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Email response from a reader from Chicago:

Mr. Wooldridge: “Sanity won in the U.S. Senate. Thank God! This Congress consists of misfits, criminals, and corrupt representatives.

“As for stopping the mass immigration among other things well, I believe the President has tried and every time he made a move to do something, it was blocked by Democrat/Communist leftovers from Obama who could care less about the country or its future.  The Democrats are relying upon the ILLEGAL aliens voting in our next elections to keep them in power.  However, the likes of the Muslims and trans-weirdo’s getting into power will destroy the last bastion of freedom in this world.  I am not a gun owner, but I am taking classes now to own a gun.  I see no other way to protect my wife and myself from the sick bastards that are being let into the country.

“When Congress-people only leave office by dying we have a very serious problem. Please God, help the normal people of the U.S.A. regain the country and bring sanity to get us out of this mess.”  Barry, Chicago, IL

Another email:

Ruth said, “The truly pathetic thing is that Pelosi, Schiff(t) for Brains, Nadler, et al, don’t realize how STUPID their antics look to normal people.”

Judi said, “Artificial Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to attach glitz and glamor to the most repugnant political act in all of American history yesterday. Imagine Pelosi handing out commemorative pens—with her name on them—after signing a resolution to transmit two articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate for trial!  Gall never had it so good!

“The commemorative pens are the equivalent of Pelosi perfuming the feces-filled streets of the once beautiful San Francisco, now one of the nation’s biggest health threats after Pelosi left it to rot while playing out the Impeachment Game.”

At the end of the State of the Union address, Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech.  Worse, it proved to be a brilliant celebration of America’s reemergence on the world stage and an honoring of a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman General Charles McGee from WWII, an Army Sergeant meeting his wife and kids, a Black girl gaining a scholarship and another ten people regaining their lives as Americans.

But the liberals featured their two Muslims dishonoring the Black General McGee and hating everything about America’s history. Omar and Tlaib need to be tossed out of Congress for being un-American. One should be returned to Somalia and the other over to Palestine.

What absolutely infuriates me: Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, Lewis, Tlaib, AOC and the rest of their ilk—spouted “impeachment rhetoric” even before Trump became president of the United States.

Those people don’t serve us; they inflame us and our country. That 78-year-old, wicked witch of the north, Nancy Pelosi, suffering from onset dementia, represents California’s failed nightmare of over 70,000 homeless people in L.A. and San Francisco. Instead of solving America’s problems in her own back yard, she celebrates illegal aliens and welcomes as many as possible to crash our borders.  She said, “These immigrants represent America’s future.” If they do, the future for our kids: very, very bleak!  She stands as one of the main reasons for over 25 million illegal aliens invading our sovereignty—in her forever congressional, corrupt, criminal career.

We Americans stressed over two years of the bogus Mueller Report.  It divided us with no substance.  It cost us with no cause.  It inflamed and divided us.

Yes, Trump may be bombastic, rude and tweets colorful missives.  Yes, he shakes up things.  At the same time, he gets America’s work done for the American people.  Obama sounded nice, looked smooth; but accomplished mostly nothing in eight wasted years.

The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate?  They haven’t done squat for years and decades.  We give them a 17 percent approval rating with each polling.  If any of us failed so miserably at our jobs, we would be fired with a 17 percent report on our work evaluation.

As Pelosi tore up Trump’s speech, she metaphorically shredded the fabric of our society.  She ripped apart our continuity.  She tore at the foundation of our Republic.  She’s useless and needs to be put out to pasture.

We need Term Limits of 10 years maximum for anyone in the House and Senate.  We need our laws and country respected.  We need to honor our culture, language and work laws.  We need our representatives to do their jobs, which they aren’t.

Instead of impeaching and harassing our president, Congress needs to stop all immigration. Congress needs to enforce existing laws against hiring, transporting and housing border violators. It needs to stop the 300,000 ‘anchor babies’ becoming birthright citizens illegally, annually.  Congress needs to stop chain migration and diversity visas. It needs to stop funding the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars and bring home our troops.  Those 100 senators and 435 House Members need to serve us instead of themselves.  If not, they need to quit and get a real job, where they actually must accomplish something daily, or get fired.

What do you think we need to do to get our elected officials to actually serve us?

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