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The nooze has developed a habit of hitting you with stories that you don’t want to believe, and maybe can’t believe. But you check it out and it turns out to be true: heaven help us.

Here are a couple of flagrant examples that appeared last week.

A group of parents are suing the Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District over its “gender policy”—under which the schools are to “help” children “transition” to another sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents. In fact, the policy as written says “District employees are prohibited from notifying parents, without the child’s consent.” A ten-year-old can’t have a driver’s license, or contract binding debts, without the parents’ or guardian’s consent, but “he” can “transition” into “she” with the school’s blessing and assistance and the parents none the wiser—until it’s too late.

Is there any outrage that public education can’t commit, without making parents mad enough to pull their children out of there? Why are only 14 parents suing over this?

Just for the record, and because it’s important to speak the truth, there is no such thing as “transitioning” into another sex. It’s all make-believe. That it is being perpetrated in the schools is intolerable—or damned well should be.

We pay for these schools. We pay a lot. But we get no say in who teaches there and who doesn’t, and we get no say in what gets taught. All we do is pay. How did we ever get suckered into such a dirty deal?

Then there was the Democrat debate in Las Vegas, in which the audience booed Michael Bloomberg for saying, as tepidly as he could, that “communism doesn’t work.” Boo! Hiss! Moan! I mean, he could have said, with justice, “Communism is an abomination and a monstrosity that was responsible for some 100 million untimely deaths in the 20th century alone—and it still sucks today.” But just find a Democrat who’d say that. JFK is dead.

To someone who grew up in the 1950s—back when Nikita Khrushchev was pounding his shoe on his desk at the U.N. and declaring, “We will bury you”—this display bordered on the utterly fantastic. Now communism’s good? Now Democrats boo any criticism of it—even ludicrously understated criticism? Say it ain’t so.

Then you remember that they once booed God at their national convention.

But even more incredible, even more bizarre, was an announcement by the state of New York that from now on, as part of some incomprehensible species of “justice reform,” accused criminals are to be given a list of names of the witnesses against them. Bail is a thing of the past: arrest ‘em and release ‘em. But don’t forget to give ‘em that list of witnesses.

This is beyond folly. Are they purposely trying to touch off a crime wave? What’s next—a list of the witnesses’ children, and where they go to school?

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! It’s only gonna be for “non-violent crimes.” That list includes “second degree manslaughter, aggravated vehicular assault, promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child, possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child, criminally negligent homicide, and aggravated vehicular homicide.” Do those sound “non-violent” to you? Purposely running someone over with your car is “non-violent”? What are these lunatics thinking?

They say their goal is to release 125,000 criminals from prison per year. Oh, that’s good news for everybody else! And don’t sign up to be a witness unless you want to be murdered.

They’re also giving accused criminals the right to conduct their own “investigations” of the crime scene. “Oops! I’ve found some evidence that I did it!” But this is really just too crazy to be analyzed.

The Far Left wants to tear down our civilization so they can build a brand-new one, according to their own depraved and deluded notions, on the ruins.

Whenever you vote for a Democrat, you’re helping them do it.

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