By Steven Yates

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” —Buckminster Fuller, inventor and futurist

GloboCorp might have preferred us peasants to believe we are “free” because we can vote and consume, that we live in “democracies,” that the “rule of law” is in effect, etc., etc., all while its corporate-backed trade dealers spent the past three decades destroying the U.S. manufacturing base to raise corporate profit margins, Big Food and Big Pharma pumped us full of junk food and unhealthy chemicals also in the name of profitability, and global technocrats began encircling us with increasing layers of surveillance and control.

But we balked by rejecting many GloboCorp narratives. “Free trade” (for example) has been exposed as a scam to redistribute wealth upwards. “Diversity is our strength” is ridiculous! All one has to do is look at how every “multicultural” society on the planet is experiencing massive civil conflict (South Africa is the latest example). In various countries we began electing “undemocratic” types like Viktor Orbán (Hungary), Donald Trump (the U.S.), Jair Bolsanaro (Brazil), and a few others who began pushing back.

This had to be upended!

GloboCorp’s denizens tried to take back the Internet, and succeeded in badly damaging alternative media with their “Russian propagandists” hoax, just as the “Russian collusion” hoax straitjacketed the Trump administration for two years.

Hoax or not, it’s clear, I don’t have a fraction of the readership I had six years ago, because fewer people find their way to my articles if I don’t take the trouble of emailing links directly to a list.

Other authors have told me the same thing, that their readership dropped precipitously during the Trump years as Google made their material harder to find and Flakebook’s and the Twitter sphere’s campaigns of censorship ratcheted up.

GloboCorp is probably watching what many of the sheeple are doing now with approval. The hard left advocates critical race theory and sees “white supremacists” under every rock and behind every tree. I am sure its denizens are also enjoying the gender wars. Meanwhile, visible voices on the far right follow the QAnon psyop and think Trump will be restored to office. There are no Constitutional provisions for restoring a stolen election. I don’t think it occurred to our Founding Fathers that something like that could happen!

C.J. Hopkins again:

People who have spent time in prison, or who have lived in openly totalitarian societies, are familiar with being ruled by brute force. Most Westerners are not, so it has come as a shock. The majority of them still can’t process it. They cannot see what is staring them in the face. They cannot see it because they can’t afford to see it. If they did, it would completely short-circuit their brains. They would suffer massive psychotic breakdowns, and become entirely unable to function, so their psyches will not allow them to see it.

Others, who see it, can’t quite accept the simplicity of it (i.e., the lesson being taught), so they are proposing assorted complicated theories about what it is and who is behind it … the Great Reset, China, the Illuminati, Transhumanism, Satanism, Communism, whatever. Some of these theories are at least partially accurate. Others are utter bull-goose lunacy.

They all obscure the basic point of the lesson.

The point of the lesson is that GloboCap — the entire global-capitalist system acting as a single global entity — can, virtually any time it wants, suspend the Simulation of Democracy, and crack down on us with despotic force. It can (a) declare a “global pandemic” or some other type of “global emergency,” (b) cancel our so-called “rights,” (c) have the corporate media bombard us with lies and propaganda for months, (d) have the Internet companies censor any and all forms of dissent and evidence challenging said propaganda, (e) implement all kinds of new intrusive “safety” and “security” measures, including but not limited to the physical violation of our bodies … and so on. I think you get the picture. (The violation of our bodies is important, which is why they love “cavity searches” in prison, and why the torture-happy troops at Abu Ghraib were obsessed with sexually violating their victims.)

Do you “get the picture”?

I’ve argued for years that materialism, as a comprehensive philosophical worldview (not a mere obsession with material things), left us at GloboCorp’s mercy. Over more than a century it gradually collapsed all the systems of morality that enabled the rise of Western liberty and its support institutions, while reducing us to human atoms — animals no different in kind from actual sheep — separate from each other and from all other things in a dead and purposeless universe. Since our behavior is a product of chemicals in our brains, we can be medicated so we behave better. Hence Big Pharma.

With materialism, morality can never be more than a stipulation or cultural artifact (even seeing it as an evolutionary epiphenomenon is ultimately a culture-bound decision). Science may seem to get the last word, but scientific institutions need funding, and funders never donate without strings attached. Thus Money and Power get the last word, not something called scientific method (or, as its altar now reads: The Science).

GloboCorp refined its techniques and its mastery of propaganda, doubtless learning from mistakes like allowing mass media reportage of Vietnam to turn the heads of an entire generation, and then letting the Internet get away. There are reasons why around 90 percent of mass media is owned by six well-networked corporate leviathans, and why the Internet is now largely controlled by a handful of tech giants.

I don’t claim GloboCorp’s will to power was caused by materialism. There has always been a sociopathic minority fascinated with power, believing themselves most fit to rule, and driven to develop the schemes we’ve documented. Only wise and knowledgeable men and women of ethics can keep a civilization’s wolves in check. Nor do I think materialism is the only worldview destructive of basic morality. But it is the prevailing thought-system in the West. It is the one we either deal with, or Western civilization’s lights gradually go out.

This is one reason I wrote What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory, to criticize materialism and kick doors open to a pluralist outlook in which Christianity and perhaps other worldviews are at the table. Assuming this still possible.

Bottom line: with freedom and morality everywhere in full retreat, we’re in the worst peril I’ve seen, and it does not surprise me that many of my Christian friends are saying, “God is in charge. He will make this right in the end.”

Even if, like Job, we are destroyed in the meantime!

It could happen, and so I’ve grown uncomfortable with such mantras, which amount to praying and otherwise doing nothing except leaving things to chance. I can’t do it. I’m not convinced God wants us sitting on our duffs. Which is why I use the one weapon He gave me: my word processor!

So was last year Year Zero? Is this Year One? What does this mean?

It occurred to me (maybe to Hopkins before me), if GloboCorp achieves its goal — a world government answering to global corporations technocratically managing vaccine-reduced populations, Georgia Guidestones style — why would it continue using a convention of numbering our years reflecting a faith its denizens despise?

Why wouldn’t it start over, with last year — the year it dropped the hammer on the world — being Year Zero and this being Year One?

Next year would then be Year Two. By Year Three or Four, we’ll know if vaccine apocalypse is fact or fiction.

It is reasonable to think GloboCorp wants its goals achieved by Year Ten. That’s why the year we presently designate 2030 keeps coming up (here, here, here, elsewhere).

However much the control freaks sugarcoat it with words like sustainability, and speak of a world without poverty, reducing injustice, etc., what they want is global systemic, cradle-to-grave totalitarianism.

While admittedly the primary beneficiaries of the plandemic have been billionaires, this is not about money. These people have more money than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes.

This is about total power. It is about that Orwellian boot stamping human faces, forever.

That, my readers, is the telos of materialism, as a view of nature and of ourselves and our place in the world.

Is there another way?

Inventor and genius R. Buckminster Fuller gave the counsel quoted above, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Changing the present system from the inside is not an option. Voting is useless if your vote can be changed by a machine. Only if people who want freedom separate themselves from the coming New Normal in the manner I discussed earlier this year (here, here, here, here, here, here), build self-reliant and autonomous communities with like-minded others, and then continue the traditions of our forefathers who built the West and then America.

Some believe (for example, Doug Casey) that what GloboCorp envisions can’t happen. A few writers (Leopold Kohr, John Bagot Glubb, E.F. Schumacher) argued at length that small is better because big eventually disintegrates.

One of the reasons GloboCorp’s denizens may want a vaccine apocalypose they believe they can ride out in their gated communities is the logistic impossibility of technocratically managing over 7.8 billion people.

Five hundred million? That might be a “sustainable” number!

But even then, if GloboCorp got everything it wanted, would the psychopaths at its helm be able to pass it on to the next generation?

Or would GloboCorp: The Next Generation, coming of age in those gated communities(and perhaps having had it hidden from them what their parents had done), have grown soft and quickly fall prey to rebellions that would doubtless be brewing?

By people ready to hold trials that would make those of Nuremberg look like Judge Judy by comparison!

An advancing and thriving civilization, one truly sustainable (before propagandists got their hands on that word), depends on a body of ideas: that truth exists,that the human mind possesses or is possessed by some of it even prior to sustained inquiry, and that it can be harnessed by human ingenuity. Such a civilization rises and thrives based on personal freedoms (liberties), institutions such as private property including for the “little people” because persons have intrinsic value, and respect for the honest transaction. It maintains sound money (not fractional fiat “money”). It is decentralized. It inculcates, through sound and locally-controlled education a morally-grounded respect for the rule of law (not arbitrary authority). Its doctors are healers, not technocrats, bureaucrats, or profiteers-only. They value health and positivity. All of this is grounded in the idea that we answer to a Transcendent Being even if we don’t always agree about His nature or always know what He wants.

That’s not the civilization we have, of course. In the near future of the one we have, GloboCorp will have its hands full. Fortunately, the odds that its minions will trouble to track us all down — especially those of us holed up in second world countries — aren’t zero, but they don’t rise to anywhere near 100 percent.

In the meantime, there are interesting things happening out here in the boonies regarding energy and decentralization that could lead to genuinely free and thriving communities, suggesting that No, this is not and never will be Year One. In the months ahead I hope to write about these things, which transcend existing models about extraction, energy production, distribution, consumption, and unlimited growth in the manner of the Fuller quote above. If readers are interested. Let me know.

Steven Yates’s new book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory has been published by Wipf and Stock (Eugene, OR).

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