1828 Webster’s Dictionary – Chattel – 1. Law.  a “movable” article of personal property.  2. Any article of tangible property other than land, buildings, and other things annexed to land.

Important points found in I Samuel Chapter 8:

  1. Verse 5 – Israel desired to forsake God as their sovereign King and asked for a king to judge them like the nations around them.
  2. Verse 6 – Samuel was displeased, but God said they had already rejected Him and His Kingdom to serve other gods.
  3. Verse 9 – God instructed Samuel to solemnly warn them of what would happen when they chose man’s law system to rule over them.
  4. Verses 11-22 – Samuel told them what their new “god” would require of them for the “privilege of temporal man made security” they wanted, by following man’s civil authority over God’s righteous rule.
  5. He will draft your sons and daughters for his military.
  6. He will appoint underlings, (bureaucrats), to rule over society in large and small jurisdictions.
  7. He would instruct the people to plow the king’s ground and reap his harvest!  He now assumed rule of all land.
  8. The king would put them to “work”, (give them government jobs), manufacturing his weapons of war.
  9. He would take the women and make them his palace staff.
  10. He will take your best lands and give them to his lackeys and bureaucrats.
  11. He would take a tenth of their goods and give them to his officers and servants.  In our “free” society today they take half or more!  We have become the land of the “fee” and the home of the “slave”!
  12. He would draft your workers and best men, plus your livestock to do his work. (I) He will take a tenth of your livestock to give to his servants!

In verse 18 God told them that when all of this comes to pass that they would cry out to Him for mercy, but that He would not hear their pleas!

In verses 19-22 even after all the warnings and pleadings of God through Samuel, the people said, “Nay; but we will have a king over us; that we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us (represent them), and fight our battles.”  Totally in contrast to God’s Word in Is. 33:22. Samuel said so be it!  Go on home and wait!

Foolish people that we are!  To turn from The Creator of all things for our blessings and provision!  We have sold ourselves and our posterity into slavery with our selfish desires. Ps. 118: 7-9

Although it may be very uncomfortable for us to admit that history clearly reveals the truth that there has never been a nation that remained faithful to God and His Kingdom for long.  Usually during or after the second generation, a nations prosperity turns the people from God’s blessings to man’s greed and promises of security!  We inevitably turn to and prefer man’s laws system, i.e. kingdom, to the sovereign Creator of all!  How quickly we have forgotten the promise given in Mt. 6:33.

The first commandment in Ex. 20:3 states, “thou shalt have no other ‘gods’ before me.”  Strong’s concordance No. 430 – gods, goddess, etc., but also judges or magistrates.  In other words, we are to have no other law systems or “authorities” above His Kingdom laws.  In Mt. 22:37 you will find what is known as the “great” commandment.  The first part expresses the same point as Ex. 20:3.  God must be obeyed, honored and glorified before all others and all other authorities.

Once the first commandment is ignored and disobeyed, the destruction of an individual life, or a nation, is unavoidable and inevitable!  God is the Rock and Foundation of all creation! Ex. 32:4, I Sam. 2:2, Ps. 18:2, Is. 17:10  Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of the true church! II Pet. 2:6-7  Not Peter, as the Roman Catholic cult teaches.  The church is built on no man, no man-made doctrine, nor of works of any kind, but rather on the sovereignty and grace of Christ our Lord!  Amen!

All societies and nations that forget God are destroyed and turned into Hell. Ps. 9:17  Nations that put God’s Kingdom as the Head of their civil authorities are a blessed, prosperous and peaceful society! Pro. 29:2, Ps. 33:12, Mt. 6:33  An unrighteous and immoral people are doomed to despotism!  Eventually the whole world, except for those who are born again, will fall under the control of a world tyranny! Rev. 13:8  They will “literally” worship their “god” right into Hell!  After all, he has promised them so many benefits for following him, how could anyone but a “fool” trust in a God they can’t see?!

Quoting the preserved Word of God seems to hold very little meaning to most of society today, but all will see one day that His Word is valid!  They will be judged by it and found without the blood of Christ applied to cleanse their eternal souls, and will be damned for all eternity.  But be that as it may, I will show one more passage to those who will see what the final outcome for a nation that turns its back on God and His Kingdom must be!

In Pro. 28:2 we are told that the sins of the people are the reason why they came under tyrannical leaders!  As John Calvin said, “When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers.”

We, as a society, and even those who may be sincere followers of Christ, have either ignorantly, or arrogantly, demanded our freedoms and liberty!  We want evil leaders that a sovereign God placed over us, to punish us, to cut our taxes, get rid of all the regulations and licenses (permits), that we need to work, travel and much more.  We want civil authority to go back into its rightful sphere of authority!  But folks, that won’t and indeed cannot happen.  An unrighteous, immoral, greedy, lazy and apathetic people that has not and will not demand righteous judgment and justice do not deserve what they cry out for! Is. 59:12-15

The blood of 60,000,000 innocent sacrifices we have allowed in our land, will not go unrecompensed!  America, i.e. Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, cannot be healed!  There is no true repentance or remorse for the transgressions we are all guilty of!  The people are too content to live in “Babylon” as a nation, and as a law system.  We have become fat and lazy!  Fearful of man but no real fear of God!  We “love” to have things the way they are, more than we hate  the evil and those that commit it!  We have become a “touchy feely” people!  We have very little Godly love in our hearts!  Godly love demands judgment and justice on evil doers! Jer. 5:28-32, Amos 5:15, Ps. 92:10, Ps. 139: 21-22, Rom. 12:9, I Pet. 3:11

One more passage from the complete, unchangeable, immutable and infallible Word of God found only in the 1611 KJV Bible in Neh. 9:32-38.  As a result of our transgressions of the unchanging law of God, whether intentional or unintentional, we are now “chattel”, property of evil rulers who have dominion over our property, our prosperity and our bodies.  And even now they have dominion over our minds, and make merchandise of us!  II Pet. 2:3

You!  You, must decide which law system and God you will serve into eternity!  We are all slaves to the Babylonian world system now!  Whether you admit it, or like it, or not!  It is the historic and Biblical truth!  No repentance, no freedom!

A moral and virtuous people have no need of maters, but an immoral people have need of an external force (masters) to control their lusts!

We must choose this day how far we will follow the anti Christ’s dictates!  Choose wisely!

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Butch Paugh

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