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Luke 21:26 says: “men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth”. Another translation says it this way: “People will be afraid and worried about what is happening in the world”. I believe this is referring to white people in the time of Jacob’s troubles or tribulations, which almost certainly has to be the present time. The condition of our soul is troubling the people as they face a world that has turned against them.
The days of hard working white men, being able to provide for their families is vanishing. Job opportunities for white men have decreased as corporations and universities plow open a large pathway for “minorities”. Even many white women are sucked into the anti-male rhetoric as efforts are created to protect them from “male masculinity”. We are bombarded with the media’s constant referrals to how minorities have to struggle to get ahead in this white male dominated society. Of course, these struggling minorities, we are told, would include blacks, Hispanics, “Native Americans”, women, and the transgender-bender-blender community. Thus, by slick wording white women are separated from their natural male allies and grouped together with racial and moral aliens.
“Evidence of economic growth and prosperity in the U.S, is hard to miss” writes Sibil Marcellus, finance reporter for Yahoo News, and “The stock market is booming and the unemployment rate is at a low 3.5%, but the U.S. is the only rich country in the world where the mortality rate is going up, not down”.
According to the Brookings Institute, “Much of the aforesaid trend is driven by men without college degrees in America’s heartland”. Of course, that means white men. White men are being blamed for everything that is going wrong with the world.
According to Brookings, “Significant sectors of our society are dying prematurely from preventable deaths(deaths from despair–via use of opioids, etc.) and almost 20% of prime aged males are out of the labor force. What’s interesting is that Hispanics and blacks who started off at lower levels of life expectancy have continued to make progress. They’re not in the depths of despair for the most part”, says the report, “Geography of Desperation in America”. The report continues: “Poor African-Americans are three times as likely to be optimistic about the future as poor whites. The metric that stands out is not any measure of happiness. ‘Happy’ today doesn’t matter a whole lot. It’s hope for the future or lack thereof that’s really linked with premature mortality”.
Society is currently orchestrated to drive women into the job market while men, especially white men, are left with feeling a sense of failure, even though it frequently is not their fault.
Look for opportunities to help others. Studies show that it is hard to feel like a failure when you are helping someone in need. Also think in terms of working or cooperating with other whites to improve the condition of the race in general–that will keep you busy and working towards important goals.”
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