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I have been in the front line Christian ministry for twenty years.  Fighting against the forces of darkness is what we do here at  We are a Mom and Pop style operation that is very effective in what we do.  I am the only full time employee of this ministry with a bevy of volunteers around the country.

We kick lot of butt.  Some of it you hear about, but most of it you don’t.  We tend to fight in obscurity and are very effective in what we do.  I could run down a litany of victories that we have had in the cultural war but I will not take the time to blow my own horn.  We are agile, mobile, and hostile against the forces of darkness.

The LEFT knows our name.  They know that we are nothing too be laughed at.  That is why my inbox is full of fully erect penises.  That’s right…they have peppered me with vile pictures.

I’m not making that up.  The homosexual mafia loves to try and intimidate anyone who refuses to be bullied by them and they fight like little girls.  They are vicious…but they are very childish.  Character assassination…real or perceived…is their favorite weapon and they have been shooting at us with both barrels for over a week.

Last week I penned and article entitled Let’s Sue The NFL.  In the commentary I postulated that it is time for Christians to fight back and that I was endeavoring to sue the NFL, and others, for pumping the soft-porn halftime show into my home without a warning.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted the push back that I would receive from the dark side which lives their lives in the shadows of sexual deviancy.  My email inbox has been bombarded with hard-core porn.

The Left media has mocked me unmercifully.  Simply “Google Coach to sue NFL” and you will find literally hundreds of links to less-than-flattering stories about my intentions.  The latest was the Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he falsely labels me a “Horney Man.”  Start at the four minute mark and watch the mockery that they love to pour over the head of anyone who professes Biblical morality.  Can you imagine such treatment of a sodomite or other minority?

To fully understand my position, watch this brief four minute clip from Fox News where I get a chance to make my case.  Porn is not a laughing matter.  Porn is destroying America.

I have spent the last six days doing interviews with Leftist radio hosts who sole desire is to make Christianity and Bible believing Christians look like fools.  Their assault has been unrelenting.

But we can actually win.  I really do intend on suing, and I intend to win.  Unfortunately, most Christians have very faith. I have received hundreds of emails in support, but a common theme is that “we can’t win.”  The NFL is too powerful…and of course it will take a lot of money…and they have high powered lawyers…and Christians aren’t supposed to sue…and …of course, turn the other cheek.  How does the House of Faith have so little faith?  If GOD BE FOR ME…

We really are moving forward and I am working with a team of individual Christian attorneys who have volunteered to engage the enemy in the fight.  We only lose when we don’t fight.  What is that old saying…it is not whether you win or lose it is how you play the game?  If Christians really believe that why do they worry so much about losing?  It doesn’t sound like an exercise of faith to me.

Did you ever hear of David and Goliath?  I wonder what those odds were in Las Vegas…

We’ve been digging up some good stuff.  Did you know that according to FCC regulations the law has already been violated?  To quote from the FCC

“Broadcasting obscene content is prohibited by law at all times of the day. Indecent and profane content are prohibited on broadcast TV and radio between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., when there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience. “

Did you know that the NFL was already found guilty of this back in 2004 when Janet Jackson’s boob was exposed during a “wardrobe malfunction?”  Oh Yeah.  Did you know the NFL was given a hefty fine?  Did you know that the NFL just doubled-down in the latest halftime on a charge they had already been found guilty of?  Did you know they probably figured we’d roll over and take it.

Read the lawsuit language here.  Pay special attention to statements #13 and #34.  Folks, their goose is cooked.  They have ALREADY been found guilty of this charge in 2004.

What do you mean we can’t win?  They already lost on the same charges!!

Here is where we need your help.

Please go HERE and file a complaint with the FCC.  It is very private and a very simple thing to do.  Simply complain about the soft porn at halftime.  They are REQUIRED to protect children yet they have failed to do their job.

Please donate to this lawsuit.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 for initial filings and preparation.  Our lawyers will fight for us at a reduced rate but there are expenses.  THIS IS NOT AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT.   We need 1000 people to donate $50 and we are off to the races.  Ask your friends and family to contribute as well.  This money will go specifically to fighting this fight for decency.

PLEASE DONATE HEREWE CAN WIN!!  But we must fight!

I’ve put my neck on the line.  I need your support.  COME ON CHURCH !!  We can DO this!!

If you are a lawyer or have special legal skills please contact us.


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