by Sidney Secular

“No great goal is achieved without great struggle.” —Chinese proverb

“All of war involves the art of deceit.” —Anon

The most perfect achievement in something called “the art of warfare” is sometimes said to be the conflict in which a victory is achieved without a single shot ever being fired.  The conflict’s battles are bloodless, the casualties are invisible, and any final body count is never fully tallied by the losing side until the dust has settled and their defeat cannot be remedied.   It is an achievement of a state of conflict so perfect that the combatants on the losing side of the struggle often don’t even know they are engaged in it, and, to the extent that some do become aware of it, they can opt to turn a blind eye and pretend nothing is happening at all.

It is in such a conflict that Westerners currently find themselves entrapped.  And the West is rapidly being erased.

The facts are relatively simple ones.  We face intimidating numbers in terms of the invaders flooding into our countries, and none of these intruders, we are told, can be considered invaders per se, whether they come legally or illegally into our midst.  We also face monstrously pervasive and monolithic ideological concepts and forces which  — after decades of conditioning and propagandizing — are often universally accepted by our countryment as being truthful and legitimate.  For example, the notion that “All men are created equal,” despite the abundant evidence that this truism isn’t true at all.  Or “All cultures, nations, lifestyles, and religions are essentially the same in the context of cultural, national, lifestyle, and religious relativism.”  Or “At the end of the day, all human beings want the same things.” Or “Race and gender and borders are artificial and false constructs.”

Reality exposes all of these and similarly assumed truisms as being false, and half a century ago, most of Western man would have interpreted them as being what they are:  collections of fatuous platitudes.  Nonetheless, today these cliches are now taken at face value to be indisputable laws of nature.

The end result of the confluence of the two forces we’re discussing — massive, purging human migrations, and the new predominance of ideologies that promote notions of universalism (and thus accommodate the invasions) — has materialized at the very worst time in the history of the West.  Just as massive Third World invasions of our homelands began, that is precisely when all of our traditional ideological defenses collapsed and were replaced by today’s “feel-good progressive thinking.”  We are now so thoroughly hobbled by the ideological dominance of Liberalism and Cultural Marxism that, even as we face the greatest existential threats ever to loom over Western Civilization, we are forbidden to use the most fundamental words for our defense,  words like “We” or “displacement.”  Wrap your head around this thought:   even as we stare down the threat of being permanently purged off the map, we cannot use pronouns that describe our collective endangerment, or even use blunt descriptive terms to characterize the nature of our approaching demise.

This ability of our adversaries to proscribe even the words we are inclined to use to describe  our predicament is proof of the magnificent level of power that our adversaries and their orthodoxies hold over us.

We are as a result presently consigned to the position of helplessly awaiting our engulfment, and it has become clear for several decades that it will not be possible to save ourselves by working within existing legal and political institutions.  In addition, it is clear any effort at resistance made outside these structures will be ruthlessly suppressed by the authorities, and any attempts even to destabilize the existing status quo will probably be ineffective, because the momentum is now all moving against us.

We know full well the causes of the struggle in which we find ourselves.  The Republicans/Capitalists embrace the ongoing invasions because they want an unrelenting supply of cheap labor.  The Democrats/Socialists want a cheap supply of future voters.  The nation’s internal enemies and its fools want the white nation to be supplanted by an international polyglot Third World population, which will be more amenable to erasing the institutions and free market systems that have existed.  All three groups and their agendas percolate in a vast pool of propaganda, apathy, subversion, and convoluted altruism, in which our children and grandchildren are both intended and fated to drown.

Comprehend the horror for those of us who are sane and unpropagandized, to see most of our countrymen embracing the notion that becoming a minority in our own country is “cultural enrichment.”  Comprehend our horror that our rapid loss of the right of self-determination is written off as our “natural destiny” and a “sharing of democracy.”  Imagine what is going on in our heads as we watch a parade of states like Maryland, Texas, Florida and Georgia converting over to nonwhite majorities — and thus Democrat/Socialist majorities — permanently locking the entire country into one-party Democrat/Leftist rule.  This will happen in a number of years that can be counted using your fingers and toes.  Is it any wonder then that the brilliant British activist and writer Jonathan Bowden carefully surveyed the West’s deafening silence and inaction in the face of its dispossession — and ended up in a mental hospital?

Let us ponder the unspeakable, no need to hold back at this point, while the last scraps of the Bill of Rights still shelter us.  It is possible that we can save ourselves now only by disrupting the civil order, or that we will salvage the remnants of America only through great conflict.  It is also possible that such a conflict, even if we win, will be a pyrrhic victory unless it is followed by gargantuan efforts involving  resegregation, repatriation, and reeducation.  And such remedies would only be possible at this point through martial law, a suspension of constitutional rights, and blunt force.

Unthinkable thoughts, indeed.

But before anyone catches their breath in horror, let me pose a theoretical question:   Why should we automatically perceive these things as monstrous sins, when the machinery of our own democratic institutions has been skillfully subverted and used against us to achieve our dispossession and extinction?  Our opponents cannot stack the electoral deck by adding (ultimately) one and a half million Left-leaning invaders to their voter base every year — and then make appeals to fairplay, the rule of law, democracy, and decency.  They also can no longer convincingly engage in virtue signaling by gushing about “Diversity,” as it becomes more and more clear that “Diversity” is actually a euphemism for the gleeful slaughter of the traditional American nation-state.

It would appear, ladies and gentlemen, that we have been maneuvered, purposefully, into a corner from which only militancy, radicalism, and violence will now save us.  To reiterate, since viable lawful options for resistance have been closed out for us, the end game now appears to leave us with only one recourse:   to shove back against our displacement using some kind of force.  In the absence of force, the powers that be — the individual members of which often do not shun identity politics for themselves when it is to their advantage — fully plan to give away our children’s birthrights:  the right of self-determination, the right of cultural cohesiveness, and, in one context or another,  very likely the right of survival itself.

We are far beyond begging for a place at the table in the future America; it is becoming abundantly clear that they plan no seat there for us.  What we are witnessing is the evolution of a society that will be based on a hierarchy of victim classes, and one that reduces most of American history to a history of oppression — despite the fact that such a narrative is dishonest.  It will be a narrative in which we ourselves will be reduced to footnotes, despite the fact that whites overwhelmingly founded and built this society.  And make no mistake, this narrative  will perpetually relegate our children into both an irrelevant and a reviled pariah class.

Ironically, while all of this occurs, white people will most likely continue to emote about their sins involving prejudice and tolerance, while the rest of the world occupies itself by invading and devouring what white people have built.  Our meekness will be interpreted then as it is now:   very simply, both our silence and our inaction will be interpreted as consent.  Indeed, what possible leeway will there be for anything other than silence?  As a popular judge once said:  “Justice always requires two things:  venues for both action and a voice.”  We have been granted neither.  How then are we consigned to anything other than either the road of complete surrender or the road of rebellion?

If conflict occurs, this is not a struggle we deserved or asked for or created for ourselves.  It will be a struggle thrust upon us by traitors, political prostitutes, and fools.  Sadly, most of these people are internal enemies, all dwelling comfortably within our gates.  These human pestilences have thrust this misery on us with reassurances that it is to our benefit and there is nothing to fear. These people are, by any sane logic, liars, because we will either rise to engage in resistance, in one manner or another, or as a people we will not survive to fight again.

The primary function of any government is to protect and perpetuate the nation-state and culture that placed it in power.  In their failure to fulfill this fundamental and primary duty, our powers that be cannot morally dictate that specific rules of engagement be honored in this struggle.  In essence, there are no longer any binding rules of engagement, because, through their actions and inaction, the powers that be have lost the moral authority to impose them.  Through their own treason and negligence, these powers that be have rendered the previous rulebook null and void.

Such observations are no doubt alarming to most ears, because they are alarming even to those of us who have reached these conclusions.  But compared to the darkness that is coming, these assessments are no less extreme.  Yes, their connotations make any peaceful folk shudder.  Consider even so that advanced multiculturalism, a fraud cloaked in a disguise called “Diversity,” ultimately results in either eternal societal conflict or the submergence of the host society that foolishly welcomed it without limitations.  There are few scenarios more extreme than those two, and we are, perhaps, left only with the profoundly grim words of the French writer Guillaume Faye:

“When you discover that you must choose between extinction and violence, the only moral choice is to pray for violence.”

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