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The Word of God says that all mankind have sinned and fell short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23).  As a matter of absolute truth, because of one man’s (Adam’s) sin, sin entered into the world and brought death with it.  So death passed upon all mankind because all have sinned (Rom. 5:12).  If this was all God gave us in His Word, then we would all surely be damned!  But glory be to our sovereign God and Creator, there is more!  The plan to “redeem”, pay the ransom for and deliver us from the bondage of and from sin and death, is in His Word also!

Before we continue, I want to make one very important point perfectly clear!  Yes, because Adam made the “choice” to sin (break God’s law), he condemned all mankind to death.  But Jesus Christ, the only sinless man, God incarnate, fully paid our death penalty for us!  If you refuse to accept His “redemption” offered freely to all, then you have made the choice to damn yourself!  ( John 3:16)  There is no excuse we can offer as to why we neglect so great a salvation and blessing! (Heb. 2:3)

Now to move on to clarify some misunderstandings and outright lies that many “Christians” have bought into.  First, I am going to make a rather bold statement that many will call “mean” and “judgmental”!  It is not meant to be mean, but it is judgmental!  I have no problem with that accusation at all!  Those who quote Matthew 7:1 but read no further are either using the Word deceitfully, or are unlearned in His Word.  In verse 20 of the same chapter, we are told we’ll know (judge) them by their fruits!  As a matter of scriptural fact, Jesus Christ Himself in John 7:24, told us to judge with righteous judgment!  All of us make judgments every day, on and about many issues!  If an individual lies, he is a liar!  If he steals, he is a thief!  If he takes an innocent life, he is a murderer!  Simple, ain’t it!?  Individuals judge, courts judge and the “church” must also judge!

One final point here please.  Christ told us to examine peoples fruit.  If you deny this, you are denying His Word!  To make this very important point even clearer, let’s look at what Christ Himself expressed to us in His Word!  In Luke 13:6-9 He instructs His servants to tend to His vineyard.  If there is a vine not producing fruit and you have to make a judgment to know that, after you have dug around it and fertilized it and it still doesn’t produce fruit, you are to cut it down!  He goes further on this “commandment” in Mt. 3:10, that if the tree does not bear good fruit, it is to be cut down and cast into the fire.

Now we will move on!

Another huge lie that the heathen and false church has spread like a cancer across our land is that you can be a Christian and continue to break God’s laws or, in another word, sin (John 3:4).  This lie from the pits of hell has already lead millions to their destruction!

We are going to expose one more vicious, damnable, putrid deception being taught to the people who are ignorant of God’s Word and to those who “call” themselves Christians, but who are truly reprobates in the faith! (Rom. 1:28)  This particular filthy, false teaching that is spreading throughout our once blessed nation is that sexual deviants, perverts and predators were created to be that way by God Himself, so therefore they “can’t” change!  How absolutely blasphemous and seditiously evil!  This falsehood alone proves that those who truly believe it are totally reprobate and completely unredeemable!

If this heresy were true, then all sins, and those that commit them, are innocent of any wrong doing because God Himself created them to be liars, thieves, murderers, adulterers, rapists and perpetrators of any and all other transgressions of God’s law.  Sin!

No, my friend, while it is absolutely true that we have all sinned and came short of the glory, righteousness and holiness of God, there is no way we can continue to live in intentional sin and be part of “the called out ones”, His redeemed body!  Look at these few passages from His Word “honestly” and you will realize that I am telling you the truth.  Your soul may depend on your honesty!  I John 2:29, 3:7-8, Heb. 12:14, Rom. 12:1, I Cor. 3:17, Eph. 5:27, I Pet. 1:15-16

There certainly can be no “honest” disagreement on the clarity of God’s Word on perverted sexual activity of any kind.  Homosexuals (sodomites), lesbians (perverted women), incest (sex between parents and children or near kin) beastiality, rape, fornication, adultery and any other “unnatural” sexual relationship.  The only righteous, pure and God ordained sexual relations are to be between a husband and his wife!

Here is a list of a few clearly written words of the only true and solid foundation of truth, The Holy Bible!  The 1611 King James Version!  I can prove what I say or I wouldn’t say it.  Lev. 18:22, 20:13, I Cor. 6:9-10, Rom. 1:26-28

You have now read the untarnished truth!  It’s now your choice of life or death!

In Christ’s service,

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