by Lee Duigon

How crazy are the Democrats? One soon runs out of superlatives.

Last week the University of Massachusetts announced the results of a poll of New Hampshire Democrats, four hundred respondents. Sixty-two percent of them said they would rather see a meteor strike “extinguish” all life on earth, than to see Donald Trump re-elected president.

“Oh, they’re joking!” some said. “The whole thing was just a put-on.” It’s possible. But if UMass has the money to fritter away on a joke poll, then the tuition is too high and UMass is getting more public money than it knows what to do with.

Really—like, everyone in Southeast Asia has to die, if we don’t get our way in this election? These nuts could achieve a similar effect by committing suicide; but then they’d lose the pleasure of taking everybody else down with them.

But let’s say, just for the time being, that it was a put-on. Is there any other evidence that this party has totally lost its mind?

Well, there’s presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who had his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and makes no bones about being a “socialist” (translation: communist blowhard). He’s running strong so far; and earlier this month, he proposed that the federal government nationalize electricity—that is, take over the production and distribution of this indispensable resource.

How crazy is this? The state of California has already tried state ownership of the major electricity utility—remember how well that worked? Throughout this past summer, California residents had their electricity cut off several times by the government. Is that a scenario we’d like to have on a national scale?

At the same time, Bernie wants to cut us off, cold turkey, from fossil fuels. Does he not know that fossil fuels are used to produce electricity? No gas and oil, and there won’t be any electricity for him to nationalize!

Meanwhile, what do you think the odds would be against Barack Obama’s zillion-dollar Martha’s Vineyard mansion having its electricity cut off? But all those hardships and sacrifices—all To Save The Planet, don’t you know—are only for us peasants: not for all those nabobs with the private jets. You can be entirely sure that President Bernie would never have to try to sleep on a sultry summer night without air conditioning. That’s for us, not them.

Earlier this month, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh announced that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. The Far Left Crazy—that would be Democrats—turned cartwheels over it.

A high school English teacher in Milwaukee joined a multitude of other leftists in rejoicing at the news. Here’s what he tweeted: “Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful”. Don’t flinch: this always happens whenever any kind of tragedy overtakes any prominent person who isn’t a liberal. The school district, faced with public outrage, had to suspend this yoik; but there are thousands more as depraved and miserable as he is. Judging only by what they say publicly, they’re all as crazy as bedbugs. As they see it, anyone who isn’t them, anyone who doesn’t toe the “progressive” line 100%, without any deviation whatsoever, is nothing but a human monster and deserves nothing but suffering and death.

Nice people.

I remember when there used to be normal, decent people in the Democrat Party. If any like them still exist, they’re more a subject for cryptozoology than for political science.

Something has moved Democrats to cast off the mask of sanity and flash us all their naked totalitarianism. Is it delusion? Desperation? Or do they think they know something that we don’t know—something that tells them they can get away with it?

I take them at their word. They are crazy, and they need to be utterly defeated in November. These are not the kind of people who ought to be entrusted with power.

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