The question is, “Is it ever right for a Christian to fight?  To resist by force?  To take up arms?  To kill?”  These are certainly questions for every sincere followers of Jesus Christ to consider.  Obviously, the answer lies in The Word of God and from history, and has been taught by men of solid Christian character for centuries.  Let’s take a look at both God’s Word and history!

Most modern day “churchianity” believes a heresy that has been promulgated by the lukewarm pulpits that dominate the church today.  It’s hard for most, especially “under fed” Christians, to realize that they are not hearing and being taught the whole counsel of God’s Word.  Just about all denominations, ( (heresies-II Pet. 2:1), Strong’s Concordance NO. 139- disunion, or “sect”, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary- to separate a body or number of persons united in tenets, chiefly on philosophy or religion.) , have a “partial” of truth, but never seem to desire to get beyond their “denominational” doctrines.  Let’s face the facts people.  Satan has greatly weakened the once unified body of Christ, divided and all but destroyed its effectiveness. (Mt. 12:25, Luke 11:17)  It’s even a solid biblical teaching that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  And he has ministers that are transformed as the ministers of righteousness, to deceive the people.  All this was said to make the point that we are individually instructed to know The Word of God and not to trust man with our Christian walk.  (II Tim. 2:15)  Even Paul warned us not to blindly follow him.  He instructed us to be sure we are in Christ (II Cor. 11:14-15, II Cor. 13:5),  and only follow him as he followed Christ. (I Cor. 11:1)

Now, let’s get back to the teaching.  In Numbers chapter one, we find the instructions in God’s Word on how to construct the “civilian militia”.  This is the scriptural teaching and instructions our nation’s founders understood and used to establish the militia in America, as outlined in Article II of the Bill of Rights.  To make a very important point here, let me say this is much more than a right for all the people to keep and bear arms, it is a solemnly commanded duty as per God’s instructions in Numbers Chapter 1, and Christ in Luke 22:36.  Unfortunately, most Americans, and perhaps especially Christians, either don’t believe God’s Word in both the Old and New Testaments, OR they just simply choose to ignore, or disobey, it.  Since we have neglected our duty to God, we are losing the “blessing” of keeping and bearing arms.  Disobedience on any level, always leads to a loss of blessings. (Deut. 28:1-2 &15)

At this point I will answer a comment and question I have gotten several times in the past about the issue of the Christian and self defense and the defense of others.  Many have said, and unfortunately believe, that God will take care of us all the time, in all situations.  Of course He can, and has countless times in circumstances where His people are defenseless through no fault of their own, but that is not what He has instructed His people in most cases where violence was unavoidable.  One good example is found in Ex.22:2 where the homeowner is prepared and ready to use deadly force to defend his home and family.  Read it!  The same God who gave these instructions, is the same God with the same commands today. ( Mal. 3:6, Heb. 13:8)

One more quick comment on this tired and wimpy argument.  People say, but it’s God The Father speaking in the Old Testament, but Jesus in the New Testament.  Sorry, that argument won’t hold up either.  Christ Himself plainly told us that He and The Father are One and He came to teach His Father’s Words!  John 14:7-12  Just as it was given to each male in Numbers chapter one, in Gen. 14, Abraham took his servants to war to save Lot, his family and their possessions.  In Neh. 4, God instructed Nehemiah to arm the workmen who were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.  Could the Almighty God of all creation not have protected and delivered in all of these examples?  Of course He could have, but He gave mankind the duty, (not right), to arm themselves for their own protection and for protection of family, and for fulfilling His will here on earth!

For anyone who desires to know the truth, there has been enough scripture in these few passages to teach and convince them of this very important teaching!  We are commanded not to kill, (shed innocent blood, i.e. commit murder), but we are commanded to arm ourselves to defend life!  Our very souls rest on this teaching! (Pro. 24:11-12) It is not a right to possess weapons, it is the duty of a righteous people! (I Tim. 5:8)

Now that we have finally established the teaching and command of keeping, bearing and use of arms for personal, family and the defense of the innocent, let’s move on to the instructions of defending a nation.  By the way, because we, especially the “church”, did not use this duty to protect the most innocent of all in January 1973, (Pro. 24:11-12), God has withdrew His blessings and protections on our once great nation.  Individuals answer to God on a personal basis, but a nation as a whole in the present time.  In II Kings 24:4 you will find, very simply stated, that God will not forgive a nation when the people allow the shedding of innocent blood!  SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION (700,000,000) innocent children have been slaughtered on our watch!  Did you wonder why the blessing of keeping and bearing arms is under attack?!

Let’s begin this last segment on the “duty” of a Christian to protect and defend his country by saying this.  Very few wars or conflicts fought throughout mankind’s history were fought with “pure” intentions and motives from either side!  Almost all of them have been fought for the benefit of the few “elite” who desire wealth, power and control of mankind.  These “elite” are very good at deceiving the masses into following their “just” cause.  These “children of Satan” will use any and all means possible to further their agenda to “rule” the world.

We will not take the time to, once again, expose the deceptions by which nations have been lured and drawn into wars that, not only have devastated nations, but led to the death of untold millions in the process.  These have been well examined in a previous article entitled, America, A Victim of War.

Question.  Should a born again, blood bought, child of God take up arms to defend America today?  To answer this question I will ask a few more questions.  Defend America from and for what?  From an “unjust” government that defrauds its citizens in every imaginable way?  From “so called” elected and appointed “officials” that condone and protect the murdering of unborn children?  From a so called “supreme” court that unjustly and unlawfully made unnatural and perverted sex between same sex “partners” legal by using the document that is falsely called the supreme law of the land as their foundation to justify this grossly immoral and unnatural demonic behavior?  The final question is this, “Can an individual that proclaims to be “Christ like” in any way, defend and protect any nation that defies God’s laws as we have tolerated and allowed in America?  The answer must be emphatically NO!  We cannot and will not support or defend such a nation as America has become!

We must, by the command of God’s Word, oppose all wickedness, whether personal, societal, or national!  There is no excuse to do otherwise! (Eph. 5:11)

Our first and only true allegiance must be to God our Father and to His Kingdom alone.  We simply cannot serve two masters! (Mt. 6:24) Although, just about every one of us have done so ignorantly in the past.  Now that you have read and know the truth, you can no longer plead ignorance.

In closing, I will make this final comment and biblical observation.  We are losing the “blessing” of keeping and bearing of arms everyday simply because we have not fulfilled our duty to God and His Word, to protect and preserve the life of millions of innocent people.  But, we must not allow or tolerate the disarming of ourselves!  To do so, would be the final act of disobedience in not fulfilling God’s commandment to His people as stated in I Tim 5:8!  “Providing” for our own household means much more than providing food and shelter.  It also means to spiritually train, teach and prepare ourselves and families for battle in this present time.  Provide also means to “provide” a means of physical protection from an enemy.  Being armed to do so is a direct command from God Himself.

Nations and societies decay, crumble and are destroyed, not by corrupt governments, but because of a corrupt people!

Now you know the truth!  What will you do?

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