outright push for tyranny!  We in America have become en masse a universally ignorant people concerning our founding, and more importantly, God’s Word!  We have become ensnared in a fraud that we will never get totally out of as a society.  Our economy is intentionally being destroyed along with what’s left of our freedoms!  The whole world has been taken in by this deception!  But we as Americans were given so much more in the way of a foundation that provided unheard of freedoms and prosperity.  Therefore America will be the harshest judged nation by  the Righteous God!  (Luke 12:48) and I will add this final comment about ignorance!  The blame for this nation’s ignorance and therefore destruction lies squarely with the pastors behind the pulpits of all these so-called churches!  Ninety five percent of them are, at best, mostly ignorant of the “whole” counsel of God’s Word that covers all issues of our lives here on earth!

(Hosea 4:6-7)

Now for the facts and figures to back what I have stated in this article.  Let’s list a few facts first.  Because of this “flu” called covid-19, many nations have been almost completely shut down.  Half of the world’s population is on a lockdown, 3.9 million people!  But I want to talk about our nation where we live.  Because of the fear that has been “instilled” into the people 95% of businesses has been shuttered!  Many, if not  most, of them will never fully recover!  And many will never reopen!  Unemployment is right now at least 40%.  During the “Great Depression” it was only 25%!  The markets have already dropped by 30%!  And this is just the beginning!  States and municipalities are going to go belly up with very little or no tax revenues coming in!  The housing market, auto industry, restaurant chains, airlines, trucking companies and the general job providing businesses are going to fail.  Or at least we will be crippled for years to come. Even churches are considered to be a “non-essential” entity!  Many are voluntarily agreeing to not fellowship in direct disobedience to God’s Word in Hebrews 10:25! In fact the government is in a direct violation of Article 1 of the Bill of Rights!  But very few know this fact and even fewer really gives a tinker’s dam?!

There has been at least one pastor arrested for following God’s command over man’s dictates in Tampa Florida!  God bless him!  What a sorry statement is being made by those who obey man over God who prove how unneeded an unimportant they are to God and their communities!  International travel has come to a virtual standstill!  State to state travel is being restricted!  There are too many more insane and unneeded controls and restrictions to list in this article!  Let’s move on to some figures.

We won’t even try to cover the figures used by so call “experts” have given about what’s going on with all this chaos that were proven to be outright lies and cover-ups.  Many of these people have been caught changing their statements on several occasions.  But here are some solid facts about past flu epidemics when the people in this country weren’t such spiritually ignorant cowards.  No lockdowns were ever proposed because the government still feared the people enough not to try such an unconstitutional and ungodly tactic.

Every year there is some kind of flu scare to promote and prosper big pharma.  Unfounded fear prospers many.  Below are listed a few years all the way back to 1918 with the population of the U.S. and the deaths by the then current “flu epidemic”.  Now please keep in mind that covid-19 is a flu strain!  We will start with 2020 and count down from there.

  • 2020 – Pop. 327.2 million — “seasonal flu” through March 22,000 deaths. Corona virus deaths through March — 5,343
  • 2000 – Pop. 282.2 million — 69,000 deaths
  • 1990 – Pop. 250.1 million — 92,000 deaths
  • 1980 – Pop. 226.5 million — 79,946 deaths
  • 1960 – Pop. 180.7 million — 97,197 deaths
  • 1957 – Pop. 171.98 million — 116,000 deaths
  • From H2N2 – Hong Kong flu, 1918 — Now pay attention please!  Spanish swine flu – Pop. 103,268 million — deaths 675,000!


The “projected” deaths of corona virus/covid-19 in the U.S. this year is 200,000, out of a population of over 327,000,000!  The death rate in 1918 was over THREE times that of corona virus in 2020 and they did not even attempt to shut down society and control the people.  Now I will tell you the reasons why they didn’t try to implement the police tactics as they are today.

  1. Most importantly, the church still preached somewhat of a non-compromising gospel.
  2. – The moral standards and what would be accepted by society was on a much higher plane! Of course all the evils of society today were committed, but even then they would not be tolerated!
  3. The people had not become dependent on Caesar (government) t feed them, clothe them, house them and provide medical care for them! An independent people are difficult to enslave for any reason.

NO 4 – There was no Federal Reserve.  Constitutional and Biblical money was still in use.  Cash was still king.  Credit was almost unheard of.  There were no credit cards, direct deposit, debit cards or cell phone transactions.

The nation didn’t start falling into the snare and deception of  Jer. 17:5 or Prov. 1:8 until the “planned” collapse of the American economy known as the Great Depression!  Then the people gladly started begging and accepting Caesar’s handouts.  It has gradually and continually gotten worse and worse ever since then and the people love to have it so!  (Jer. 5:31)

The choice is now yours!  Will you continue to trust Satan’s plan all the way into the beast system right down to the final damning deception. Or will you trust in the only one that can preserve your soul into eternity?  (Proverbs 3:5-7)

In Christ’s Service

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