By Steven Yates

… [T]he advance of technology has produced a human population that is far more helpless and dependent than any human population before, one that is unable to survive when exposed to the elements, or travel long distances on foot, make its own tools, construct its own shelter, clothe and feed itself without outside assistance, treat diseases with substances available from the environment, or teach its children to survive on their own… How will these people, who have been conditioned since birth to expect to be taken care of by a vast industrial machine, respond to suddenly being forced to rely on their own wits and physical strength to survive? How many of them will not even try and simply await a rescue that will never come?” Dmitry Orlov, Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-Sufficiency and Freedom (2016)

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Recapping main points of this series (elaborating in some cases in light of more recent developments):

  • The U.S. is now the largest banana republic in history. We crossed that Rubicon November 3-4. For more evidence, go here. The Iron Wall of Denial stands firm, however, ensuring no going back. Truth is now the “Big Lie”; lies are called truth;this is called “fortifying democracy.” Huge lawfare suits by a global voting technology corporation (you know the one), with threats of further lawsuits against conservative news outlets,indicate the level of force behind the approved narrative about (S)Election 2020. The odds of there being another honest national election in the U.S. are negligible. The Democrat Party’s H.R.1, designed to make mail-in votinga permanent fixture, will ensure this. The bill’s name — the “For the People Act” — could be straight out of Orwell!
  • Blatant double-standards are the order of the day. Leftist hooligans can loot and burn stores for weeks on end, even force police stations to close, and be labeled “mostly peaceful protesters.” A couple hundred Trump supporters (of tens of thousands present) inadvisably breach the Capitol on “1/6.” They are called “insurrectionists” and “seditionists” and hunted down like animals.
  • Conservative Patriots are not going to “take America back.” The GloboCorp / cultural left alliance spent four years scheming to get back in power following 2016’s upset. They finally succeeded. Should the country fragment amidst continued political turmoil or economic-financial collapse, conservative governance may become possible in separated states or regions where enough conservatives have gathered.
  • Separation is therefore the path to follow — psychological, spiritual, political-economic — to the extent possible and practical. This means independence skills: self-reliance, community building,and conservatives having the stones to protect themselves if need be,provided this doesn’t mean de facto suicide going up against weakened but still superior military might. But minus independence from GloboCorp-controlled systems, conservatives will have to submit to tyranny.
  • If the start of the 2020s is any indication, GloboCorp will get most of what it wants. It has learned how to use weaponize fear. But because of the trajectory empires always follow, its days are already numbered. Many of its visible leading figures are in their 80s. Bill Gates is 65. If conservatives act now, then when GloboCorp’s next generation drops the ball, they will be in a position to rebuild a world that accords with their values,and not end up like the hapless folks Dmitry Orlov envisions above, waiting for someone to rescue them.

As with the Second Coming of Christ, we have no timetable for GloboCorp’s collapse. And we can be sure, GloboCorp has learned from past errors. It will shore itself up for as long as it can. Moreover, never before will there have been a Leviathan the size of GloboCorp. Its tentacles are everywhere (does your country have a central bank?). When it goes down, it could take most of civilization with it!  Those who have done nothing to prepare could be in for a very rough ride! The worst case scenario is that of a dark age that, in the West anyway, could last a century or more!

The people who created and built up GloboCorp are sociopaths who see common people living common lives as the moral equivalent of cattle. As they embraced materialism over a century ago, they founded eugenics — which enables writing entire populations out of the moral community. After the Nazi atrocities were revealed, the idea went into eclipse.

Arguably eugenics has been revived within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (go here): covertly, of course, since today no one would promote such ideas openly or use that term. GloboCorp has no problem with eugenics, because it has no qualms about eliminating whatever/whoever stands in its way, or cannot profitably use. It would rather not engage in overt genocide, as did Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Overt genocide is messy, would be hard to hide, and would invite unified and deadly pushback. GloboCorp’s superelites want to avoid organized, large-scale resistance at all costs! They know there are a lot more of us than there are of them. GloboCorp is, at most, 300-400 extended families at various control helms around the globe pulling strings of the various political and lower-echelon corporate classes, and in “think tanks,” with several thousand more career bureaucrats, technocrats, functionaries, intelligence-type goons and assorted spooks.

So if GloboCorp wants to eliminate or just reduce populations, it would rather just prevent them from having kids, so they unobtrusively die off in a generation or so. Perhaps disrupting their immune systems in the meantime, to shorten life spans of “useless eaters.”

Is this the real purpose of frantically vaccinating the world for Covid with poorly tested, “experimental” mRNA vaccines the long term effects of which are unknown? Is this a reason why information about HCQ/zinc and Ivermectin as cures for Covid were suppressed while people died? Does this explain the massive, ongoing narrative control, with Big Tech and Corporate Media censoring all criticisms of the approved narrative under such labels as vaccine hesitancy, with critics demonized as antivaxx loons even if they include eminently qualified MDs and PhDs in epidemiology? GloboCorp’s message is now broadcast everywhere, all the time, in all major media,to the global peasantry: don’t hesitate; don’t ask questions; obey! Trust us, we’re the experts!

It would be interesting to inquire how GloboCorp developed. There have always been power elites, and they’ve warred with each other over land and resources. But never before has amany-tentacled entity arisen that may be fractious here and there but overall has the consolidated power of GloboCorp.

I think the industrial system itself created conditions for GloboCorp’s rise, and I hope to develop this idea in a future piece. Among the things conservatives should do is question whatever allegiance they have to this system, as their ancestors the Jeffersonian agrarians questioned the Hamiltonians who eagerly imported the industrial mindset from the British. This put us on course, in the late 1800s, for the rise of Rockefellers and others who established what was then called the Money Power. They created the Federal Reserve system. Outside the Real Matrix, in the Desert of the Real, the U.S. has been a plutocratic oligarchy since 1912.

Cutting to the chase, GloboCorp’s “road to world order” has been hard, because most of the world doesn’t want to be on it! Hence the parade of scare tactics and campaigns of terror. Some, decades ago,were based in reality. Example: the fear of a third world war between powers with nuclear weapons. But others may turn out to be mostly imaginary.

Today, we hear about “man-made climate change” because GloboCorp wants us to hear about it. It is important to remember that as BS artists (most sociopaths are), they really couldn’t care less whether climate change is happening or not. Their primary interest is in having another tool they can use to instill fear and incentivize submission: one which wasn’t working, as the basic idea is too abstract, and there are just too many skeptics out here in the boonies. Should climate change be real, it would require abandoning industrialism on a global scale. Many authors variously positioned on the ideological spectrum have figured this out, and doubtless GloboCorp knows it as well, and this is part of its campaign for a world based on surveillance and control.

Industrialism does face a major crisis that has nothing to do with climate as such. One of my recent conclusions is that the entire advanced world’s most significant known challenge is natural resource depletion. One person to whom I floated the idea of oil depletion told me that (in his opinion) “peak oil” was a ploy to hike gas prices. I don’t think so. While it is impossible to say, definitely, that all the world’s oil and natural gas reserves have been discovered, arguably the world is either close to that point or has passed it. A “peak” is just that point at which the cost of extracting a barrel of oil exceeds the anticipated benefits from that barrel. An oil field where this occurs is declared dead, Further drilling there would mean operating at a loss. Fracking, on the best possible interpretation, is only buying time.

One good source I mentioned in Part 5 is James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century (2005). Another good person to read on energy and its production is Dmitry Orlov, whose engineering background positions him to understand the issues. Bottom line: as I noted in Part 5, you cannot have indefinite growth with finite resources on a finite planet. If, perchance, oil has an inorganic origin and actually is renewable, there is no evidence it will be renewed in sufficient time or in sufficient quantities to keep industrialism going — especially as the latter grows and grows and grows.

Another source who ties together a lotis Michael C. Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon: the Decline of the American Empire At the End of the Age of Oil (2004). Ruppert contends that those we are calling GloboCorp have known all this for decades. For a while they weren’t united on what to do. There was the UN’s Agenda 21, but too many people learned of it and resisted. Then global “populism” happened — far less unified, but enough of an existential threat to motivate them to do whatever it took to get rid of Trump. And regardless of what happened, they had a Plan B.

They are scrambling nonetheless. A debate is raging behind the scenes whether the coronavirus presumed to cause Covid evolved in bats or was genetically engineered. Naturally, the approved narrative favors the former while a number of reputable scientists (including the scientist who isolated the HIV virus) hold out for the latter. If the coronavirus was genetically engineered and either escaped from a lab or was deliberately released, perhaps it was because GloboCorp realized time is running out. If it does not get its world government within the next decade or two, things start to disintegrate on the energy front, and it fails to achieve its most ambitious goal.

GloboCorp needs energy as much as the rest of us.What its minions thus want is a world where the peasantry’s energy use is strictly monitored and where felt necessary, curtailed. But it has no plans to apply this to itself / its own! Hence all the flower-power talk about “sustainability” and “stakeholder capitalism” while its members fly to confabs using more energy in a day than the average person uses in a month.

Enter the planned Great Reset!

Assuming natural resource depletion to be real, GloboCorp’s challenge to itself is to reduce energy use for us peasants! — while continuing to centralize the world, maintaining globalist trade policy and globalist infrastructure to maximize profits for itself while keeping the peasantry controlled and obedient.

How better to explain the controlled demolition of the world’s middle classes with business-destroying lockdowns over something with a survival rate of over 99.5 percent for everyone under 70 with no pre-existing conditions? How else to explain the systemic gaslighting of entire populations with nonstop fear porn?

A difference between Agenda 21 and the Great Reset is that the former was not put forth amidst populations made fearful of getting sick and dying—in which some were getting sick and dying, or losing loved ones, because knowledge and availability of effective non-vaccine cures was being withheld!

If fear-based incentives fail to work and the demonizing of dissidents as “conspiracy theorists” fails to work, it is clear, governments answering to GloboCorp will turn to brute force. They will use “public health” to rationalize incarcerating resistors if it comes to that.

A decentralized world, built around autonomous communities living close to the land, will also require less energy to thrive, while promising freedom instead of serfdom. Such communities can message GloboCorp: “We don’t want you; we don’t need you!”

As noted in Part 4, belief in survival is maximally important, while facing squarely the realities before us. I’ve tried to provide some basics on which others can expand (a few already have). So where do we go from here?

What we conservatives can do is be sure of our first principles. Who are we? What do we stand for, and why? What are our core values, and what is their grounding?

A major reason “movement conservatism” collapsed is that it forgot such questions. Its voices had no idea what they wanted to conserve beyond a few platitudes about “smaller government”and “lower taxes,” so they conserved nothing while the cultural left steadily advanced. “Movement conservatives” focused on the next election. Leftists think long term. They always have. Long term is what counts.

Should we reevaluate our beliefs about industrialism,a society based on mass consumption, on range-of-the-moment emotional decisions triggered by clever advertising, and increasingly on ever-rising debt?Conservatism did not originate in such an environment, and has not thrived or benefited one whit from consumer culture. What benefits from consumerism is what sells. Trumpism sold, at least to one segment of the population. “Antiracism” (i.e., anti white racism) sells to a segment of the population across the aisle that hates Trump.Outside District of Corruption enclaves and their satellite entities around the country, “movement conservatism” does not sell at all. I think this explains a lot of its rage toward Trump.

Let me ask this another way. Should we advocate for a society based on markets— a laissez faire order that is just one big market place? Or should we promote communities that contain markets: essential economic space,circumscribed by cultural institutions and educational practices that provide nonnegotiable moral direction on which we cannot place price tags? Steve Bannon observed that there is more to a nation than its economy. Love him or not, he was right, in the same sense that there is more to your life than your job. I don’t know who first said that economics is “downstream” from culture,but the idea rings true.

Culture, moreover, is “downstream” from worldview.

What is our worldview?

Materialism has never been anything but trouble. Conservatives should repudiate it explicitly, affirming instead as a core principle the reality of a transcendent realm of value — the grounding of the value of a human life.

All human life, from the unborn to the elderly; white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and so on.

This would permit (among other things) us to condemn the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter when they call white people racists and try to cancel U.S. history while doing nothing to reduce the death toll to black children from violence in their own neighborhoods.

Many of us find the grounding of transcendent moral value in the Providential God of the Christian faith, realizing that Exodus 20 did not provide ten suggestions, that the Sermon on the Mount issued precepts for functional lives in functional communities, that the Apostle Paul offers sound advice for families who keep God at their center, and that we find our salvation in Jesus Christ — not in government, not in the economy, and not in what Dmitry Orlov calls the Technosphere.

Given all this, how do we want to impact the future? How do we want the future to be different because we were here? Will we again be a force that made the world better? (See here and here for further ideas.)

These are questions we can pose, to guide our actions in our personal and professional lives, and our political involvements, no matter what GloboCorp does, even if its actions mean we have our work cut out for us.

Conservatives should be setting examples for anyone who cares to watch. We need to be sure our thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment, and then go forward on our path in accordance with the will of our God. Will the rest of the world follow, or even notice? I don’t know, but that can’t be our concern at this point. We can’t control what others do. Our concern is with what we can do: getting our house in order, staying off false rabbit trails (e.g., QA nonsense), and gaining the skills we need.

Once we have done these things, if we are persistent and patient, much of the rest may begin to take care of itself. We can make the time. Can GloboCorp?

Steven Yates’s latest book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory will be published by Wipf and Stock later this year.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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