by Steven Yates

November 24, 2021

On Friday, November 19, the jury in the high-profile Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial returned its verdict of not guilty on all counts.

For my part, having watched key parts of the live-stream, I wondered what took them so long.I figured it plausible that some feared the consequences of an acquittal, as the jury that convicted Derek Chauvin doubtless did. That would speak volumes about the times we are in.

And with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers having 500 National Guard troops on hand, no one was taking any chances in Kenosha.

Protests did erupt in Brooklyn, Chicago, Portland (naturally!), and elsewhere. Black-clad Antifa types threw rocks and other objects at police. All in a day’s work.

What was clear from videos available back in August 2020 was that Kyle used deadly force to defend himself from violent thugs who were attacking him physically, one (Anthony Huber) having already hit him over the head with a skateboard. He had no choice. The survivor, Gaige Grosskreutz, admitted under cross that he had his own gun pointed at Kyle’s head when Kyle shot him in the arm.

All three had significant rap sheets as long as your arm, including child molestation (Joseph Rosenbaum).

From the trial, it became clear that despite the need to exercise split-second judgments, Kyle had not shot at anyone not attacking him. He kept his head. He menaced no one else present. He was not some kind of “mass shooter.”

Some have questioned his judgment in even being there. The answer is that he had as much right to be in that place as anyone else; it was a public street. He was verbally threatened when still on the property he had been there to protect, and a family member owned a nearby gas station that was also being threatened by the violent mob.

So yes, he had every right to be there, and every right to defend himself.

Since this case was about the right to use deadly force in self-defense, for a change the good guys won one.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s not blow this out of proportion.

The war we’re in is far from over. It is not just against hard-core street-level lefties that get violent at the drop of a hat, but against the larger forces that keep that street-level lefties in business, sometimes by reporting their antics as “peaceful protests” and sometimes by bankrolling them. The most visible of the former are corporate media outlets that proclaimed the Rittenhouse acquittal as a victory for “white supremacy.”

Even White House Occupant Joe Biden called Kyle a “white supremacist,” the second time a Democrat in that office has weighed in with a fact-free opinion on a criminal case (the first was Barack Obama’s weighing in on the George Zimmerman trial with the remark that Trayvon Martin could have been his son!).

I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen this “white supremacist” rubbish in news aggregators and other feeds since November 19. Sometimes I want to scream at my monitor screen:


Screaming at my computer monitor wouldn’t accomplish a whole lot, of course, so I’ve resisted the temptation. So far.

But consider, from the lunatic fringe of the extreme left fringe, this:

The Rittenhouse verdict will be remembered as the moment american [sic.] fascism turned into Nazism proper, and there was no turning back from the path of Holocaust.

That piece of prophetic acumen was penned by one “umair haque”who writes on Medium, promoted as a platform for writers who want to make money writing from engagement from other Medium members (I have an account and a couple dozen articles on various topics).

If you go to “umair’s” page you will find titles like, “The Rise of the American Nazi,” “America’s Right Is Off Its Leash and Out For Blood,” “America’s Heading Into a Perfect Storm of Fascism,” “Our Civilization Is Entering a Death Spiral,” … you get the idea.

I don’t know if that’s his real name (using your real name is not a requirement for posting there), or how much money he is making on the site.

I’m also unsure where the above quote appeared. I have it second-hand and could not find it in the articles presently available on his page. I didn’t look exhaustively. My gorge can only take so much. I could hazard a guess that Medium took it down, or a reader suggested he do so, out of the fear it would be actionable for libel.

“umair haque” (or whatever his name is) spews out such hysterics daily, almost always on one of three themes: (1) America is collapsing — not because of its collapsed educational system, its ruined culture, its dishonest media, the money printing machine at its elite center now causing near-hyperinflation, and an ethos of dependence on government for handouts —but because America isn’t hard-left enough! (2) America is on the road not just to fascism but full-throttle Nazism; all Trump-supporters are neo-Nazis; all Republicans are neo-Nazis. (3) Climate change will kill us all within ten years!

In other words, the guy is a complete and total loon.

He’s further out than the Kuiper Belt!

But he has a substantial following on that site (which has millions of members all over the world).

That, I find scarier than anything Stephen King ever wrote!

There are others like him on the platform, though none I know of are as hysterical and extreme.

Far more people are reading people like this than are reading or other sites exposing the real fascists: those who (paraphrasing what Mussolini is often quoted as having said and augmenting it) merge governmental and corporate power to enact policies on national populations by force, using fear, gaslighting, and other forms of propaganda intended to disorient and demonize whatever and whoever falls outside approved narratives.

Returning to the Rittenhouse verdict, it might be useful to keep in mind that even if “the good guys” won a battle, it’s not that large of a victory. For the forces on the other side are still reigning largely unchecked. The war continues on.

We thought we won a much bigger battle in 2016, but when push comes to shove, we were wrong. Dead wrong.

Whether one likes it or not, depending on how we view the aims of the Trump years, they have to be viewed as a failure, overall.

Do we have a wall on our border with Mexico? Is illegal immigration in check, or with the Bidenistas now in charge of the Asylum on the Potomac, is it again totally out of control?

Have we improved the life conditions of the white middle and working classes, or is their status arguably worse off than it was in 2016? (Obviously, white billionaires are light years better off!)

Is there now less Big Media and Big Tech censorship than there was in 2016, or is there more? How much more? Far more?

Was political correctness beaten back over those four years (“We do not have time to be politically correct,” Trump told Megyn Kelly to rousing applause), or — with purveyors of campus wokery calling for the firing of teachers and professors who “misgender” trans weirdos or refuse to use multi-gender pronouns — is it now worse than ever?

Are riots and open violence by leftists more common or less common than they were in 2016, frequently in response to white cops shooting blacks committing crimes? It was one such incident that led up to the violence Kyle Rittenhouse got caught up in.

Is globalism receding, or is it still advancing — perhaps taking a step back here and there before taking two steps forward?

How many saw the plandemic coming? Let’s face it: Trump’s response was awkward at best, and he got fully on board with the mRNA “vaccines.” How many of us were prepared with a plan to oppose the economically crippling and personally destructive lockdowns? These are still occurring in Australia, Europe, and elsewhere, as are “vaccine” passports —all of which will come to the U.S. this winter on the word of psychopathic superelites like Fauci who have the ear of the Bidenistas. The courts may have stayed the Sept. 9 directive, but can they stand up against this tide indefinitely?

Are we, or are we not, in a far more technocratically controlled society than we were in back in 2016?

These are the fronts of the bigger war — the fifth generation war about which I wrote a couple weeks back, a war we peasants are not supposed to realize is being waged against us, but is waged with relentless propaganda and gaslighting, and with “vaccines” that arguably have already begun killing people.

The long and the short of things, though: the Rittenhouse verdict did bloody the Establishment’s nose. Establishment media thought they could try and convict the kid in their propaganda outlets. This backfired when the jury decided to set their (probably legitimate) fears aside and decide the case on the facts, not hard-left ideology.

The Establishment tends not to like that sort of thing.

We cannot be sure Kyle is out of the woods. It is far from impossible that the Bidenista-directed Feds won’t bring federal civil rights charges against him, separate allegations and therefore technically evading double jeopardy.

It is also not impossible that some subsidiary entity such as the George Soros bankrolled Integrity First For America (the entity behind the legal team working for the plaintiffs in Sines v. Kessler, the lawfare civil case having just gone to the jury in Charlottesville) won’t bring a civil suit against Kyle akin to the one brought against Unite the Right.

In other words, this is not the big triumph some are making it out to be — any more than it is a sign (“umair” again) of America’s “collapse into Nazism.”

How many readers know that the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s partner, also began last week? Surprise, surprise, that trial is not being live streamed anywhere (that I know of).

It has the potential of unveiling the names of super elites that have been involved with her old boyfriend’s pedophile network. This is far more dangerous to GloboCorp and its minions than the acquittal of one kid who shot three people in self-defense.

And if you consider the possibility that tens of millions may eventually die from the short or long-term effects of the experimental Covid-19(84) mRNA “vaccines” as part of the superelite effort to eliminate as many “useless eaters” and other peasants as it can get away with, Ghislaine Maxwell is still small potatoes!

It’s always helpful to keep things in perspective.

ADDENDUM: on the Letter from the Bowels of the D.C. Gulag article. A couple of readers took me to task for citing, and linking to, an article by the notorious Andrew Anglin, whom they claimed was a bona fide neo-Nazi. I don’t know if he is or not, but I do know he, too, has been threatened numerous times, and for that reason no one knows his exact whereabouts. Had I know that the Nathaniel DeGrave letter was on The Gateway Pundit, though, I probably would have linked to that instead — because it also contained donation information the Anglin piece lacked. But I did not see it in time. Still, someone would have griped that The Gateway Pundit is a right-wing site, implying that it is unreliable (ha!). So we have what we have. I do not apologize, when online censorship has reached such a pitch that information going against approved narratives can only be had from such authors and sites.

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