By Ron Edwards

In the early church years, many believers who dared to step out of Judaism into Christianity found themselves persecuted by non believing Jews, prompting the writer of Hebrews (in the Bible) to address the superiority of Christ over Judaism.  Christ is superior to angels, the Aaronic priesthood and the Law.  In short, he argued, there is infinitely more to be gained by following Christ than to be lost by simply yielding only to the old Jewish traditions.  The recipients of the book of Hebrews faced maddening persecution.  Many of them even faced a brutal certain death, for their Christian confession.  It is worth noting that the marching song of the Union Army during the Civil War included the line “as Christ died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”  Although that phrase was later changed to “let us live to make men free,” for the soldiers who placed their lives on the line to end slavery and preserve the Union, the original wording was absolutely correct.

We all know that democrats oppose anything and everything that is morally and financially good. Especially if something that is thought or proven to be good for individuals, families and certain so-called minority groups.  Since the mid 1960s, democrats have overseen the spending of more than $19 trillion dollars on government anti poverty programs to supposedly end poverty.  They never allowed the economies of those urban areas to grow on their own via work, thrift and family cohesiveness.  When individuals, especially black men stepped up and spoke out against government restraints on operating businesses and school choice as a way to obtain a better education for their children, the brutal weight of government favored special interest groups often swooped in and shut them down.

After trillions of dollars spent on the war against poverty, urban renewal, etc. the percentage of minority Americans in poverty did not change dramatically form those in 1964 when corrupt president Lyndon B. Johnson announced his Great Society effort.  President Johnson and others so hated black Americans, they fooled the entire republic into going along with the redistribution of wealth process that extracted wealth from the private sector and filled the coffers of government.  Then some of that wealth was redistributed to wasteful welfare programs, certain so-called community activist groups like the Black Slate in Detroit where black voters are cajoled into voting for only leftist black political candidates.  It is true that in some years of Johnson’s war on poverty, the percentage of those in poverty decreased, but not by a lot.  In some years like 2009, the poverty rates of all Americans increased, thanks to Obama era increases of both taxes and over 20, thousand government regulations that literally gummed up the free market flow of economic activity.

Just like in the case of either those seeking to serve Christ, or as a minority to climb the ladder of success, there are those in positions of influence literally striving to make it more difficult for you to maintain good health.  Ever since my dear Dad died from lung cancer when I was twelve years of age, I let it be known that I believed that cures for such dreaded diseases are available.  I also expressed the belief that cures, or at least life extension methods were made difficult to obtain.  What made me adopt that opinion was the awful form of treatments my Dad went through. At the age of twelve I concluded that the treatments actually hastened his death.  Years later, after conducting a bit of research I learned my childhood hunch was correct.  The cuttings and high levels of chemotherapy during those days were literally as bad as the disease.  Yet government control freaks along with big pharma have worked relentlessly to prevent non torturous methods and good nutritional products away from average Americans.  Before through God’s grace, when I permanently overcame asthma, during the autumn months I would use a certain multi herb product that totally arrested asthmatic symptoms without the harmful effects of my doctor prescribed inhaler.

Needless to say, I did not use inhalers anymore.  Unfortunately, that product was removed from health food store shelves. Not because it was harmful like the allowed pharma inhalers.  But rather because after several years of nothing but successfully helping many become independent from the inhaler and big pharma drug dealers someone noticed on the container there were the “terrible words” that it helped in the treatment of asthma.  Many people freaked out, I became focused and again through God’s grace was blessed to permanently knock the curse of asthma out of my body via other natural means.

When it comes to national security, even though we now have a president who is fighting drastically improve our national security.  He is not only challenged by current congressional members who prefer open borders.  But former legislators like democrat Joe Lieberman a former Senator works for the Chinese company ZTE a company so dangerous to our national interests that recently, President Trump signed a bill banning the federal government from using that company’s equipment.  Yes, even the ordained mandate to protect our republic from enemies both foreign and domestic is compromised by many who have no regard for our national security or sovereign right as a nation.  Yes, dear reader, in every aspect of life there are those who oppose everything good including your unalienable rights regarding healthcare, educating your children and much more.  We must as our national founders exhorted us, fight unceasingly to restore and maintain our unalienable rights and also reestablish the goal of maintaining a good society. For America to be and remain great, she must be good.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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