by Rev. Austin Miles

Washington, D.C. -Tuesday the best show in town was unveiled in the Nation’s Capitol Senate Chambers, where President Donald J. Trump was set to give a State of the Union Address. One could feel the tension reverberating throughout the area as The Wicked Witch of the West was on her throne mentally constructing ways to sabotage the event. Nancy Pelosi has such hatred for President Trump that she could take it off her income taxes. This means that symbolically she could deduct Trump from her life. She does seem to have some mental issues.

The first shot was fired as the president came to the platform, where the witch quickly claimed that she graciously tried to shake hands with him as he arrived but, saith she pathetically, “President Trump REFUSED to shake hands with me!” How’s that again? This writer watched that moment again, and then again on a later telecast. Yep. Pelosi LIED! What a surprise! We know that this will shock some people. President Trump did NOT refuse to shake hands with Pelosi…period!

As he was getting to his spot on the platform, he turned to get in place just as she jetted out her arm with the hand on the end of it to grab the hand of the Prez. So let’s get this straight. Our president did NOT refuse to shake hands with Nancy Pelosi, he simply did not see her as he was maneuvering around to his spot. But the accusation gives ammo to the dems and makes Trump look bad.

Nancy Pelosi will brag for the rest of her life that she “impeached” President Donald J. Trump. Not so fast. ‘Impeachment’ means, “investigation.” So when it is said a president was impeached, that means he was investigated. Impeachment itself is not a legal action. It is merely an accusation or an inquiry.

But the word used seems to indicate power to change a particular situation but the only way that happens is if the ‘impeachment’ or accusation is strong enough to have the president removed from office. However there must be senate hearings to determine if a president should be vacated from the Oval Office. One does not simply serve a paper, and say, “you are now impeached” and out he goes. Of course that would be the dream of the democrat party, which in reality is the Socialist Party.

Then the greatest temper tantrum on earth was witnessed by millions of people. Isn’t there supposed to be some dignity from those in leadership positions of a country? When President Trump came to the platform, he courteously handed Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, a copy of his speech which is standard procedure.

As President Trump spoke, there were more standing ovations during that entire speech, than this columnist has ever witnessed.Both parties were hanging on every sentence and most of them cheering throughout the address. The speech lasted a little over an hour.

Pelosi was simply glaring into space as the speech was given. We were certain she was still alive as she would puff out her mouth and teeth from time to time. Then an action that this writer has never witnessed before. When the last words were spoken with another standing ovation with loud cheers from the audience, Pelosi, with a sour face and makeup I’m sure she borrowed from the Capitol Funeral Home, picked up the stack of papers containing the speech, then ripped the papers apart, tossing them on the top of her desk. Yep, angrily tore up President Trump’s speech in a hissy fit action for all to see.

I always believed there was a dignity in official government settings, and what ever happened to courtesy? There was a time that if one did not demonstrate refinement, dignity and manners, that person would be excluded from further invitations to a home or event.

Pelosi appeared to be in group therapy rather than a national event.

There was a time when the Democrat Party had class, when my cousin JFK was president is one example, plus there was a national pride in America. That was before the Communists slowly worked their way into the leadership of our country and seem to have the intent of taking our country down. Today, to vote for anyone connected with the Democrat Party is a betrayal and a sellout. There is one democrat running who admits to be a Socialist, which is another name for Communism, and that candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Please think about this and vote wisely in the upcoming election.

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