By Butch Paugh

Let’s go ahead and get one harsh, but brutally true statement before us and get it out of the way.  At least ninety five percent of the people who claim Christianity today have no clue of what a “Christian” worldview is, or should be!  Including myself for many years!  Let’s take a look at a few scriptures and five major worldviews.  You may be surprised how far you are from the Biblical worldview.  Worldview, meaning how we view the world and how all facets of our lives should be totally surrendered to God’s directions for control and the governing in all spheres of creation.

In Matt. 22:37-40, we are clearly instructed that we must love the Lord our God with every fiber of our being!  Nothing reserved!  Christ also told us in John 14:15, “If we love Him we will keep His commandments!  We are to study His Word in order to “renew” our carnal minds that have been polluted by Satanic teachings that many falsely believe are Christian views.  II Tim. 2:15/Rom12:1-2

The Word of God is to be our guide and instruction book on how to “govern” our lives and our society in all aspects!  Nothing is left to our will or desires!  We should not trust our “understanding” of life’s issues!  (Prov. 3:5-7)

Let’s examine five different areas of our lives that all people deal with daily: politics, economics, education, religion and social issues.  I think that everyone who reads the different world views listed will be a little shocked as to how far the “church” has strayed from God’s guidelines.


Biblical Theism (God is God

♦ Law originates with God. In all spheres of government (family, church, and civil), man’s law must align with divine law in order to be valid.  God’s Law is His word, as written in the Holy Scriptures.

Moderate Christian (God/Man is God)

♦ New Testament Grace supersedes Old Testament Law, and has little to contribute to modern political discussion, other than to encourage fairness and integrity. Public policy should be conducted according to natural law.

Secular Humanism (man is God)

♦ A secular state is necessary to a free society.  Law is interpreted through judicial precedent and social mores, not a fixed, historical standard.  There is no single basis of law for every culture.

Socialism (State is God)

♦ The State represents the people, provides for them, and oversees all areas of life. The State owns all property in behalf of the people, and distributes wealth and provision equally to all people.


Biblical Theism (God is God)

♦ God has ordained productive labor and private property ownership. The first rule of economics is “You shall not steal.”  The second is to maintain honest weights and measures.  The third is: If you don’t work, you don’t eat, with certain exceptions for the truly disabled.

Moderate Christian (God/man is God)

♦ Individual responsibility is good, but Christian love requires us to help others unconditionally. Both private and charity and government aid are good.

Secular Humanism (Man is God)

♦ The state exists to help individuals and businesses who cannot help themselves, through direct regulation and management of the economy. When everyone contributes their “fair share” through progressive taxation, society benefits.

Socialism (State is God)

♦ Private-property rights encourage greed and inequity. Economic decisions should be centralized in the State in order to guarantee social justice and livable conditions for everyone.


Biblical Theism (God is God)

♦ The purpose of education is that we might know God and obey His commands. Parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children, through both direct instruction and the original procurement of instruction by others of their choosing.

Moderate Christian (God/man is God)

♦ Spiritual and secular education are distinct. Children receive academic training at school, whereas spiritual instruction is the responsibility of the family and the Church

Secular Humanism (Man is God)

♦ Education is a universal right, and is key to reducing crime and poverty. Everyone has unlimited potential for personal development.  The government must ensure that all children are provided equal educational opportunity.

Socialism (State is God)

♦ Children are a national resource, and education is the government’s responsibility. Only State schools can ensure common core standards, via common curriculum, and provide an education that aligns with society’s goals.


Biblical Theism (God is God)

♦ Everyone is born in sin and needs a Saviour. Salvation comes through confession of faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ, as evidenced by genuine repentance. God is knowable only through Christ, and His Holy Scriptures are authoritative for all of life.  All who die without Christ will spend eternity in the fires of Hell.

Moderate Christian (God/man is God)

♦ Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ, not a religion with set requirements. Repentance – if it is necessary – is secondary to grace.

Secular Humanism (Man is God)

♦ “Religion” is a personal matter. Organized religion is unimportant, and often dangerous.  Absolute truth does not exist.  Mankind is accountable only to itself.  Personal fulfillment can be found primarily through self-actualization.

Socialism (State is God)

♦ Personal religious beliefs are antagonistic to the common good, which can only be ensured by a secular State. The freedom to believe or not believe can only be protected and enforced by a non-biased, secular State.

Social Issues:

Biblical Theism (God is God)

♦ The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are the ethical basis for personal conduct, interpersonal relations, social order, and public policy. They are God’s standard for all people, in all cultures, in all generations.

Moderate Christian (God/man is God)

♦ Love emphasizes tolerance. Calling the private or public actions of others sinful is judgmental, since only God knows men’s hearts.

Secular Humanism (Man is God)

♦ Moral standards evolve over time in response to social progress. Majority standards should prevail.  Any personal morality is permissible as long as it does not hurt someone else.

Socialism (Man is God)

♦ The needs of the individual are less important than the collective needs of the people. Personal conduct must therefore serve the interests of the State.

Now that you have learned how far all, including the church, have strayed from God’s will in following His law, statutes and judgments. Let’s take a brief look on to how our society and even those who “think” they are following God’s Word in their lives have fallen for this damning massive deception.

The answer is actually very simple and easily understood for those who will recognize and accept the truth!  Here it is, most who say they love God do not obey His laws!  Most will respond with a loud protest denying this factual statement! My reply is, “If we truly were following His law system, why did we get so far away from the righteous Christian worldview?  Most people who think they are following God’s law fall into the “moderate” category on politics.  They have bought the damnable lie that since Christ came, the “law” has been done away with and grace has superseded God’s law.  So therefore, at best, we basically believe we can live in a culture of compromise with no righteous retribution for ignoring God’s laws and His righteous judgment!  We wink at sin (I John 3:4) in our personal lives and our family’s lives because we don’t want to hurt their feelings, or cause a confrontation!  We have denied Christ in our lives by tolerating our own law-breaking (disobedience to His laws (John 14:15) and that of our family.  In doing so, folks, we have denied Christ before men.  We were sternly warned about this in Matt. 10:32-39.  Christ Himself plainly told us that He came to divide families and not to bring a “false” peace, verses 34-35.  It seems that there is nothing a family member can do to compel a separation between each other.  You see, Christ said that we are to separate from them in order for them to see their need of repentance!  We are damning them into believing that they are “saved” and in good standing with God, no matter their works, (life choices).  As a simple matter of truth, if anyone professes Christianity and is living in direct violation of God’s moral laws, we are commanded to have no fellowship with them.  Not even to eat with them! (I Cor. 5:9-12).  We have miserably failed to obey God whom we say we love.  The antinomian (lawless) church is the destroyer of society!  Enough said!

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