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Glynn Adams pastored for several years in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. For the last twenty years has been involved in local ministries building a coalition to resist the evil overtaking this nation. He is currently a warrior and Watchman on the Wall– crying in the wilderness like John the Baptist for repentance. The church in America must wake up because there is a war going on against Christianity and we have not shown up for it!

Heading In the Wrong Direction

It seems to me that most Americans are now realizing that America is heading in the wrong direction.  While we may disagree on the reasons why we are heading in the wrong direction, the fact remains we are heading in the wrong direction.  In this article today, I want to present four reasons why America is heading in the wrong direction.

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True Biblical Christianity

It is decision time for the church in America!  Will we repent and allow God to develop in us a warrior’s heart and courage?  Do we realize we are in a spiritual war?  Do we realize if we will go to the battlefield, God will meet us there?  Will we forsake or continue under this false religious flag we are flying in our Republic until all will be lost?  Have we become cowards in America?

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Repent Back to the Simplicity and Purity of Devotion to Christ

We are in the dangerous perilous times the Apostle Paul warned us about but as Christians we are not discerning the times in which we live?  We are in a war with evil against Christianity, the family, our children, and this Republic but we have deliberately ignored this war rather than showing up at the battlefield as the army of God, dressed in the His full armor.

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