A statement that I believe could be safely made, is the fact that about everyone enjoys a “good” hamburger.  Fast food chains, diners, mom and pop cafes and restaurants have made “billions” of burgers and made a combination of billions of dollars by making this famous treat.  Of course, we could name the “burger joints” that are the most famous, but we will refrain from that at this time.

But, I would like to make some comments in this article that I believe will make a good point in a bit.  Most of us can remember a commercial that was a real hit in the 80’s.  It showed a few little “ole” ladies standing in line for a burger.  When they brought out the sandwich, they placed a beautiful, fluffy, golden and light bun in front of them.  It was impressive to say the least.  One of the little ladies that they gave it to took a look at the bun, then did something a lot of people never do.  She looked inside it and found something very important missing.  She looked up and asked a most famous question.  “Where’s the beef?”  She went right to the heart of the matter.  She asked where the “only” item was that makes a burger a burger.  The very essence of a burger.  The beef!  The company that produced this, once famous ad, has made a fortune on the emphasizing of the missing essence of the sandwich.  The beef.  And in turn,  made their burger the “meatiest” one on the market.

You see, no matter how sweet the onion, or how crisp the lettuce, or mellow the warm melted cheese, or the snap of the pickles, even the right amount of condiments, without the juicy, well seasoned, thick, meaty essence of the sandwich, the beef, you do not have a “real” hamburger.  So be careful to not be fooled by all the fancy trimmings. There is no real hamburger without the beef!  No matter how attractive the package may be.

Now, for a bit, let’s take a look at another sometimes, very deceiving item.  A “Christian”.   Or, at least, those who call themselves Christians.  How can you tell for sure they are what they represent themselves to be?  Let’s take a look.

There have always been unscrupulous individuals who are willing to profit by creating a fake or “knock off” product that may “look” exactly like the original and real item, but there is always something missing that usually comes to light only after someone has been deceived into buying the item.  You can believe me when I tell you, that there are MANY  fake “copies” of truly born again believers in our midst that have, and still are deceiving many.  II Cor. 11:13-16. II Tim. 3:13

These “knock offs” sure look the part!  Wow!  They can appear to be so sincere!  Preach and teach beautifully!  Their messages can sound so appealing and even partially biblical!  They dress immaculately!  Have a very magnetic personality!  Their speech is smoother than butter on a hot piece of toast!  They can and do deceive millions into their false doctrines, and just as the burger joints with their burger “copies”, have made billions with their deception, so too these charlatans! They literally make “merchandise” of their beguiled disciples!  II Pet. 2:3, Col. 2:4, Eph. 5:6, II Pet 2:18

It is always important when listening to anyone who claims to be a teacher or preacher, to know that they are the real deal!  Not a well constructed fake.  All of the fine garnishments they exhibit are just a “covering” to help persuade you that they are the genuine product, not an empty fake.  We all must look for the “beef” that will prove they are the real item.  NO “beef”, no substance.  No true essence of a true Christian.  So you ask, “Where’s the beef”?  How can I know if it’s the genuine item?  Simple.  Look at the definition of what the essence of a Christian is.  Just remember Mt. 7:15-20.  Then read Gal. 5:19-25 to know fake from real.  See also Phil. 2:3-7.

The essence of a genuine child of God is the Holy Spirit of God that dwells in them to bring forth the works our Father desires.   Man can exhibit many spirits, but there is only One Holy Spirit!  I John 4:1  It is our duty to not be mislead!  Rom. 8:14

Simple folks.  Take off the “bun”, push aside the “trimmings” and look for the beef!  PLEASE remember!!  If you are fooled by a fake burger you just have been sold a bad sandwich, BUT if you are fooled by a fake Christian you could lose your soul!!

By the way, the reason I titled the article “The essence of a good burger” is I hoped you would want to see where I was going with it.  Hope it worked.

Keep and CONTEND for the faith. Jude 3

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