By Steven Yates

Where We Are Now

This article will begin a series I started thinking about in December, facing the possibility that Trump’s and his supporters’ efforts to expose the theft of an election would fail, and an illegitimate Biden-Harris regime would become America’s new reality. This would conclude the color revolution that began on November 3-4, 2020 and will end on January 20, 2021.

We have to begin with an account of where we are now that is as clear is it can be.

The first salient reality: the November 2020 election was stolen. We know some but not all of the details of the steal. Those who stole the election got away with it. Past tense.

Frustrated outrage was in evidence on January 6, which has only grown given the description of pro-Trump demonstrators as “rioters” and “seditionists” even though 99.99 percent never lifted a finger to damage the Capitol or harm anyone.

We live in a topsy-turvy world. Truth had already ceased to matter. Evidence is whatever defenders of approved narratives want it to be. We read repeatedly of five dead as if all five had been killed by Trump supporters. Ashli Babbitt, 35, was shot in cold blood by a cop. Three others had medical emergencies. Only one, officer Brian Sicknick, 42, died from an apparent head injury sustained while engaging protesters.

Everything has been turned upside down. The good — family, faith, free speech, freedom of assembly, real learning, achievement — are now treated as evil. They face a very real threat of being canceled. I fully expect to see Christians facing persecution in America before long.

What most of us consider evil — suppression of information, looting, bullying and intimidation— are good if they serve politically correct causes, for which the ends justify the means.

Our reality is that of an institutionalized double-standard between leftists and conservatives. We have no means of reversing this, or even effectively defending ourselves against it.

Hard left groups (Antifa, Black Lives Matter) can assault people on the street especially if they are white, loot stores, block highways, attack vehicles (especially police cars), commit arson, and Corporate Media will still deem them “peaceful protesters,” acting against “systemic racism” and for “social justice.”

Conservatives can assemble in a crowd somewhere between 100,000 and a million, actually be peaceful(no stores looted, no random attacks, no cars overturned, not a single building set ablaze) —but vulnerable to infiltration by said leftist groups whose purpose was to instigate violence —so that Trump supporters can collectively be demonized as “rioters,” “insurrectionists,” and “domestic terrorists.”

It is important to expose this double-standard at every opportunity! And reveal the sheer hypocrisy for what it is!

Here is another harsh reality: Democrats are now the primary enablers of the radical, cultural Marxist left in America, and as of January 20 they will control both houses of Congress and the White House. There is a chance they will try to pack the Supreme Court to gain power there. They will almost certainly throw the borders back open, flooding the country with immigrants both legal and illegal. This means more registered Democrats. They could well grant statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Four more Senators, all Democrats. They will probably try to abolish the Electoral College, to disempower less populous states filled with Trump supporters.

With big cities’ continued control by Democrats, this will give the Democrat Party a lock on the political system that could prove unbreakable by Republicans some of whom no longer want anything to do with Trumpism but have no inkling what they stand for otherwise. The problem in a nutshell:there are no real conservatives left in the Republican Party. Neocons are not conservatives. Libertarians are not conservatives. Nor are most “big business” Chamber of Commerce types, who are likely to embrace cultural Marxist practices without even realizing it.

All of which presages the U.S. becoming a One Party State, not unlike China. The difference is that in China, the Chinese Communist Party is the prevailing force. In the U.S., prevailing enforcement will come through a tight network of corporations.

The next reality is that Big Tech is completely out of control. As I write, we are witnessing the largest purge of information I’ve ever seen. YouTube scrubbed the Catherine Austin Fitts interview I linked to in my last article. I had to have the link replaced by one to Bitchute. Someone reuploaded it; I don’t think the new upload will last long.

We know about Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram kicking President Trump off their sites. Big Tech corporations can censor the President of the United States of America, and he has no recourse.

That should tell you all you need to know about who controls information in America now.

Both Amazon and Google scrubbed Parler’s downloadable app from their stores. Parler has become the fastest growing social media platform that pointedly does not censor.

These purges are being conducted in the name of fighting “hate speech,” a term no one ever defines, and “conspiracy theories.” Does anyone with a functioning brain not now realize that power elites have conspired against We The People with great success???

Expect more purges, more censorship, more demonizing of Trump supporters. Cultural Marxism now has a green light. This could easily extend beyond social media and spill onto sites like this one. is not as trafficked as any of us would like. But the greater your traffic, the greater your vulnerability to being canceled without recourse. It is conceivable that well-trafficked truth-telling sites like that of Paul Craig Roberts, Gateway Pundit, Global Research, Unz Review, American Thinker, and others could find themselves in jeopardy, with no new laws having been passed. Again, the primary repressors of free speech in the U.S. is not government but corporations. This includes CNN recently calling for an end to Fox News (conservatism-lite).

We come to another unfortunate reality:some people’s ability to blinker themselves with outdated ideas.

Libertarians and those in similar orbits (voluntarists as they call themselves, theoretical anarchists, a few remaining disciples of Ayn Rand) argue that “these are private companies; they can do business with whoever they please and deplatform whoever they please. The First Amendment does not apply to private companies.” Go build your own platform! these people sneer.

These folks do not realize they are playing right into the hands of the cultural Marxists, enemies of everything they say they stand for. The hard left rejects individualism however understood; it rejects free markets, and voluntary associations except for their own.

This kind of stance is even more naïve, however. A friend of mine exhausted part of his life savings trying to come up with a conservative alternative to Facebook. He did not have CIA connections or access to Deep State money.

The problem: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are not “private companies” in any meaningful, real-world sense. They are in bed with the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and other governmental entities embedded within with what we conveniently call the Deep State. It was not mere marketplace competition that obtained for them 99 percent market share in phone networks, downloadable apps, etc.

Those who use the these-are-private-companies argument simply aren’t in the real world. They don’t see where the locus of power is, that it lies with the interlocked networks of corporations that command advanced communications technology, not in “their” government. Your average politician or federal bureaucrat couldn’t set up and run a hot dog stand.

Money is what talks! Government may have the guns (some of them, anyway), but global corporations have the money that tells the relevant agencies of government where to point them! If political power grows out of the barrel of a gun (Mao), then economic power grows out of the capacity of billionaires to buy the guns — also the health departments, the media corporations, the educational institutions, effectively managing “public opinion”to enforce sanctions against narratives they’ve blacklisted.

This is one reason why efforts to break up Big Tech are likely to fail. Or, if there is a “break up” of, say, Google, it will be a meaningless gesture, as the parts will be separated de jure but not de facto. The billionaire players in the Big Tech world know each other and work together. They are more than able to target visible critics for professional and personal destruction. Witness the attempt to destroy Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) whose signed contract for his book The Tyranny of Big Tech with Simon & Schuster, the elite-controlled publishing giant, was scuttled last week following his willingness to report on election irregularities he believed were worth investigating.

Another reality: cultural Marxism will doubtless grow stronger in both universities and corporate America. Whites—especially white males—are already the only group that can be publicly ridiculed without consequence. White females are routinely called “Karens.” White males, moreover, can be physically assaulted by violent leftists wielding objects used as potentially lethal weapons, and if they use deadly force to defend themselves,they are the ones subject to prosecution. Kyle Rittenhouse is the most visible example.

Anyone thinking of himself/herself as conservative now risks being labeled “white supremacist,” “white nationalist,” “racist,” etc., ad nauseum—especially if he/she supported President Trump. The use of weaponized language is now ubiquitous.

I saw an article headline just the other day proclaiming that “White supremacists might convene again in Washington on January 19.” Note that again.

If you are white, whatever your politics, you’re “racist” almost by definition and therefore a pariah at a legal and institutional disadvantage.

I warned a quarter century ago that this day would come.

Earpiece Joe has now appointed an identity politics ideologue to his DOJ Civil Rights Division. Her name is Kristen Clarke, a black woman who defends diversity, not qualifications, as a primary hiring criteria even for airline pilots who literally have hundreds of lives in their hands! (scroll to 31:00) The question remains: will you want to fly in a plane piloted by someone owing her job to a diversity policy?

Finally —expect Biden-Harris to come after your guns. (Check this out.) The only unknown is the specifics, how they will go about it. Leftists never do anything straightforwardly, of course. I suspect one of their foot soldiers will stage another false flag event, what will look like another mass shooting by a “lone nut.” Such an event could happen at a school, as have many others, or it could happen in an airport. It will happen in a location where it will have maximum impact. I am not saying deaths will be faked (although that’s not impossible!). What I am saying is that the event will be orchestrated conceivably through intelligence agencies with advanced knowledge of mind control techniques, and carried out by someone who, like the so-called Batman shooter of Littleton, Colo., will be found dazed, confused, and claiming to have no memory of what happened.

However it happens, the point will be to scare enough people about guns to make it easier to demonize gun owners and organizations such as the NRA, incentivizing them to relinquish gun rights, in lieu of the federal government actually criminalizing private firearm ownership in America.

Under no circumstances should Americans give up their guns!

If you do, you might as well hold out your hands and tell your masters, Go ahead, enslave me, because that is exactly what they will do.

I sense a potential donnybrook ahead. Mainstream liberals and cultural Marxists are on the same page on this, and very determined. There are a lot of guns out in rural America. It remains to be seen whether a leftist administration like Biden-Harris will send the equivalent of military prowess to try to take them by force,or order SWAT teams to try and take out perceived leadership, and if the latter will be able to organize a response that avoids precipitating a bloodbath.

These are the salient realities. There are people, including some who supported him, who blame President Trump for our present catastrophe, including the loss of the Senate to the Democrats.

I’m half on board with this idea, but not in a sense lending weight to those demonizing the man and demanding his removal from office (which may have happened by the time this appears).

Trump was elected in 2016, an unpolished outsider with no clue how things actually work in the District of Corruption. He had no idea who to appoint or who his friends were, and his administration filled up with a few supporters and a lot of backstabbers (some of them globalists, adherents of an ideology he explicitly opposed in his inaugural address). He was sandbagged with bogus allegations (e.g., the Russian collusion fairytale) and set up numerous times in situations where a truthful tongue will only hurt you (Charlottesville is an example).

There was no peaceful transfer of power in 2017. Leftists had already unleashed their attack dogs. Remember the vagina hats? Efforts to delegitimize the Trump presidency began before inauguration day.

Remember the infamouis article referencing a group of “experts” who to this day remain unidentified, in The Washington Post whose blistering hostility to the Trump administration was evident from the get-go.

Remember when Trump supporters would be physically assaulted as they tried to leave rallies back in 2016? Remember when Trump staffers would be bullied in restaurants until they got up and left? Remember the fifth-rate actress who held up a facsimile of President Trump’s severed head covered with fake blood? Remember when Robert DeNiro began a speech at the Tony Awards with “F*** Trump!” and got a standing ovation?

There has been no peace for four years!

Fast-forward back to now. Now we are seeing information purges, and they will be followed by people purges. Last Thursday Forbes editor Randall Lane issued a statement, a paragon of dominant narratives, warning that any business who hires Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway or Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Stephanie Grisham or Kayleigh McEnany will have no credibility! Forbes being one of the most influential big business media outlets (again — I repeat myself for the especially dense — this is not government doing this), for all practical purposes this ends their professional careers!

Trump was unable to dislodge the dominant narrative regarding the election. He and legal supporters such as Lin Wood and Sidney Powell were unable to get their evidence out in the open. Powell had a chance with Tucker Carlson, but balked. I wondered why, and after a little digging, learned the truth: potential witnesses were receiving death threats against themselves and their families. She had little choice except to tread lightly, whatever her public rhetoric about “releasing the Kraken.”

Now, Biden says he wants “healing.” Biden-Harris “healing” will mean bowing before the cult of woke, giving up your guns, trusting “your” government, wearing your face diaper, and by the way, getting the jab so you can go back to consuming lest the real economy drop into the worst depression of modern times (that the Dow and probably Bitcoin will continue to soar skyward in financialized digital-land, I’ve little doubt).

I saved the harshest reality for last:the country we grew up in is gone. Its Constitution, and the rule of law, are dead letters outside propaganda mills.

The rest of Western civilization that had America on a pedestal will likely follow it into the abyss.

All the talk about “preserving democracy” is just that — talk. Hot air. The U.S. is not a democracy. It is a plutocratic oligarchy. Big Tech exemplifies plutocracy. So do Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That any Western powers are democracies in any meaningful sense has been one of the biggest illusions of postmodernity.

So to come to the tantalizing question: Where do we go from here?

In future installments, I hope to offer some potential answers. You won’t like some of them. Just being honest here.

Expect to be inconvenienced. Do not expect the future to be like the past. We are heading into what could be very dark times.

There are things you can do up front. Whenever possible you can stop doing business with Big Tech. While you’ve little choice about having a smartphone (controlled by either Google or Apple), do you have to use Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? We didn’t always have them. We were able to share information, pictures, etc. It just wasn’t as fast and convenient.

Social media is legitimately criticized as a destroyer of your time and your ability to focus on your priorities. It is this way by design. Its algorithms, going off your behaviors on the various sites,feed you content to keep you on the site as long as possible and incentivize you to click as often as possible.

Do you have to buy from Amazon?

Whenever possible, buy local! Support local!

Prepare yourself to get into the right mindset. What I mean cannot be explained except in a full article, but you have to prepare to separate yourself psychologically, politically-economically, and spiritually, from the larger society as it lurches leftward. Get right with God. Abandon secularism, which did much to get us into this mess. You’re part of the way to where you need to be already if you’ve read this far. But you have to find likeminded others, associate with them, establish relations built on trust, and prepare to rebuild conservative communities — and guard them diligently (with weapons, not weaponized language)!

Yes, we are talking eventual secession here! I’ve stopped believing conservatives and leftist scan continue living under the same political-economic roof. Eventually this will be obvious. It is a major consequence of the America we grew up in being over!

I will expand on mindset in Part 2 and these other themes in subsequent installments.

Steven Yates’s latest book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory will be published this year.

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