In our “modern liberated” society, we have become more and more enslaved, and afraid to stand for what we know is right according to the ultimate law and authority, The Inspired Word of Jehovah God!  In advance, I want to let you know that I am not writing this much-needed expression of truth to offend anyone, but if you are offended, so be it!  I, for one, am offended on a daily basis with what I see in American society.  Christ Himself told His disciples, of which by His grace I am one of, that most would be offended at His word. (Matt. 24:10) And those who are offended by Christ’s faithful servants will desire to kill them (Matt. 24:9).  Again, so be it!  We are warned in His word that if we don’t boldly stand and proclaim the truth of His word that He will deny us in the day of judgment!  (Matt. 10:32-39)  Pay heed “professing” believers!  Your opinion, ideas, thoughts and feelings simply do not matter in the least!  It’s God’s way or no way!  It is your decision.

So here we go with plainly and easily understood truths!  The only reason many won’t accept them is because they deny God’s authority, and hate Him for His laws that are given to bless us, and to keep us from destroying ourselves!  Damned fools! (Ps. 14:1)   Evils that are so obviously wrong that creation itself declares them so. (Rom. 1:20, 28, and 30)

Herein is a list of obvious truths and descriptions of evil deeds that have been committed since the beginning, but were not accepted by a moral society, but rather were severely punished.  Some even with the death penalty!  You search out the scriptures that back each one, if you care enough for the truth to take the time!  These are listed in no particular order.  Remember, many who commit these acts, sit in church every time the doors are open.  And many, many more condone them by their silence so as not to offend!

  1. Stealing is still sin, whether you do it with a gun, or by false statement to receive “benefits”.
  2. A one-night “fling” or “extra marital affair” is still adultery!
  3. Abortion is murder!
  4. Sex before marriage is still sin, and you cannot live in this abomination and walk with Christ! Co-habitation, “living” together and premarital sex are still fornication!
  5. Immodest apparel and public nudity are still a shame to those who do it, but their ability to blush and care is overridden by a seared conscience.
  6. Lewd and vulgar behavior is the sin of a sick and sinful people.
  7. Homosexuality and those who practice it are sick, perverted and worthy of death!
  8. God created all races (Caucasian (White), Mongolian (Asian), Negroid ( Black), Australoid (Aborigine) to be a glory to Him, and they are beautiful in His sight. Miscegenation destroys the God-given uniqueness to each race.
  9. “Government” benefits or so-called entitlements are idolatry! Almost everyone has fallen into this snare.  We have provoked Jehovah God to jealousy!!

These are but a few easily knowable and understood evils, but unfortunately mankind is extremely vulnerable and easily deceived when enticed by his own lusts! (James 1:14)  Just because as a society we have grown callous to truth, and “careless” with and accepting of evil, it still does not change the truth, even a little bit.

We are sternly and lovingly warned not to depart from God’s laws, judgments and justice, but it is obvious that we (including the church) have done so!  God has not changed His laws to fit our desires, nor His standards of righteousness!  We have been instructed to seek the old paths and walk therein to find peace for our souls, and thus in society!  But we would not!  Therefore, we are, and will, bring very severe judgment on ourselves and our children!  (Jer. 6:15-19, Hosea 4:16)

Many do not want to hear this final statement, but I am convinced that God’s Word backs it completely.  America has sinned far beyond any chance of redemption.  Her many sins have separated her from God’s salvation! (Is. 59:1-16)  Praise God, by His merciful grace, we as individuals may still come to Him through sincere and heartfelt repentance! To turn from our sins will mean eternal life with our Father and Savior!

My friend, which path will you choose?

In Christ’s Service

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