by Glynn Adams

November 22, 2022

I will admit this article is very negative but we are dealing with a very passive, negative, and disobedient religious system in America.  Most of the Body of Christ in this nation cannot get more negative than blatantly disobeying the LORD Jesus Christ and His Word and allowing evil to capture our nation and ruling over us when we have all Kingdom power, all Kingdom authority, His Name, His Word, and His spiritual weapons!!!

This most recent midterm election has clearly confirmed the direction this nation has been heading for some time now toward third world status and the politicians lead and not WE THE PEOPLE.  It also confirmed the ignorance of the so-called Christians, the citizens, and the Republican Party in this nation.  I am not disappointed and nor am I surprised at what happened on Election Day in America.

I am grieved but not surprised that we are no longer a Republic ruled by WE THE PEOPLE.  Because the Body of Christ in this nation will not resist the evil overtaking this nation, we are a captured nation, ruled by Satan, and we have become a dwelling place of demons and the gods of Zeiss and all the other gods of the ancient pagan world have moved into our nation and are manifesting themselves openly.   The pastors are blind and without knowledge and the pew warmers are deceived and ignorant.

The Globalist and demonic occults are after our seed – our children.  So-called Christians and their pastors as well as parents are silent and are afraid to resist the evil overtaking our nation.  In Revelation, cowards are the first cast into hell!!!  Every year we have less and less moral and virtuous citizens to maintain a Republic.  As of now America has a blink future because we are losing our younger generations to the demonic world and will not be able to maintain this Republic form of government!!!

The demonic occults and Globalist cabal led by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum are extremely effective in systemically dismantling this nation piece by piece using the same Marxists ideology that Lenin and Marx used so effectively to change the thinking and culture of other captured nations.  They clearly understand, “Train up a child when he/she is young and when they are old, they will not depart (from whatever they are taught.”)  Most pastors in the Body of Christ do not teach and equip their people for ministry and they present no moral compass to our nation.  They are useless false pastors and their flock is useless!!!  To disobey the LORD Jesus Christ and His Word and to remain silent in the face of evil and to refuse to resist evil is itself evil and God will not hold us guiltless!!!!

Lenin and Marx always enlisted willing citizens who would betray their nation and Marx called them useful idiots.  He would use the treasonous citizens to help him change the culture and thinking of a nation and the Democratic Party in this nation has served the Globalists well as useful idiots.  The Democrats are united, everyone is on the same page, and they are very faithful to the Globalists elites and the destructive Marxists ideology.  The difference in the Democrats and Republicans is the Democrats play to win and the Republicans do not.  I might add here that there are useful idiots among those who say they are Christians.  They are disobedient to the Word and the LORD Jesus Christ and betray Him like Judas and the Pharisees!!  There is no difference between what the Democrats are doing and what so-called Christians are doing.  Both are following Satan and his ways!!!!!  To remain silent in the face of evil is about as evil as you can get!!!

But it is the ignorance of the so-called Christians, citizens, and the Republican Party and their leaders that took center stage in this election.   It was amazing how inept they were because the Democrats had nothing to run on because of their open borders policy, fentanyl coming in killing our children,  inflation, lock downs during COVIT, deliberately destroying this nation,  reckless spending,  shut down of fossil fuels, anti-God agenda, taking away our freedoms, immorality, abortion, genderism, drugs, and our educational systems and I could go on and on without end.  I knew the fix was in as soon as the Republicans ran Dr. Oz in the very important swing state of Pennsylvania and Senator Leader McConnell withdrew funds from certain Republican Senatorial candidates.  We certainly can’t accuse the Democrats and Republicans of not working together!!!

It would have been nice to have won both Houses of Congress but in reality, our problems in this nation are not going to be solved by politicians but by the making of disciples of the Kingdom of God who are moral and virtuous, who will obey God in resisting the evil overtaking this nation.  Unfortunately, the Globalists are making more disciples than Christians are.  We must realize there is no power or authority outside the Kingdom of God.

What a spiritual mess we are in.  Pastors and their flock ignore evil and tolerate the evil overtaking this nation.    Jesus Christ and your obedience to our LORD and King is supposed to be our life!!!   Are you all in?  Are you totally committed to obedience of Jesus and His Word?  Jesus said in Matthew 16:25, “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”  If you think you will save your life by remaining silent to all this evil overtaking this nation, you are deceived and you will lose your life to Satan and his punishment in hell!!!!!

Because so many are disobedient to the LORD Jesus Christ, we are under the judgment of God.  We have no fear of God or love of God to obey Him, to be committed to Him, to be submitted to Him, to be faithful to Him, and to show allegiance to Him.  What the American Pastors and most of the Body of Christ are doing today in America in the name of religion is the betrayal of the ages!!!  What is coming to America will not be pretty but very painful unless we repent and turn back to the ways of God.  True repentance will cause us to get rid of these false pastors and nominal, pretending- to- be- Christians and forming an army of God to resist the demonic world overtaking this nation.   Time to radically change your ways!!!

I want to go back to the basics that we must learn that are so clear in the Word of God.  The Bible is a story that flows from Genesis to Revelation that tell us the story of God wanting sons, a people in His image and likeness that would represent Him on this earth and would be the ones who would expand His Heavenly Kingdom in this earthly realm in which we live.

I want you to remember these verses from the Word of God in Psalms 115:15-16, “May you be blessed by the Lord who made heaven and earth.  The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men.”  God is saying in plain English, “Heaven I rule but My children will rule the earth.”  Rule is to manage the earth bringing down the heavenly ways and oppose Satan’s ways.  So God’s desire is for His children who are filled with the Holy Spirit and who have been given all authority by God to rule -to manage- the earth.  Just remember this:  What area God’s children do not rule on this earth, Satan and his children will rule.   To not to resist evil is to be overcome by evil.  This is the war and it is a war the Body of Christ is not showing up for and engaging!!!

In American churches, we are being lied to by false pastors who preach error and not the whole council of God’s truth.  We are not told of the war between God and Satan, the war between our body of flesh and our spirit, the war between heaven and hell, light and darkness, lies and truth, the war in America against the truth and the war in America against Christians, the true followers of Jesus Christ.

We are told Christianity is a religion of peace, comfort, ease, no controversy, and that we can ignore or tolerate evil.  But evil is progressive and aggressive; never sleeps, always looking for an avenue into the created humans of God.  Jesus Christ is our only protection and the Word of God clearly explains how we are protected and how to resist.  One of our greatest sins today is Satan is exalting his lies against the Word of God and the Body of Christ in America is silent.  We are refusing the onslaught of Satan against us and our nation!!!  We are not told that one day we will have to give an account to Jesus Christ for the assignment and purpose God gave to each one on this earth.

Jesus told us upfront what those who followed Him would face in ministry.  Our false pastors have lied to us in that they have not equipped us for this ministry or told us about what we will face in this world.  Jesus said we will be hated, persecuted, sent out by Jesus as lambs among wolves and people will say all manner of evil against you on account of Jesus.  The Bible is clear, “All liars will be cast into hell!!!”

As a matter of fact, the purpose and goal of Jesus coming to this earth was to communicate His ideas and concepts from His mind to our mind.   That is why we renew our mind (Romans 12:2) with the washing of the water of the Word to remove our ideas from our mind so we can receive His ideas in our mind.  “Let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus.” (Philippines 2:5)   The King’s Word is law; it contains His ideas and we are to embrace them and to obey them and we have no opinion or private interpretation!!!

So what did God have in mind when He created man and placed him on this physical earth?   It was God’s idea to share His invisible Kingdom Government in Heaven with His offspring, which He called mankind and sons, and to give to them His nature and characteristics so they would extend His invisible Kingdom Government to the Physical realm called earth.   It is called the Kingdom of God.

In Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in Our image, in our likeness, and let them (let mankind) rule, rule (have dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”)   Notice here that God did not intend for man to rule over man.   This statement is the first declaration of God’s intent for you and me, and encompasses the total purpose, assignment, potential, passion, and design of man as an entity.

The second declaration of God’s intent for you and me as sons of God was to extend His rule, His will, and nature from heaven to earth.  His desire was to manifest His glorious character, wisdom, righteous judgments, and purposes in the earth realm through the administrative leadership of His sons on earth.  Man was created with the gifts and divine nature when he is born from above to execute God’s will on the earth.

The ultimate goal of God the Creator was to colonize earth with the ways of heaven and establish it as a visible territory of the invisible Kingdom of God.  His purpose was to have His will done and the heavenly kingdom come to earth just as it is in heaven.  The Bible says that in the fullness of time Jesus came to earth.  The fullness brought Rome to power so He did not have to explain Kingdom in detail to the people because they were under the rule of Caesar’s Roman kingdom and knew exactly how it operated.

Caesar would extend his territory by sending a governor to a region to colonize that region to become a Roman Colony that would reflect the character and will of Caesar.  That is exactly what Jesus did when He came to earth.  He established His Kingdom, taught His disciples all about the Kingdom of God, character in the Kingdom, conduct in the Kingdom and ministry in the Kingdom.  Jesus later sent them out to make disciples and to colonize that region to be ruled by the character and will of God.   That mandate has not changed today while we continue to ignore it!!!

In the Kingdom of God in America, Jesus does not send out a governor like the Roman Empire did.  He has the church – sons and daughters of God.  God gave us power, all authority which means we have the full backing of God in heaven with us.  What is the purpose or mission of the church in America?.  We are Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.  We represent the government of the Kingdom.  We represent heaven on earth – we are to bring the will of God, the character of God, the ways of God, the morality of God and to train and equip them to bring this Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.  One only has to look at the foolishness we are doing in church today to see how far from the will of God we are in America.

The first thing Jesus did after the wilderness experience was to proclaim, “Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)    Change your ways, the way you think, think Kingdom, it is here.  Then in Luke 4:43, Jesus said, “I must preach the Kingdom of God to the other cities also because for this purpose I have been sent.”  HATH GOD REALLY SAID?!!!  Yes He did and that is our purpose and mission also in America.  To proclaim the Kingdom of God by bringing His will in heaven to earth.  Jesus is clear, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Pray like this, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.  HATH GOD REALLY SAID?  Yes, and we have ignored it.  We attend church instead!!!!!

Christians, we have a mandate from Jesus to be on a mission to represent God and manage the earth.  If you do not know your mission and purpose, you will do all kind of things but not the right things.  Satan will give us good things so we will not do the right things.  Present the Kingdom of God which is the rule of God!!!  Today, most Christians in America are ruled by Doctrine of Demons and not God.

The Kingdom of God is all about influence but Satan wants to influence America.  Is not Satan influencing America more today than the followers of Jesus?  In America today, there is so much confusion and lack of knowledge in the Body of Christ today.  Our false pastors are not teaching the Word of God and those who claim to be Christians are not studying the Word of God to learn the ways of God.

If we had any fear of God or understood the fear of God, we would as a Body of Christ, come into obedience to our King and LORD!!!  Jesus said in Mathew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.”  HATH GOD REALLY SAID?  Yes – and many think they are secure in Jesus by attending church services while disobedient to God.  The tragedy in America is those who are deceived do not know they are deceived because they do not hear the truth from their false pastors!!!   God bless, I remain His warrior and watchman, Glynn Adams (Thanks for the writings of the late Myles Monroe and his vast knowledge of the Kingdom of God, and Pastor Ron Carpenter of Redemption of Church in California)

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