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Roy Masters who in his 80s continues to broadcast the longest-running counseling show in talk radio history, his internationally syndicated daily radio program Advice Line, grew up in pre-WWII England. He started his journey toward understanding human nature when as a teen he saw a stage hypnotist at a vaudeville show in Brighton. The hypnotist easily put volunteer subjects in a spell and made them do outlandish things, like dancing with a broom and forgetting their own names. Puzzled by the hypnotist's mysterious power, Roy distinctly remembers pondering the question: "Why can't hypnotism be used to make people act sensibly, rather than foolishly?" Inspired by the idea of harnessing this baffling force for good, he later pursued the art of hypnotism and established a successful hypnotherapy practice. After several years of practice, Masters made his central and pivotal discovery about the root of people's emotional problems, addictions and complexes. He realized that people did not need hypnosis, because their core problem was that they are already hypnotized not by a clever stage performer, but by the stresses, pressures and seductions of daily life. He used his knowledge to discover a way to help us become de-hypnotized, and discovered that the root of the power of negative suggestion lay in our wrong emotional response, that of resentment. Masters' remarkably effective exercise, a simple observation technique called Be Still and Know is at the core of his unmatched track record in helping people overcome even the most serious mental-emotional problems, and is the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community (Patriot Outreach) that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A Man In A Swamp

The less we modify our emotions and reactions, the less we can modify them. Struggling like a man in a swamp, we are left to our own insufficient devices.

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Anger Is A Lack of Love

When a situation is not met with the delicate timing of Truth, then you are seen as unjust. When you lack the understanding to meet a situation, you will excite the animal nature of others to rise up and give you greater pain – that you are powerless to meet.

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The Journey of Self Destruction

The more we deny God to be god (always right, never wrong), the more deeply we will involve ourselves with the people, places, pleasures, and intrigues that will surely kill us in the end.

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Resisting Negative Suggestions

Inasmuch as we all enter the world as products of original sin, we tend to put our faith in the people we find around us, and as a result, we wind up misled, betrayed, and disillusioned.

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Truth: The Ultimate Stress

The animal hardens itself against environment by growing stronger than the stress. The human being must reverse this process, and not harden himself against the stress of the Truth; instead he must allow himself to be absorbed by that Truth, progressively responding to it.

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Using Anger To Control People

Therefore, the solution lies in the present moment. If you discover the way to stop reacting to the present as the extension of your past, a wonderful thing happens. It is the present reaction of resentment that builds upon the original implanted event and reinforces all aberrant behaviors.

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